- Mason

“Mason was born with severe Acid Reflux and has been on an adult dose of Prilosec since he was 10 months old. This made it very difficult for him to gain weight appropriately his first 2 years of life. Shortly after Mason turned 2 he was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease and has since then struggled with severe constipation, in which he had to take Miralax daily. Mason was also diagnosed with arthritis so he has been dealing with joint pain and stiffness, and had to take medication to help deal with this as well. If that wasn’t enough, Mason also has struggled with Abdominal Migraines and has had to take medications the last 4 years to prevent them. He also struggles with speech, which causes extreme anxiety when he has to read aloud.

Over the summer we have seen some amazing changes in Mason…
– Completely off Reflux & Constipation meds
– No issues with constipation anymore
– Hasn’t had to take meds for arthritis all summer
– No pain & stiffness!!
– No abdominal migraines
– Improvements with speech

We truly feel so blessed to have met everyone at Congruent. The staff is so extremely caring, helpful and sincere. They are all so welcoming and made us all feel right at home. Dr. Mike is so good with Mason. He is always asking him about his dirt bike riding and what track we were at over the weekend. He takes time to explain to Mason what he is doing, therefore Mason has never felt nervous. I will never forget when we were leaving after Mason’s first adjustment, he said “Mom, my head feels so light, my neck has never felt this good before!” My husband and I knew in that moment we had to continue coming and so thankful we did!”

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- Brynlee’s

Before we came to CLC, Brynlee was super colicky and would go 14 days in between bowel movements. Nursing was also becoming an issue; because she was so uncomfortable she would arch her back a lot and had a hard time latching. On top of that, she wouldn’t want to eat towards the end of the 14 day stretch of not pooping. If she wasn’t sleeping, she was crying. She had to be worn all day long, she couldn’t lay on her back comfortably until she was 8 weeks old because she had so much tension in her system.

It was super taxing to have to where her all the time. My other kids always wanted to hold her but every time I would hand her over to them she would start crying immediately because she was in so much pain. We tried eliminating dairy and spicy foods to see if diet was related to her pain and arching, but nothing would change. I was at my wits end of not knowing what else to do to try and comfort my baby.

Seeing the stress on the neurological scans on our first visit was really encouraging because we finally were able to pinpoint the root of all the stress Brynlee was holding in her body and in her nervous system. Brynlee had a really stressful delivery. They actually were trying to push her head back in to slow her down from coming out so quickly. Dr. Mike walked me through how this stress from labor and delivery had a major impact on all the stress we were seeing in Brynlee’s neck, and how that is related to digestion, calm input to the brain, and growth + development.

Within the first 4 weeks of care, we started noticing Brynlee was such a happier baby. We could visibly tell that after getting adjusted she would be more relieved. She was starting to poop more often! After 2 months of care, she is now pooping every single day, sometimes 2-3x/day and having blow outs! A lot of the times I don’t even know she’s pooped because she is no longer straining and crying out in pain. I don’t have to wear her all day long anymore, where as before that would be the ONLY position she would be comfortable in. Before chiropractic, she would wake up, eat, and I would try and get her back to sleep right away because when she was sleeping was the only time she was happy. I was basically just trying to survive until she was sleeping again. Now, she is the HAPPIEST baby! Anyone can look at her and she smiles. My other kids can hold her now, Emmy held her for 15 min this morning and she was happy the whole time. She doesn’t arch anymore when she is nursing and she LOVES being laid on her back now.

I’ve learned how much the stress in her nervous system literally impacts everything from her digestion, to growth and development. It’s been really sweet to see the growth and the changes. We know it is working and everyone else who has met her can tell the difference as well. She is night and day, a completely different baby. It’s so encouraging to know she is receiving relief and her body is starting to work together the way it is supposed to. We are just super grateful for you guys. She is SUCH a happy baby now!

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- Lexi

Last November I was getting super nauseous in the morning. I was a huge breakfast eater and the overnight, I felt like my life changed. I was nauseous and sick all morning, at first I felt like I had an illness. I’m a teacher and I was having to leave work because I just couldn’t function. But then this started to happen every morning, I knew something bigger was going on than just having a sickness. I felt like the nausea I was experiencing was rooted in anxiety. It was something I couldn’t ignore anymore because it was disrupting my life.

I started looking into how chiropractic could help and had heard great things about Congruent from my coworkers. I came to Congruent in December. Right away, I felt so heard. It was a whole different experience than what I was expecting. I felt like I was getting help that day. The background knowledge I gained on how nervous system stress can impact your body and how it’s functioning was something I had never heard before. You were able to connect everything that was going on in my body from the scans you did. The words were taken right out of my mouth, the stress on the scans were able to explain exactly how I was feeling. It was very validating.

I had been to a chiropractor before, and this was nothing like what I’ve experienced in the past. On the first day I didn’t just come in, get adjusted, and get pushed out the door. You did neurological scans and sat down with me for an hour going over my history, and then educating me on how chiropractic could help with my specific concerns. You connected everything that was going on in my body. That never happens when you go to a doctor. I was finding answers finally.

The scan that you did measuring the energy in my muscles was stressed in all the same areas I was feeling pain in constantly (which I no longer experience since being under care!). I’d never seen anything like it.

The relief almost felt instant. Within a few weeks, I was finally starting to feel hungry in the morning again, rather than nauseous. I hadn’t felt that way in so long! I wasn’t having to leave work in the mornings anymore. Being nauseous had just become my new “normal”. It felt so reassuring to finally feel good again. My body was able to handle the stress at the end of the school year so much better than how I had ever been able to handle stress in the past. Even with the stress I still have in my life, my body is able to tolerate it well.

With getting adjusted regularly, I feel like I’m able to read my body better than I ever have before. I don’t think I’ve ever been in tune with what my body was trying to tell me before, which you don’t even realize until you start to establish that connection. When I do have times of increase stress now, I’m able to recognize that right away and support my body to work through that stress more optimally. I was so scared coming in last November because I truly didn’t know what was happening to my body. I’ve learned so much from Congruent on ways to help myself and support my body during times of stress. I don’t feel helpless anymore. I feel way less anxious, my nausea is gone, I can eat breakfast again, I just feel so great now!

Additionally, you were able to help me with my PCOS diagnosis and I was able to restore my cycle naturally!

Bottom line, I’ve felt more heard here than any other doctor I’ve ever been too. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have Congruent.

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- Emily

I started bringing my baby here and I was able to learn how chiropractic care could help my overall health as well. I was interested in seeing what the scans would show about the stress in my body. I’ve always had problems with regulating my blood pressure, bowel movements and my anxiety.

All I ever really knew was being in a state of fight/flight. I was wired to always focus on the risks of everything. Whether it was in a big social gathering or doing an activity we were doing with the kids; rather than finding the joy in it my brain would always just revert to “what are the risks”. While those are still important, I’ve been able to just enjoy my life more now that my nervous system is more balanced and in a calmer state. I didn’t want to continue with that fearful mindset because I was worried how that could potentially impact my kids.

It was so interesting to see the scans, learn where my blood flow was shifting throughout my body, and how that correlated to function. I learned about how my nervous system was stuck in a sympathetic state. Protection mode was all I ever knew because I was operating in fight or flight for so long. It’s really all I ever knew before starting here. It was a vicious cycle.

Having high blood pressure and a high resting heart rate was something that has always been noticed by my primary physician, but they have basically just said “well this is your baseline”, “you’re up here and everyone else is down here but that’s how you’ve always been”. I was just looking for a more wholistic approach rather than trying to take medication to bring my “baseline” down. Being able to see the scans and tracking that initial heart rate compared to what it’s at now has been really cool. We’ve seen big reductions in not only my resting heart rate, but in my blood pressure as well since addressing the imbalance in my nervous system and getting more into that parasympathetic, calm state. Even if I start to feel my blood pressure increasing now when I’m under a state of stress, getting adjusted almost immediately helps lower it again.

After my first adjustment, I remember being able to feel the shift in the blood flowing throughout my body and head, it was a really cool experience. After 2 weeks of getting adjusted, I started having DAILY bowel movements which I’ve never experienced before. I used to go up to 8 days without any movement. It was so exciting to experience this because I always just attributed it to “running in my family”. It was so uncomfortable. My entire body is in a relaxed state now so it’s able to function the way it is supposed to.

Since coming here I can find that calmness so much easier. I’m able to handle things like being alone at night with the kids, or going to a big gathering. I can enjoy these moments with my kids without fear now. It’s not super stressful like it once was. My brain doesn’t automatically revert to “oh what if something happens to me and the kids are too young to call for help” or “what happens if we have to evacuate and we aren’t the first ones out”. It’s hard living like that. Even wearing my glasses out wouldn’t be something I would’ve done in the past because I was always too concerned if I got in a car accident and I couldn’t find my glasses I wouldn’t be able to get to my kids. Now I’m sitting here wearing my glasses because I just don’t think like that anymore since I’m out of that constant state of fight or flight.

You guys do a fantastic job with the education and always giving your patients additional resources to help optimize their health. It’s been so exciting to learn a lot about how the nervous system works and the direct correlation it has on my health. It’s been so cool to see that as the scans have improved, so have things like my energy, digestion, anxiety, resting heart rate, and blood pressure. Chiropractic care has helped me become a better wife, mom and colleague. It’s all been so worth it.

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- Tristan’s mom

“We originally started care at CLC for my son Tristan. Tristan suffered a traumatic brain injury at 10 weeks of age. He has cerebral palsy, cortical visual impairment (legally blind), seizure disorder, spastic quadriplegia, hip dysplasia, and was experiencing chronic constipation. He was so incredibly tight and only having bowel movements every 3 days. We also decided to start my son Armando who is on the autism spectrum and has a moderate intellectual disability. With the autism diagnosis came increasing behaviors and aggression because of his frustration from his sensory issues. I decided to jump on board too and start care as I’ve had back issues for a long time and was getting ready to begin PT again.

Since starting care we have reached many milestones! Tristian is now having MULTIPLE bowel movements a DAY which is amazing!! He is also vocalizing more and just appears happier! At his last neurology appointment, Tristan was able to detect LIGHT for the FIRST TIME EVER!! Since a month before school let out this year, Armando has not had to use his meds for his aggression!! We have also recently cut one of his other meds in half for the summer. Armando is very excited to come get adjusted regularly and he loves Dr. Mike! You can find him relaxing in room 3 the minute we are told we can go in! SO relaxed that he fell asleep one day! For me, my back pain is less and I’m just feeling pretty good overall! It feels wonderful to be getting adjusted on a regular basis!

The entire team at Congruent Life Chiropractic are amazing. We truly feel like family. Dr. Mike is amazing with the boys and he takes time to talk to them and have conversations with them. The whole team is amazing with the boys and answers Armando’s never ending line of questions! Dr. Mike does give me a little grief about my Lularoe addiction, but I suppose I deserve that. We are blessed to be a part of the Congruent Life family and thank God for connecting me with Jen who told me about this amazing place!”

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- Quinn

The reason we brought Quinn to CLC was for chronic constipation that was leading to impaction and pain. She was only having bowel movements 1-2x/wk and we were stuck in a terrible cycle of quick fixes. On our own that wasn’t really working very well. She was also having a lot of trouble with sleep, specifically sleeping through the night. She would wake up often and early.

When Quinn first started dealing with constipation over a year ago, we brought it up to her primary care physician and were given the suggestion of a laxative. As parents, we knew this was just a “quick fix” and not really addressing the root of the problem. We didn’t feel comfortable with this option and never went through with it because we felt like we wouldn’t be satisfied with that, especially because we wanted to find a more long term solution. We had tried some essential oils that worked a little bit with the discomfort, but we didn’t notice much change in the constipation until beginning care at CLC.

The constipation was continuing to get worse and we knew we had to find a different solution. We had friends that came to CLC and you came highly recommended. On Quinn’s first visit, we went over her neurological scans. We were seeing so much stress in the areas that calm and regulate her nervous system, which were preventing her from getting into digestion and sleep mode. It was very validating as a parent to see our concerns were real and there was a reason for some of the problems Quinn was having. Having those discussions on how these issues have continued to evolve from challenges she was having earlier on as an infant really helped us connect the dots. Those same areas of neurological stress that were shifting her away from digestion and sleep mode, also influence growth and development of the brain. She had been a late crawler and talker, and we started to realize some of these things may be connected in a way that we never knew due to un-addressed stress on the nervous system from the birthing process.

It was reassuring to know there were steps we could take to address the underlying stress on the nervous system that was likely contributing to not only constipation and sleep challenges, but also delayed growth and developmental milestones.

Since we’ve gone on this journey at CLC, we’ve noticed so many changes in Quinn. After the first couple weeks of care we started to notice major improvements in the frequency and ease of bowel movements and really haven’t had any issues with constipation since! Because she was only have 1-2 bowel movements/wk, they would sometimes get impacted and be very painful. Quinn now has a bowel movement almost every day and no longer causes her the impaction and pain they used to. After several months of care, her sleep has really started to come along as well. Not only have we noticed improvements in her digestion and sleep, her mood and overall level of comfort have also improved. She is in a better pattern in life, I feel like her body isn’t always just trying to “catch up” now.

Her newest set of neurological scans looked SO GOOD. We were seeing so much less stress on her nervous system, which is so encouraging as a parent to see what we are doing with the adjustments not only is helping with the symptoms we brought her in for, but how her brain and nervous system are FUNCTIONING.

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- Owen’s mom

“Chiropractic made a world of difference for Owen!!!

He struggled greatly with digestive issues! Sometimes it would be 7-14 days between bowel movements, very painful for him to go & always with never ending tears!! We even took him to our family doctor and insisted on blood tests to help us figure out how to help him. Those tests all came back fine and showed he has no intolerances. He had struggled with it for a few months and I could kick myself for not getting him in to see the chiro sooner.

It was amazing to see the technology that Congruent Life Chiropractic uses and to be able to see the problem areas on the scan align with his symptoms/struggles. The first thing we noticed was he was able to go to the bathroom within 24 hours of getting an adjustment and he was able to go 2-3/week; SO much better than once every two weeks. He finished his treatment plan and it was a sigh of relief that he no longer cried when he went to the bathroom and his body was able to regulate!!

Owen has continued to get adjusted since mid 2019 and we have been blessed that he no longer has any digestive issues and has been healthy. I think he has maybe started to get sick one time since starting care and even then it didn’t even turn into a full blown cold!! So thankful to have a chiro office that specializes in pediatrics and families!”

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- Amelia

“I started Amelia at CLC because of her terrible stomach and gas pains. She would become so backed up and constipated. She would go a week, sometimes longer, without pooping! When she would finally poop, it was very difficult and painful for her. She would lack sleep and refuse to do tummy time. She became a very sad, hurting baby. This started from birth but gradually became worse. I tried EVERYTHING! Gas drops, gripe water, home exercises, massages, etc. Any and every idea I was told.

Since being under care at CLC we have celebrated MULTIPLE poopy diapers a DAY! As well as pooping without tears or struggle. Amelia is also sleeping better, eating better and so much happier! It’s like a whole new child. She is also finally willing to try tummy time.

I trusted the doctors and Congruent Life from day one. Almost as if I had met them long ago. They are easy to talk to and very positive people. It is hard to find a business (especially health related) that is so positive minded like my husband and I try to be. It’s easy to see they love what they do and have the patient’s best interest in mind. I also LOVE the affirmation board!”

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- Sloan’s mom

Sloan was 6 or 7 months old and she still couldn’t tolerate laying on her belly. Any time we would try tummy time she would just scream bloody murder. I was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to develop those muscles appropriately from not ever wanting to be on her belly and how that could impact crawling in the future. She wasn’t able to develop a lot of her upper trunk stability, so it was impacting her ability to sit. She was also dealing with constipation.

She is my first baby, I had no idea what was really normal and what to expect. It was really hard to see my friends’ kids who are her same age progressing to milestones that Sloan wasn’t able to do yet. It made me very nervous that maybe she wasn’t developmentally on track with those major milestones. I want the best for her so I wanted to address this as soon as we could.

She was only having a bowel movement 1x every 2-3 days. We were having to utilize karo syrup to get her to have a BM, but I knew that wasn’t a long term solution. It bothered me giving her all that sugar just to make her poop. When I talked to the pediatrician about my concerns they kind of wrote me off and said it was fine as long as she was going once every 10 days. That seemed like way too long to me.

When we did the nervous system scans on Sloan’s first visit, the main area of stress were the nerves that controlled the digestive system and growth + development. It made me feel good that all her symptoms lined up with where the stress was at in her nervous system. I had only heard in the past from doctors “she will grow out of it”, but here, you were able to give me a plan to help Sloan to actually start functioning better and get to the root cause of her challenges.

Before coming to CLC, I didn’t realize how much stress babies go through during the birthing process, but it totally makes sense. There was the physical trauma component of Sloan’s stressful delivery, but I also learned about the how emotional stress I experienced during my pregnancy impacted how her nervous system was developing.

Within a couple weeks of starting with adjustments, Sloan’s constipation had resolved. She started having bowel movements every day, and by month 2 that was up to 2-3 bowel movements every day.

After just a few adjustments, Sloan was able to lay on her belly comfortably for the first time! Within the first 4-6 weeks of care, Sloan was able to sit with a lot more stability. She was getting a lot stronger! We started when she was 7 months old, and she was fully crawling between 9 and 10 months. We saw really big changes in her developmentally in a pretty short window of time once we began chiropractic care.

We’ve made it a priority to continue to have Sloan adjusted every week, because I’ve realized how much stress is put on our bodies on a daily basis. I watch her throw herself into things and fall down all the time, and that’s just the physical stress. I know that kids are impacted by emotional stress too! I think it’s important that we set Sloan up to be able to take on all of life’s stressors as best as possible through consistent chiropractic care! She’s such a happy baby since we’ve been coming to CLC!

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