You Just Fell Off a Ladder: Can a Chiropractor Help?

Working on a roof for various projects is often critical for homeowners, builders, and many other individuals. However, falling off a ladder while working in this way can be very dangerous and may cause many problems that can be difficult for your health. As a result, you may need to visit a chiropractor in Coralville and North Liberty, Iowa, who can provide you with the help required to get your back in operating order and to avoid progressive issues that may cause chronic pain and misery.

Injuries When Falling Off of a Ladder

Ladders are one of the most notoriously dangerous household items. Whether falling from the first few rungs or a very high area, people can get significantly injured when they fall off one. The extent of their fall injuries will vary based on many factors, including their overall health, but these problems can be quite intensive and hard to tolerate. Therefore, it is crucial to understand these issues and how a chiropractor may help provide long-lasting relief that keeps you from suffering a moment longer than necessary:

  • Spinal Dislocations – Heavy impacts on the back may cause the spinal column to move out of place and cause a lot of pain and suffering that may be quite hard to tolerate. Some may even experience ruptured or slipped discs that also cause pain that may be persistent or come and go throughout the day.
  • Muscle Damage – Compression waves through the body after falling may cause damaged muscles and various other health issues that can be painful and hard to tolerate. These tears can occur throughout many parts of the body and may be lingering and persistent over time.
  • Broken Bones – Falls often cause broken bones at the impact site, throughout other parts of the body, and even on spots where the fall may not have immediately impacted. Broken bones can make a person struggle to walk or work and can cause persistent issues.
  • Torn Tendons – Bones and muscles are connected to each other and interact using various connecting tissues, like tendons, to ensure they work properly. If they tear during a fall, it may be hard for a person to get back to work and trigger other challenging health issues.

When one of these problems happen, a person is going to suffer. But if multiple types occur simultaneously – which is likely when falling off a ladder – a person may be in a large amount of pain and feel uncertain of how to handle it. And while a chiropractor should not be used as the only treatment for some of these problems – particularly broken bones or imbalanced muscles – they can help provide a variety of benefits that make them a beneficial ally in this specific fight against excessive pain.

How a Chiropractic Professional May Help

When you suffer from any of the issues mentioned above, a good chiropractor can help by providing a broad array of different care options that ensure you can recover as quickly and smoothly as possible. These professionals understand how a fall can cause back pain and fully grasp the care methods necessary for its implementation. Just a few ways that they may consider using include:

  • Back Adjustments – This technique utilizes careful manipulations of your spine to put it back into place. Most care methods start with this option and then progress to others if needed for your care.
  • Muscle Repairs – Some chiropractic techniques can help improve your muscles’ positioning after they’ve been damaged. Typically, this treatment is done when your muscles and tendons need some repair.
  • Pain Management – Carefully adjusting the back with various routines can make it stronger and take some strain off the nerves. Physical exercises and other therapy methods may also be utilized here.

These care techniques can be adjusted according to your needs, including working with a chiropractor specializing in slip and fall accidents and other types of injuries. You may also need to work with a professional who understands this situation and can help based on your general care practitioner’s advice. Often, this type of intermediary is necessary for a full recovery from these back issues.

Get The Help That You Need

As you can see, a high-quality chiropractor in Coralville and North Liberty, Iowa, can provide you with various benefits when you fall off a ladder and get severely injured. As a result, it is critical for those going through this situation to get the recovery assistance you need to stay healthy. Thankfully, we at Congruent Life Chiropractic can give you a lot of help with this process. Our experts are trained to provide many types of chiropractic care and give you the strong back you need to stay secure.

The Science Behind Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic science has often been under heavy scrutiny over the years, with some claiming that it has no basis in medical science. This idea is not right – a high-quality chiropractor in North Liberty and Coralville, IA can provide many benefits that help make it an excellent care option for a multitude of health problems. As a result, it is essential to understand just how chiropractic treatment can help a person.

Spinal Columns May Shift in Position

Over the years, a person’s spinal column may change in position with specific areas of the spine undergoing excessive pressure that can be painful and hard to tolerate. For example, a vertebra may change location in the spine and experience a large amount of stress. Usually, this part of the spine would be strong enough to withstand the typical weight expectations of a spinal cord, but, when out of position, it may not hold weight as efficiently.


As a result, the spinal column may continue to change position and experience changes that make the vertebrae even more damaged. Unfortunately, that damage may quickly spread through the vertebrae of the spinal cord and weak the spine even further. While this damage may not threaten a person’s life or make it impossible for them to stand, it can cause pain and other unfortunate side reactions.


The main goal of a chiropractor – through careful manipulations of the spinal column and various vertebrae – is to fix this positioning and enhance the strength of a person’s overall back and body. They work using multiple types of low- and high-velocity adjustments to the spinal cord, the back, and other areas of the body. In this way, they enhance the overall strength of a person’s spinal cord.

Better Spinal Positioning May Support Better Health

The spinal cord is uniquely attached to a person’s physical health in a variety of ways. And when it falls out of alignment, which may occur for a variety of reasons, a person may suffer. Thankfully, a high-quality chiropractor can manage this situation by not only adjusting spinal column positioning but placing the spine in such a way that it enhances a person’s strength. This benefit is the central tenet of the science behind chiropractic care.


Just as importantly, better spinal positioning helps to enhance a person’s health in a variety of ways. For example, better spinal health helps to relieve pain that may occur if the spinal cord gets pinched in any way. Even better, this enhanced positioning may also prevent the spread of other types of pain, including issues with the lower back, shoulders, and other areas of the body.


Pain management of this type is particularly important if you work in a physical field and need to keep a healthy and active body at all times. For example, athletes and other professionals typically need a healthy body that is resistant to various types of injury. When the spinal cord is out of place, there is a good chance that they will experience more injuries – and potentially even devastating ones.

Better Positioning May Help Enhance Muscles 

Although chiropractic care professionals focus explicitly on enhancing the strength and position of their clients’ spinal cords, there are many other ways that they can enhance a person’s health. One of the bigger scientific elements of chiropractic care is the ways that the tension and pressure created by these treatments relax muscles and provide relief for various types of tension.


While chiropractic care is explicitly focused on the spinal cord, it is possible to potentially help enhance muscle strength in some situations. For example, chiropractors may be capable of increasing muscle strength by relaxing the tension and allowing an athlete to work harder. This benefit is another one that requires the cooperation by the person getting treated. Only they can indeed strengthen their muscles – the chiropractic care professional can only help relax and prepare their muscles for exercise.


This benefit is particularly crucial for those who work out regularly or who may be professional or recreational athletes. Athletes getting chiropractic care after exercise is often important to relax their tense muscles and to help manage any stress buildup in more sensitive areas. As a result, a person can enhance their overall fitness while also keeping their muscles strong enough to support their spine and the muscles throughout their back, shoulders, and even their neck.

Stronger Posture May Also Help a Person’s Health 

Lastly, a chiropractor also works to help improve a person’s posture by enhancing their spinal positioning at the same time. Improved posture is an integral part of a person’s overall health and provides many unexpected benefits. For example, better posture helps to minimize various types of pain throughout the body, including the neck, shoulders, and the back – particularly the lower back.


While a person going to this type of care professional won’t see an immediate improvement in their posture, there is a good chance that a stronger back and better spinal positioning will help create subtle improvements that enhance postural strength. Just as importantly, better posture helps to improve a person’s digestion by taking the pressure off their stomach and their digestive tract at the same time.


That said, chiropractic care is not a miracle solution that will automatically make a person have better posture. Individuals concerned about their attitude must also work hard every day to stand straight, keep their shoulders down, and avoid slumping. However, working with chiropractic care professionals can make this process easier and lead to a variety of different health enhancements that are critical to a person’s overall physical and mental strength.

Getting High-Quality Care 

If you are concerned about trying to find a chiropractor in North Liberty and Coralville, IA and want someone who you know you can trust, please contact us at Congruent Life Chiropractic to learn more. Our professionals have years of experience working with people like you and will work hard to provide the kind of high-quality chiropractic help that you need to avoid serious problems.

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