- Adalyn’s mom

“Before finding CLC, our daughter, Adalyn was being treated for Sensory Processing Disorder, OCD, general anxiety, and speech by some amazing therapists. She continues to get great therapy and she has made huge improvements. However, it was not until we added chiropractic care to Adalyn’s care plan that everything seemed to “click” and make everything easier for her.

While she was making progress each week in speech, PT, OT, and behavior health, it was not until we added chiropractic to the picture that we started seeing huge gains. Before getting chiropractic care, Adalyn could not tell where she was in space, she was extremely anxious and had major balance and coordination issues. Basic gross motor skills were difficult for her such as running, skipping, jump roping, and riding a bike. The bones in her feet were collapsing and her legs were starting to bow inward. Because of her sensory processing disorder it affected her ability to use her legs and this was affecting her muscles and bones. She did not feel the way most people feel things.

I will never forget our PT would put electrodes on the back of her legs to stimulate her muscles to help her brain and body communicate. However, as soon as she would start to move she would tell the therapist that the electrodes had turned off. The therapist would check them and sure enough they were working but Adalyn could not feel them. Our therapist was shocked! This went on for several weeks. After weeks of her not feeling the electrodes we had her start care at CLC. After 3 adjustments, guess what? She felt the electrodes and every time since then she has felt them!

With the combination of great therapists and chiropractic care, Adalyn is reaching her goals on every level! From speech, to PT, OT, and managing her anxiety so much better. She can now do things that a healthy kid can do. She can connect with people easily, make friends, and things don’t bother her like they used to. She has reached fine motor, gross motor, and strength goals by adding care at Congruent Life!

We love the staff and the results that we have seen in our sweet Adalyn.”

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- Paige

“Before starting care at Congruent Life Chiropractic, my daughter had just completed 1st grade and had struggled through. Kindergarten had been tricky as well. Her struggles were OT (fine motor concerns), toe walking (which includes balance and coordination), and confidence (anxiety).

The frustration was horrible as we tried to solve these struggles. As a parent, but also 1st grade teacher, I felt like a failure. I was not successful in helping her and I felt like a bad mom. There were many sleepless nights, lots of worrying and tears. We had tried and were at that time in PT, OT, vision therapy, and intensive math support.

Congruent Life Chiropractic is an upbeat and happy place to be. The approach is optimistic and not “if” they can help but when. Dr. Mike kept saying, “This is just the beginning” as we started to see amazing progress.

The moment when I realized this was “it” was when I started to see increased fine motor control and a willingness to do reading and crafts (fine motor activities). She was also discharged from vision therapy earlier than predicted. She also began to do much better at OT, PT, and math help!

Now my daughter is thriving in 2nd grade! Her handwriting is legible, she is more social, her balance has increased and there is less time on her toes. Best of all, her confidence is increased. There are few meltdowns and family time is much better. We drove to Florida recently (15 hours) and she was content, relaxed, and happy the whole trip. She enjoyed our time there even though our schedule was so sporadic. Thanks SO much Congruent Life!”

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- Tristan’s mom

“We originally started care at CLC for my son Tristan. Tristan suffered a traumatic brain injury at 10 weeks of age. He has cerebral palsy, cortical visual impairment (legally blind), seizure disorder, spastic quadriplegia, hip dysplasia, and was experiencing chronic constipation. He was so incredibly tight and only having bowel movements every 3 days. We also decided to start my son Armando who is on the autism spectrum and has a moderate intellectual disability. With the autism diagnosis came increasing behaviors and aggression because of his frustration from his sensory issues. I decided to jump on board too and start care as I’ve had back issues for a long time and was getting ready to begin PT again.

Since starting care we have reached many milestones! Tristian is now having MULTIPLE bowel movements a DAY which is amazing!! He is also vocalizing more and just appears happier! At his last neurology appointment, Tristan was able to detect LIGHT for the FIRST TIME EVER!! Since a month before school let out this year, Armando has not had to use his meds for his aggression!! We have also recently cut one of his other meds in half for the summer. Armando is very excited to come get adjusted regularly and he loves Dr. Mike! You can find him relaxing in room 3 the minute we are told we can go in! SO relaxed that he fell asleep one day! For me, my back pain is less and I’m just feeling pretty good overall! It feels wonderful to be getting adjusted on a regular basis!

The entire team at Congruent Life Chiropractic are amazing. We truly feel like family. Dr. Mike is amazing with the boys and he takes time to talk to them and have conversations with them. The whole team is amazing with the boys and answers Armando’s never ending line of questions! Dr. Mike does give me a little grief about my Lularoe addiction, but I suppose I deserve that. We are blessed to be a part of the Congruent Life family and thank God for connecting me with Jen who told me about this amazing place!”

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- Beckett

We brought Beckett to CLC seeking to help her be able to regulate her emotions and behaviors better.

She was all over the place in terms of her ability to focus, sit still, or interact with others. We were starting to notice some challenges with school and hyperactivity issues. These challenges started around the age of 2; she would have a hard time calming herself. She was full of high emotions and high energy. She didn’t have a lot of “down time” from an early age. She’s 7 now and we were noticing consistently there just wasn’t a lot of calm here.

CLC takes a whole body approach. You don’t treat people like there is something wrong with them. We didn’t need to “fix” Beckett, we just wanted to help her be able to regulate her nervous system better. It was different than a quick fix approach that we would get if we took her to a medical doctor and would likely just be given a diagnosis and medications. We weren’t interested in diagnosing her with a “disorder”, medicating her, changing her… we just wanted to help her mind feel at ease. I knew through my own research there were other holistic options out there.

At CLC, you aren’t symptom focused. Your goal is to help people’s nervous systems function as optimally as possible, and when you do that things can change and healing starts to happen.

After the initial few months of care, we started to see the benefits Beckett was receiving from adjustments. She was able to regulate her emotions better. We saw a lot more CALM starting to be present. She’s able to have periods of rest when her body is telling her to relax now. She doesn’t have the need anymore to make noises and do other sensory seeking behaviors during times of quiet. Simple things like telling her to go brush her teeth, are no longer resulting in meltdowns. She’s able to wake up in the morning and focus on a routine, rather than being super hectic and crazy. She’s overall in a good mood and is experiencing a decreased number of emotional outbursts. Beckett has a lot less anxious tendencies now. She no longer bites around her nails, picks at her fingers, or does her mouth “tic”. I feel so much relief for her.

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- Obermans

“Our family started coming here 5 years ago; both of my children were having terrible digestive issues, they would scream on the toilet every time they tried going to the restroom because they were so constipated. My son Wyatt was very uncoordinated, he was literally running into walls all the time before starting here.

Dr. Mike had explained it to me better than any doctor ever had before. Wyatt’s brain was stuck in concert mode… it was very “noisy” which made it extremely difficult for his neurology to focus on the rest of his body’s needs like balance/coordination, digestion, & immune function.

After starting care, we noticed Wyatt started focusing and sleeping better almost right away. His digestion improved significantly; he was finally able to go to the bathroom without screaming! He also stopped running into walls..I always just thought he was clumsy, it turns out his brain was just really stressed and overwhelmed. It was like a totally new kid emerged. His immune system also improved significantly!

We saw my daughter’s constipation also resolve and were able to address a unique crawl she had developed. We learned how important cross-crawling was for proper brain development and are so thankful we were able to address this issue right away! Amelia was also behind on other developmental milestones until she came here. With consistent adjustments, she began to hit all of the milestones she was lagging behind on very rapidly!

As for me, I had gone through 2 pregnancies without chiropractic care at the time we started; I was having a lot of back issues and was feeling a lot of stress as a mom! My 3rd pregnancy was the first one I was under weekly chiro care, and man was it DIFFERENT! It’s something that I just kick myself for now.

Had I known earlier about your chiropractic approach and that you could get adjusted during pregnancy, that babies can and SHOULD get adjusted right away, it would have drastically changed how well I recovered during my postpartum period, as well as the ease and comfort of my babies. I had a hard time managing my postpartum anxiety after my first 2 pregnancies… I truly believe I was able to navigate all of my emotions so much better after my 3rd because of the chiropractic care I had received both prenatally and postpartum. Through my education here, I’ve been able to understand those changes that happen from a hormonal and emotional standpoint, I’ve been able to get more in-tune with my body and truly listen to its needs. I delivered Josie with so much more ease and comfort than with my first 2 and recovered much more quickly!

We brought Josie in to get checked right after birth because of all the stress babies go through to get earth-side! She was a drastically different baby than my other 2 (who had not received chiro care right away) in terms of her overall comfort, ease, wellness, & development. Josie is hitting her developmental milestones so much more quickly than her siblings; there was a huge difference in the way her brain and body was able to develop. She also hasn’t had any sickness in her first 2 years of life. Both Wyatt and Amelia had ear infections, terrible gas which they needed gas drops for, they were constipated… Josie hasn’t experienced any of that and we contribute it all to chiro care!

My husband’s ability to handle stress and overall health has improved significantly as well. It didn’t take him long to get hooked like the rest of us!!

You guys have helped us understand how to take care of our bodies better outside of the office as well. When we get sick, we come in for extra adjustments and our bodies are able to kick whatever we are fighting so much quicker than we had been able to in the past. Before finding CLC, we’d just deal with whatever we were struggling with or just try to medicate it.. rather than really listening to our bodies and finding the solution it needed to actually heal. We continue to come every week to get our adjustments, it’s become apart of our lifestyle because we know that under chiro care, we just feel our best! As a whole, our family is much more energized and we are much more in tune with our bodies, ultimately we are more empowered about health and are so thankful we found CLC!”

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- Keyten’s mom

“Keyten has some proprioception and sensory issues. He was having out of control behaviors and meltdowns. He has always had the sensory issues but we didn’t know about it until he was 4 and started speech therapy and preschool. When Keyten’s behaviors were really bad it was really hard to get him to calm down and think reasonably. I felt like a failure as a parent & was afraid his younger sister would catch on to the bad behaviors. I decided to try chiropractic because I was looking for something that would really help Keyten. We have been to specialists, were already in OT and speech so I wanted to try something different. I was intrigued by what I had read online about how chiropractic had helped others and decided I wanted to try that before adding other therapies.

Keyten had such impressive and positive changes after the first month of care, I knew we were on the right track. He has become much more calm. His meltdowns have become fewer and not nearly as bad. He is sleeping and eating better when we travel. His occupational therapist even told us she plans to discharge him after school starts!

Dr. Mike is a smart and informed chiropractor who loves helping people. Everyone at the office is very welcoming, friendly, and easy to talk to throughout our journey. We are very thankful for Congruent Life!”

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- Novaks

“I started care at CLC to address my hormone imbalances. I had been walking through the difficult journey of recurrent miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies. We found out that I had a benign tumor on my ovary that was a contributing factor. All the doctors I had seen so far were just taking a “watch and wait” approach. It was really frustrating and devastating as we knew it was contributing to the loss of several pregnancies.

Once I started getting adjusted I was able to get pregnant within 1 month! That was the first time I was able to sustain a pregnancy in a couple of years. We got an ultrasound right away because of my history, and we were shocked to see that the tumor I had on my ovary for over 2 years was gone. The last time we had it evaluated on ultrasound was in January before starting care; the mass was 2 cm big and hadn’t changed in size for 2 years. I started care at CLC in March of that same year and by April my tumor was gone and I was pregnant!

We gave birth to Olivia in December; she was our 1st of 5 children who was adjusted as an infant, literally hours after she was born! Her growth and development journey has been vastly different from our other kids who did not receive chiropractic care until they were older (more on their chiropractic stories below!). Olivia is by far our healthiest child. She has very advanced speech compared to my other kids; at 2 years old she is talking in full sentences and speaks very clearly, whereas some of my other children were non-verbal at the age of two and had major speech challenges. Olivia is also more advanced in her gross-motor skills and is much more emotionally stable than my other kids. She doesn’t have anxiety like her siblings did. She is outgoing and doesn’t let fear intervene with how she interacts with people.

Before beginning care at CLC, my older kids were struggling with anxiety, OCD, behavioral challenges, major sensory issues, and major speech challenges… the difference you had to offer was getting to the root of the problem.

My oldest daughter wasn’t able to feel parts of her body and her bones were collapsing. Once she started getting adjusted, she was able to feel parts of her body that she was never able to before and her bones have been able to start evening out more. I wish we would have known about chiropractic sooner for her.

I’ve seen tremendous improvements with all my older kids in terms of anxiety, OCD, and behavioral issues after beginning care. Some of my kids were non-verbal up until 2 and we had to get other interventions involved. Once we began chiropractic care, their speech and language development rapidly started excelling and they were able to get caught up to the appropriate level. Our only child who has never experienced any of these challenges is Olivia who has been adjusted since literally a few hours old.

Our entire family, my 5 kids, myself and my husband are all under weekly chiropractic care. Our entire household environment is much more calm now; before coming here we were kind of at a loss of what to do for everyone’s health issues. We were seeking care from other holistic health care practitioners at the time, and what we found was that once we started chiropractic care, all those other things we were working on started getting better. It was like chiropractic was the missing link to connect all those other practices we were trying like PT, OT, and different supplements. Our nervous systems were finally calm enough to actually integrate all the other changes and protocols we were doing.

We look at health totally different now, we are seeing it through a new lens. We don’t live in fear about any chronic health issues that may come along, because we have now been equipped with a lot more tools and knowledge because of chiropractic; how our body’s work and how our bodies heal. Rather than suppressing our body from doing what it was designed and created to do, we’ve opened up a whole new world on how to actually support our bodies as it navigates different symptoms and stressors.”

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- Maci’s mom

“When Maci was 7.5 months old, she had a tumor removed from the right side of her brain that ended up affecting the left side of her body. It caused a lot of asymmetries in her muscles and her left foot turned in a lot. Before starting care at CLC, Maci was struggling with coordination, strength, and alignment. It seemed like her body was working really hard to do simple things like walking.

Before starting our journey at CLC, Maci was working hard at OT and PT. She was definitely getting stronger, and we were noticing progress. At the same time, I realized this is just the way Maci is now, and I wanted to do everything in my power to help her excel and reach her full potential. Chiropractic was one of the things we hadn’t tried yet.

The scans that you did at CLC were nothing like we’d ever seen before. Everything that I was telling you, was showing up on those scans. We could actually SEE the asymmetries in how Maci’s energy was distributed throughout her body. We could see how EXHAUSTED one side of her body was. We’d seen the tumor, we’d seen the MRIs, but I’d never seen a map of how her body was actually FUNCTIONING before.

Within the first few months of care, we were already noticing BIG changes. For the first time, Maci could jump with her feet together!! Before, it was always like a gallop. She couldn’t coordinate both her feet moving together at the same time. Her right foot would lead and her left would always lag behind. That was HUGE and something we were all super excited about.

The improvements didn’t stop there. After almost a year of being under care, we are continuing to see progress in how Maci can coordinate movements between the left and right side of her body.

We were recently at the Apple orchard, and Maci was running towards me with her feet so much more aligned, her body wasn’t completely kinked and rigid. It made me think back to a video we have of Maci running at the orchard at the same time last year before starting care, and her left foot was just so turned in. I’m just so excited to see how much more CONFIDENT and AWARE of her body she is becoming!

I started coming recently as well and have realized how much better my body feels, it made me think – it can only be working so awesome for her body too!!”

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- Bella

“I love taking Bella to CLC. Since we started her chiropractic care, Bella has changed so many things for good. Bella is now open to try new foods, her immune system has gotten stronger, plus she seems to be more relaxed about different situations that would have altered her previously. Because of her Cerebral Palsy she would get very scared with loud noises like the flushing of the toilet and the hand dryers. Now she doesn’t make a big deal about them! Our latest improvement is the weaning of her reflux medicine, which we have tried for so long.

I could go on and on. This is a great place, love everything there.”

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