- Addi

“Addi was wetting the bed 4 out of 7 nights. She was also having 45+ minute tantrums almost every other day over the littlest things! It felt never ending! With two other kids it was exhausting, frustrating and I felt guilty for being frustrated with her for things out of her control.

I started to realize that Congruent Life was making a difference when I was doing laundry one day and realized it had been TWO FULL WEEKS that I’ve been doing laundry without any pee undies or sheets!! It’s now a lot more calm, and a lot less stress! Addi doesn’t feel embarrassed anymore for wetting the bed… it’s been a full month now!”

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- Calia and Callyr

“Before starting care here, Calia was having a lot of accidents when we were potty training and she was having difficulties with speech and vision. With Callyr, it was mostly mood related things we noticed and also sleeping through the night issues before starting here.

We tried speech therapy for Calia, they said she was progressing as expected then when we started doing chiropractic care, they noticed how much better she was doing and accelerated the process.

It was a couple months in when we saw improvements with speech and vision (eye crossing) for Calia. She also stopped having accidents as much and was more eager to go potty instead of putting up a fight. For Callyr, she was consistently sleeping through the night much more.

Calia is a lot more confident now approaching kids she doesn’t know because her speech is better. She used to never want to talk to anyone but now she does.

We wanted to support their well-being and overall wellness with chiropractic care.”

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