Your Chiropractor Offers You These 5 Benefits

You’ve been debating going to a chiropractor in North Liberty, Tiffin, Solon, and Coralville, Iowa for some time but aren’t sure if their care is right for you. Chiropractic treatment is for just more than back pain and can provide many benefits that are more than worth your time. These experts are surprisingly skilled and diverse in their treatment options, particularly when compared with others from even 10-20 years ago. As a result, you need to work with us at Congruent Life Chiropractic to get one or more of these five health benefits. Doing so is a great idea for not you just but anybody else who is experiencing health problems that need a professional to diagnose and manage for you properly.

Enhances Joint Strength

People who go to a chiropractor often suffer from a myriad of health problems that impact their strength, flexibility, and more. Thankfully, these professionals can provide relief that gives you the chance to feel stronger and more capable of withstanding these issues. That’s because chiropractic care can not only enhance the strength of your joints and the muscles around them but also make them more flexible in ways that you might not expect it to do for your body.

For example, chiropractic care can focus on various types of manipulations on your joints to stretch them in healing ways. These actions will add flexibility to the joint, making it easier to move, and create a more comfortable range of motion. Just as importantly, these movements will also work the muscles in various ways and make them stronger. Healthier and more strong muscles and ligaments around your joints will help to enhance your joint health in many beneficial ways worth considering.

Helps Manage Many Types of Inflammation

Inflammation is a common problem that affects many different people. This issue occurs when the muscles and other tissues in the body swell up in various ways. Swelling of this type can be particularly painful and unpredictable and is caused by many issues that may be hard to manage otherwise. As a result, it is critical to pay attention to managing this problem in a meaningful way for your body.

For example, chiropractic care can help to manage the degeneration of the joints caused by arthritis. This problem often triggers a myriad of inflammation issues and is painful on its own. And the health issue known as subluxation can also be managed by chiropractic care. All of these benefits help to make your body stronger and more resistant to various types of diseases, as it also boosts your immune system by increasing your circulation.

Calms the Mind and Body

Anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues can be quite hard for many people to handle. When they impact you, they can be unpredictable, frustrating, and nearly impossible to predict. Thankfully, working with a chiropractor can help you out in this situation. These professionals will focus on performing simple techniques that help to calm your mind and body and give you the peace that you deserve throughout your soul in ways that other methods just cannot do.

For example, those with tense muscles in the neck and back caused by anxiety or depression can get almost instant relief with chiropractic care. That easing of your symptoms will help your body feel relaxed and calm. And since chiropractic treatments can enhance your circulation and remove stagnant blood from various parts of the body, you can get more oxygen to the brain. When this happens, your mood will likely lift and even cause a relief of pleasant endorphin chemicals in your body.

Helps With Many Types of Pain

When you suffer from excessive levels of physical pain, your life is going to be hard to tolerate. You may find yourself struggling to avoid aching muscles and bones, various types of health problems, and concerns with your recovery. Those with tense muscles, weak immune systems, and other issues may find it nearly impossible to manage their pain problems and may need the help of a high-quality chiropractor to avoid a lifetime of pain and suffering that they may otherwise experience.

This care option helps by relaxing tense and injured muscles and tendons and allows them to feel no pain for an extended period. A good chiropractor can also adjust the positioning of your body, as needed, to ensure that you are in great shape. When they do, they are also likely to enhance your immune system, speed up your recovery, and provide other benefits. In this way, you can get the high-quality pain relief that you need, mainly if you participate in multiple treatment sessions. Although you will feel relief after one treatment, only by sustained and long-term care can you properly manage any underlying problems that may affect your body and your mind.

Enhances Athletic Performance

Being an athlete is often a significant challenge for many people. You may experience sprains and strains that impact your body for years. Or you may end up feeling general pain and anxiety after an event. Without treating these aches and pains, your body and mind are likely to stay in rough shape. Letting all of that tension build-up can also cause injuries that may end your season or even your career. Therefore, it is critical to talk to a chiropractic care specialist to get the help that you need in this situation.

These professionals will start by addressing any problems that may have developed through your body. This step includes analyzing where you carry your stress and your tension and providing treatment to decrease these worries. Then, they will give regular adjustments, as you need them, to reduce your pain and enhance your athletic skills. They do this by allowing you to compete at your highest level with durable and flexible bones and tendons. In this way, you can become a stronger competitor and succeed where others have failed.

We Can Help You Manage Your Health Problems

As you can see, the best chiropractor North Liberty, Tiffin, Solon, and Coralville, Iowa has to offer you can provide the type of high-quality treatment that you need to be happy and healthy for years. By going to a chiropractor who you can trust for the best treatments on the market, you can ensure that you are correctly healthy and that you don’t run into any complications. So please don’t hesitate to contact us at Congruent Life Chiropractic right away to learn more. Our professionals have years of experience and will use them to give you the best experience possible for your overall chiropractic health needs.

Will A Chiropractor Help with Your Lower Back Problems?

Lower back pain is a real problem that can cause a world of hurt that may be very hard from which to recover. Thankfully, the best chiropractor North Liberty, Tiffin, Solon, Coralville, Iowa has to offer can help. Please read on to learn more about how your lower back pain develops and the ways that a trip for chiropractic care can help you overcome this issue in a simple, streamlined, and effective way.

Causes of Lower Back Pain


Lower back pain is a problem that has many causes. There isn’t a single issue that causes lower back pain. However, many contributing factors may make it worse. For example, weight gain puts more strain on your back and causes even more suffering. Injuries from exercises and other routine sports competitions may further degrade back issues and cause even more complications. In some cases, many different causes may co-occur that make your suffering even worse and cause more complications.


For example, slipped discs in the lower back can cause pressure on your spine that triggers a large amount of pain that is hard to handle. Even worse, you may experience deteriorating issues that can make this problem worse. For example, spinal problems caused by arthritis may become uncontrollable if you don’t take the time to manage them properly. This situation has a bad habit of getting out of control in many circumstances and can degrade your quality of life.


Therefore, it is essential to take control of this situation as soon as possible. A growing number of people are finding that visiting a chiropractor is probably the best way to handle this problem. These professionals will take the time to fully assess any back issues and ensure that they don’t become more problematic. Then, they will do what is necessary to ensure that you don’t get any recurring problems that trigger even more health problems and pain, such as sharp neck pains.

How Chiropractic Care Helps


When lower back pain strikes, a good trip to a chiropractic center can help out a lot. These professionals are trained to manipulate the various tissues in and around your back to make them stronger and resistant to pain. Often, they perform a variety of assessment programs first to get an idea of what to expect. Then, they will work out from your back to find other concerns that may need to be addressed. In this way, they provide a near full-body care option.


First of all, a chiropractor can adjust the back, its muscles, the nerves around it, and much more. These professionals work to make these areas stronger and to ensure that they can withstand a variety of damage types. Critically, they also work to assess other problems that you may not have noticed because they haven’t become a recurring issue. Often, you can live your life for years without even realizing that you have a back problem that needs management.


Before you visit one of these professionals, though, it is a good idea to talk to a general doctor to discover what could possibly be triggering your back pain. These experts will give you an insight into what kind of treatment you may need to receive. They can even work with your chiropractic treatment specialist to create a coherent and effective care option. Even better, they can assess other pain-relief methods you may want to use.

Overall Purpose of This Care


When you work with a chiropractor, there are several different purposes that it seeks to meet. The first of these is to minimize your suffering as it happens. As a result, treatment specialists usually perform pain-relief options that give you immediate help without affecting your back too profoundly. Sometimes, these are manipulations of your spine but may also take the form of medications that give you the relief that you need to feel better about your back.


Then, they also provide stabilization techniques to ensure that your back is as secure as possible. These care options are designed to keep your back from wobbling or experiencing a recurrence of lower back pain. Since the problems that cause lower back pain can get worse with time if they are left to degrade, this care option is particularly important as a way of avoiding serious health issues.


Therefore, regular care treatments are necessary even if the primary source of your back pain seems to have been managed. That’s because chiropractic specialists want to prevent concurrent pain that may take over your life and make it very uncomfortable. Thankfully, they should have the skills and techniques necessary to manage this situation. All this requires is a careful series of manipulations that only chiropractic care specialists can adequately handle.

Types of Care to Consider


When you have lower back pain, and you want chiropractic care, there are many different care options from which you can choose. These are carefully balanced to ensure that you don’t end up spending a lot of money on a multitude of different treatment options. Just as importantly, this can ensure that you manage problems that may otherwise be related to your back. Without this type of care, you may end up suffering and struggling to recover.


For example, spinal manipulation can help to alleviate many types of pains by using short-lever arm thrusts to reset abnormal vertebra and make them sit properly in place. Usually, this type of care is done in a very sharp way to ensure that the person going through treatment does not get injured. Therefore, adjustments are made quite slowly to make sure that everything is done smoothly.


Another method used by a chiropractor is to mobilize your back in a way that keeps it healthy. Typically, this method consists of careful movement and stretching of your muscles and joints. As these areas of the body are worked, your lower back pain usually starts to resolve. The overall care quality and effectiveness will vary, though, based on the overall treatment efficacy for your back and other related health issues.

Getting the Help That You Need


So if you have lower back pain and think that a chiropractor in North Liberty, Tiffin, Solon, and Coralville, Iowa can help, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at Congruent Life Chiropractic. Our experts have years of experience in this field and will do what is necessary to keep your back healthy. Just as importantly, they can check on other related issues to ensure that you don’t run into different types of health problems. These can include neck issues and even bladder-control issues.

The Science Behind Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic science has often been under heavy scrutiny over the years, with some claiming that it has no basis in medical science. This idea is not right – a high-quality chiropractor in North Liberty and Coralville, IA can provide many benefits that help make it an excellent care option for a multitude of health problems. As a result, it is essential to understand just how chiropractic treatment can help a person.

Spinal Columns May Shift in Position

Over the years, a person’s spinal column may change in position with specific areas of the spine undergoing excessive pressure that can be painful and hard to tolerate. For example, a vertebra may change location in the spine and experience a large amount of stress. Usually, this part of the spine would be strong enough to withstand the typical weight expectations of a spinal cord, but, when out of position, it may not hold weight as efficiently.


As a result, the spinal column may continue to change position and experience changes that make the vertebrae even more damaged. Unfortunately, that damage may quickly spread through the vertebrae of the spinal cord and weak the spine even further. While this damage may not threaten a person’s life or make it impossible for them to stand, it can cause pain and other unfortunate side reactions.


The main goal of a chiropractor – through careful manipulations of the spinal column and various vertebrae – is to fix this positioning and enhance the strength of a person’s overall back and body. They work using multiple types of low- and high-velocity adjustments to the spinal cord, the back, and other areas of the body. In this way, they enhance the overall strength of a person’s spinal cord.

Better Spinal Positioning May Support Better Health

The spinal cord is uniquely attached to a person’s physical health in a variety of ways. And when it falls out of alignment, which may occur for a variety of reasons, a person may suffer. Thankfully, a high-quality chiropractor can manage this situation by not only adjusting spinal column positioning but placing the spine in such a way that it enhances a person’s strength. This benefit is the central tenet of the science behind chiropractic care.


Just as importantly, better spinal positioning helps to enhance a person’s health in a variety of ways. For example, better spinal health helps to relieve pain that may occur if the spinal cord gets pinched in any way. Even better, this enhanced positioning may also prevent the spread of other types of pain, including issues with the lower back, shoulders, and other areas of the body.


Pain management of this type is particularly important if you work in a physical field and need to keep a healthy and active body at all times. For example, athletes and other professionals typically need a healthy body that is resistant to various types of injury. When the spinal cord is out of place, there is a good chance that they will experience more injuries – and potentially even devastating ones.

Better Positioning May Help Enhance Muscles 

Although chiropractic care professionals focus explicitly on enhancing the strength and position of their clients’ spinal cords, there are many other ways that they can enhance a person’s health. One of the bigger scientific elements of chiropractic care is the ways that the tension and pressure created by these treatments relax muscles and provide relief for various types of tension.


While chiropractic care is explicitly focused on the spinal cord, it is possible to potentially help enhance muscle strength in some situations. For example, chiropractors may be capable of increasing muscle strength by relaxing the tension and allowing an athlete to work harder. This benefit is another one that requires the cooperation by the person getting treated. Only they can indeed strengthen their muscles – the chiropractic care professional can only help relax and prepare their muscles for exercise.


This benefit is particularly crucial for those who work out regularly or who may be professional or recreational athletes. Athletes getting chiropractic care after exercise is often important to relax their tense muscles and to help manage any stress buildup in more sensitive areas. As a result, a person can enhance their overall fitness while also keeping their muscles strong enough to support their spine and the muscles throughout their back, shoulders, and even their neck.

Stronger Posture May Also Help a Person’s Health 

Lastly, a chiropractor also works to help improve a person’s posture by enhancing their spinal positioning at the same time. Improved posture is an integral part of a person’s overall health and provides many unexpected benefits. For example, better posture helps to minimize various types of pain throughout the body, including the neck, shoulders, and the back – particularly the lower back.


While a person going to this type of care professional won’t see an immediate improvement in their posture, there is a good chance that a stronger back and better spinal positioning will help create subtle improvements that enhance postural strength. Just as importantly, better posture helps to improve a person’s digestion by taking the pressure off their stomach and their digestive tract at the same time.


That said, chiropractic care is not a miracle solution that will automatically make a person have better posture. Individuals concerned about their attitude must also work hard every day to stand straight, keep their shoulders down, and avoid slumping. However, working with chiropractic care professionals can make this process easier and lead to a variety of different health enhancements that are critical to a person’s overall physical and mental strength.

Getting High-Quality Care 

If you are concerned about trying to find a chiropractor in North Liberty and Coralville, IA and want someone who you know you can trust, please contact us at Congruent Life Chiropractic to learn more. Our professionals have years of experience working with people like you and will work hard to provide the kind of high-quality chiropractic help that you need to avoid serious problems.

What to Ask Your Chiropractor Before Your First-Ever Session

You’ve wanted to work with a chiropractor in Coralville, IA for the last few years but just haven’t made an appointment. That’s because you’re worried about what to expect and uncertain of what this type of professional can offer you with their care options.


This uncertainty is understandable but doesn’t have to be an issue if you correctly understand the care methods utilized by these professionals. The following questions will help you assess the value of a chiropractic expert before your first-ever appointment for chiropractic treatment.

What Licenses Do You Have?

A good chiropractic care specialist should have no difficulty rattling off their licenses, including the federal and state requirements that they need to operate. Most will even show you the paperwork to ensure that you see precisely what license they have and how they work.


If you find a professional who is either unwilling to talk about their licenses or who is a little evasive about the issue, you may want to talk to somebody else. No chiropractic care specialist should be reluctant to speak about licensing unless they are unlicensed or not up to date with their requirements.

Which Techniques Do You Use?

Chiropractic science is not a uniform practice but one that utilizes many different techniques. For example, some experts use spinal manipulations to achieve positive results while others will focus on fine-focused muscle manipulation to help their patients.


Research what type of technique you want from your chiropractor and make sure that they utilize this method before working with them. Thankfully, most experts should have skills in multiple areas and can provide you with the caring expertise that you need to ensure proper success.

What Machines Do You Use?

Before you work with a chiropractic care specialist, you need to ask them about the machines that they utilize for manipulation. For example, some use focused tools to relax your muscles further and give you extra care. Others use electronic manipulation or even acupuncture to treat back problems.


And some specialists even use machines like x-rays to check out the muscle issues that could be plaguing you. Often, x-rays are an excellent choice for your treatment because they can give you an accurate understanding of your problems and ensure that you get the best possible treatment.

Can You Show Me Evidence of Your Success?

When you work with a chiropractor for the first time, you need to make sure that they are a professional whom you can trust. While most will be high-quality experts who provide exceptional care, you may occasionally run into somebody who isn’t worth your trust and who may be problematic.


Ask them for references, including people with whom they’ve worked in the past, and go over their online reviews with them on a case-by-case basis. Bring up bad reviews, ask what happened, and listen to their reaction. If they are willing to take the blame for mistakes, they may still be a good choice for you.

Do You Have Payment Plans?

If you don’t have insurance and you plan on getting chiropractic care, you should talk to your expert to see what kind of plans they offer for payment. Most medical professionals will provide you with some type of payment option to ensure that you can get care for your needs.


Most of these payment plans take on a monthly or bi-monthly period that you can use to pay them off at your leisure. You may also find a professional who utilizes discount plans based on your financial needs. Try to find these experts if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on chiropractic care.

How Do You Determine Eligibility?

Like all types of medicines, chiropractic care requires an assessment to ensure that you are a good match for a doctor’s care. However, some chiropractor experts may try to rush you into their treatment simply to ensure that they get paid. This type of fast care may seem beneficial but can be an issue.


For example, you may have an underlying issue that a simple assessment of your back could have caught and prevented from becoming a significant problem. However, you may like a no-waiting policy after your first visit – this ensures that you never have to wait too long for your care.

What Problems Could Occur?

Many people worry about the type of damage that could occur when a professional starts manipulating their spinal cord and back muscles. This concern is understandable and shouldn’t be laughed off. So make sure that you talk to your potential care specialist to learn more about the issues that could occur.


For example, if your chiropractic professional tries to assure you that nothing ever goes wrong during care, they are lying to you. While complications are rare and usually not sure, issues can occur if somebody isn’t skilled enough. So make sure that you find a specialist who is honest with you about this fact.

How Long Does Treatment Last?

When working with a chiropractor, you should find a professional who understands your busy life and who can ensure that you are in and out of their office relatively quickly. While you shouldn’t be in a rush – as too fast of treatment may cause complications that can worsen your problems – you should be in an out of the office in no more than an hour or two.


Sit around the waiting room and watch an individual go in for treatment. Time how long it takes them to come out to get a feel for how long your treatment specialist is likely to take. You may want to perform this test a few times to get an average care time expectation from your expert. Just as importantly, you should make sure to ask before you do this to ensure you don’t freak out the secretary or the treatment expert.

How Can You Help Me?

Lastly, you need to talk to your chiropractic care specialist to assess the various ways that they can help you. For example, they need to be willing to work with your schedule to ensure that you get total quality care. They also must do what is necessary to ensure that your body is strong.


So if you want high-quality care from a chiropractor near Coralville, IA, make sure that you ask these questions and any others that you can think of before your first visit. Though this may require a little brainstorming, you’ll be glad that you took the time to think first.

Is A Chiropractor the Best Choice for Your Back Problems?

Back pain is a problem that the best professional chiropractor North Liberty or Tiffin, Iowa can manage with the proper care options. Fully understanding your choices in this situation – as well as what kind of care methods are available – is critical to ensuring your treatment goes smoothly. The information below will not only help you better understand your chiropractic care, but also give you an insight into the studies that prove the benefits of this high-quality care option when managing back pain.                         

Studies Show Benefits to Chiropractic Care 

People who believe that their chiropractor is not a skilled professional who can help with back pain are highly mistaken. For example, the United States government did a study of 750 active-duty service members between 2012 and 2016. They split these individuals up into those who received traditional care for back problems and chiropractic care with this type of conventional medical care.                         
The idea behind the study was to see how effective chiropractic care could assist in traditional care options. Their results were overwhelming – those who got both types of care received a higher level of improvement over those who did not. Their backs felt less pain during the treatment period, and they were able to get over their initial injury more quickly than those who did not get this care option.

This study is just one of the many that have been undertaken over the last few years regarding chiropractic care and back pain. Just about every study found that this care option helped to improve pain relief and management in a way that enhanced recovery efforts. As a result, you should seriously consider this option if you are experiencing high levels of debilitating pain that you can’t shake off.                         

Issues Chiropractic Care May Help

Chiropractic care can help to manage a broad array of health issues that go far beyond what you may expect. For example, you can get immediate back pain relief from a chiropractor who carefully manipulates the muscles, tendons, and joints in your back. This type of care is something that does take persistence to finish, though, so don’t expect your results to be maintained without regular sessions.                         


Just as importantly, chiropractic specialists can help to manage tissue damage that may have occurred due to an injury or a fail. This care is great if a single event caused your back pain, and you need help to minimize its impact. Even better, you can get chiropractic care throughout various parts of your body, such as joints, bones, and connective tissues, to ensure that things go even more smoothly.

A typical session with a chiropractic specialist involves at least one chiropractic adjustment to the various areas of your back. Most changes require a controlled force that is applied to your back in such a way that it recovers from serious injuries. Fully understanding your care options here can give you the best chance to get over your back pain in a beneficial way.            

Types of Care to Consider

Before you visit a chiropractor, you need to fully understand the various types of care methods available for your back pain. This type of treatment focuses on a myriad of different options, each of which has benefits and disadvantages for you to consider. Fully understanding each of these options ensures that you get the best care choices and that you fully recover from any severe back pain. The first type that you’ll likely have to consider is spinal and manual manipulation methods.                       


Spinal and manual manipulation focus on using high-velocity and short-lever arm thrusts to improve the strength of your nerves and the motion in your back. These types of high-velocity movements require a professional to apply cautious pressure to your abnormal vertebra to get them back into their proper place. This option is often the type you’ll get when you suffer from back pain because it will help eliminate many issues quickly and efficiently that is hard to beat. For example, you typically get this care if you experience persistent joint problems and vertebrae issues that complicate your back health.

Just as importantly, this type of care is essential for managing any other problems that may develop in or near your back. For example, problems with neck vertebra that may cause back pain can be achieved with this method. The speed at which the treatment specialist uses this method will vary depending on the severity of your pain and the problem with your back. High-velocity care must be done in a careful, controlled, and focused manner to ensure that you get the best results and don’t experience any side effects.

Mobilization is another standard care method that helps to manage back pain in an effective way. Typically, this method works at providing low-velocity manipulation of your back’s spinal cord and muscles as a way of stretching and moving the joints. The object here is to increase the range of motion in these areas to ensure that you don’t suffer from worsened pain that may be hard to manage. These benefits are crucial because they also help to reduce your chance of experiencing a relapse.

This care method is probably the most commonly utilized for back pain because it helps to decrease the potency of your symptoms and gives you the best chance to recover. This option is also a great choice if you suffer from problems such as stiff neck muscles, core muscle stiffness, and other issues that contribute to your back pain in a persistent and problematic way. Most people probably think of mobilization when they imagine the type of procedures that high-quality chiropractic care specialists provide.

The key to finding the best care option is to talk to a chiropractor before you commit to any particular option. These professionals typically have years of experience in their field and fully understand how to provide the best care options for your needs. Make sure that when you work with them, you focus heavily on discussing your pain and where it originates. In this way, you can ensure that your care is total and that you don’t experience any reverse of your care effectiveness later on down the road.                         

Let Us Help You Recover

If you’re experiencing severe pain that you think the best chiropractor Solon and Coralville, Iowa has to offer can help, please contact us at Congruent Life Chiropractic to learn more today. Our professionals have years of experience working with back pain and will work hard to ensure that you get the recovery you need to prevent and manage back pain and keep yourself strong and healthy.

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