- Obermans

“Our family started coming here 5 years ago; both of my children were having terrible digestive issues, they would scream on the toilet every time they tried going to the restroom because they were so constipated. My son Wyatt was very uncoordinated, he was literally running into walls all the time before starting here.

Dr. Mike had explained it to me better than any doctor ever had before. Wyatt’s brain was stuck in concert mode… it was very “noisy” which made it extremely difficult for his neurology to focus on the rest of his body’s needs like balance/coordination, digestion, & immune function.

After starting care, we noticed Wyatt started focusing and sleeping better almost right away. His digestion improved significantly; he was finally able to go to the bathroom without screaming! He also stopped running into walls..I always just thought he was clumsy, it turns out his brain was just really stressed and overwhelmed. It was like a totally new kid emerged. His immune system also improved significantly!

We saw my daughter’s constipation also resolve and were able to address a unique crawl she had developed. We learned how important cross-crawling was for proper brain development and are so thankful we were able to address this issue right away! Amelia was also behind on other developmental milestones until she came here. With consistent adjustments, she began to hit all of the milestones she was lagging behind on very rapidly!

As for me, I had gone through 2 pregnancies without chiropractic care at the time we started; I was having a lot of back issues and was feeling a lot of stress as a mom! My 3rd pregnancy was the first one I was under weekly chiro care, and man was it DIFFERENT! It’s something that I just kick myself for now.

Had I known earlier about your chiropractic approach and that you could get adjusted during pregnancy, that babies can and SHOULD get adjusted right away, it would have drastically changed how well I recovered during my postpartum period, as well as the ease and comfort of my babies. I had a hard time managing my postpartum anxiety after my first 2 pregnancies… I truly believe I was able to navigate all of my emotions so much better after my 3rd because of the chiropractic care I had received both prenatally and postpartum. Through my education here, I’ve been able to understand those changes that happen from a hormonal and emotional standpoint, I’ve been able to get more in-tune with my body and truly listen to its needs. I delivered Josie with so much more ease and comfort than with my first 2 and recovered much more quickly!

We brought Josie in to get checked right after birth because of all the stress babies go through to get earth-side! She was a drastically different baby than my other 2 (who had not received chiro care right away) in terms of her overall comfort, ease, wellness, & development. Josie is hitting her developmental milestones so much more quickly than her siblings; there was a huge difference in the way her brain and body was able to develop. She also hasn’t had any sickness in her first 2 years of life. Both Wyatt and Amelia had ear infections, terrible gas which they needed gas drops for, they were constipated… Josie hasn’t experienced any of that and we contribute it all to chiro care!

My husband’s ability to handle stress and overall health has improved significantly as well. It didn’t take him long to get hooked like the rest of us!!

You guys have helped us understand how to take care of our bodies better outside of the office as well. When we get sick, we come in for extra adjustments and our bodies are able to kick whatever we are fighting so much quicker than we had been able to in the past. Before finding CLC, we’d just deal with whatever we were struggling with or just try to medicate it.. rather than really listening to our bodies and finding the solution it needed to actually heal. We continue to come every week to get our adjustments, it’s become apart of our lifestyle because we know that under chiro care, we just feel our best! As a whole, our family is much more energized and we are much more in tune with our bodies, ultimately we are more empowered about health and are so thankful we found CLC!”

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- Micah

“We started Micah here ultimately because of all the chronic health issues that I have experienced in my 20’s, I didn’t want her health journey to look the same way mine has. She’s always been pretty healthy, but we wanted to do everything that we could to support her immune system and development, so hopefully she will not struggle with the things I have once she is older.

Since Micah has began at CLC, we’ve been able to see developmental changes through her adjustments and subsequent scans. It’s really reinforced our decision to bring her here. If she’s constipated, we bring her in for an adjustment and it resolves the issue almost immediately! If she’s fighting something, we bring her in for an extra adjustment and she’s able to get over the illness so much more quickly.

Another unexpected change we’ve seen since beginning chiro care is her eyes aren’t crossing nearly as much anymore! Micah got glasses when she was 15 months old. Before starting care, if Micah wasn’t wearing her glasses, her eyes were pretty consistently crossed. The doctors told us it probably wouldn’t be until Micah was 8 years old that her eyes would be normal. We’d only been coming about 2 months when we started noticing her eyes don’t cross nearly as much when her glasses are off! The only thing we’ve changed is incorporating chiropractic care. It’s so cool to see her eyes are pretty much normal now!

I’m excited Micah is going to have this foundation and support for her immune system and development, that she is going to grow up understanding how her body works and honoring that. Chiropractic is helping her stay healthy, vibrant, and just live the best life she can. We are so happy with our decision to start getting her adjusted!”

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- Britney

“Before care at Congruent, I was in chronic pain and discomfort; it seemed like I was sick all the time. I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 13 yrs old; that’s when my chiropractic journey began, but I continued to deal with chronic back pain and continual health issues for years until I found healing at CLC.

Additionally, the doctors told me at a young age I wouldn’t be able to have children naturally because of the way my ribcage was shifted (spoiler alert: they were wrong!!). I began care at CLC when I was pregnant with my first, and while being under weekly care I was actually able to have 2 natural births, and my 2nd was even at home! It’s crazy to see the results when you allow your body to do exactly what it was designed to do, despite external limitations doctors place on you, it’s opened our eyes so much.

With prenatal chiropractic care, both of my pregnancies were a breeze, which is something I honestly wasn’t expecting, especially because of my scoliosis. I was under the impression that pregnancy was not going to be comfortable, it was going to be very hard, but both of my pregnancies were enjoyable. I had no complications and there was hardly any pain.
In my 15+ years of prior chiropractic care, I NEVER experienced the pain relief and overall health that I’ve experienced since starting at CLC. My prior experience was more like a “band-aid” approach. Every time I went back to get adjusted, it was always the same symptoms over and over again, it was never really getting to the root of the issue.

Every visit here is different. If there is something new that comes up whether it’s allergies, constipation for the kids, going through a big transition in life… the doctors discuss it with us and we are adjusted accordingly. We are also scanned frequently to see how our bodies are functioning internally, which was something we had never experienced before at our previous chiros. It seemed like we were always having the same problems every week because they were never truly getting resolved. When we come here, we come with a problem and leave with a solution. There’s times when we bring the kids in and they are sick, and with chiro care, they are able to breeze through that illness without us having to use other interventions like medicine and additional doctor visits.

It’s been an empowering experience to be able to have an advocate on our side. Before coming here, we didn’t have that. We were just trying to “mask” our symptoms. If we had a headache, we would take ibuprofen… coming here has completely changed the way we view our health, we have the tools now to allow our body’s to heal and function at their very best. It’s allowed us to be advocates for our children and choose a different route of “standard care”. When sicknesses happen, they last a very short period of time. Sicknesses no longer take our household out for 2 weeks, it’s more of a 48 hr window and then we’re back up and running without needing other interventions like the standard meds and antibiotics we were always relying on before.

At CLC, you find the source of the problem rather than masking it. My whole life was essentially masking symptoms. Taking ibuprofen, doing whatever I could do to suppress the pain. Now, we address the source from the inside and use holistic ways to support our bodies run the course of what they need to go through to actually heal.

If we hadn’t started at Congruent before having kids, their lives would have been so much different. Changing our mindset around health is going to allow our kids to have better lives and change how they are going to view health and healing.

We lived 20+ years in the paradigm of taking medications to mask symptoms and nothing ever worked to make us ACTUALLY feel better or restore health. Here we are a couple years into care at CLC and we’re viewing our health through a completely different lens than we did before. Our lives are completely changed, and now we get to pass that down to our children as they grow.”

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- Quincy + Tara

My pregnancy with Quincy was the first time I was under chiropractic care throughout my entire pregnancy. It was the calmest and smoothest pregnancy of all 3. I also had 2 very small children and was a few years older, but yet I felt the best. I really struggled with controlling my blood pressure during my 2nd pregnancy with Ruby. I didn’t have any blood pressure issues what so ever during my 3rd pregnancy!

I even went past my estimated “due date” and was still feeling great all the way up until the end. We were able to have our first un-medicated home birth with Quincy as well! I felt like my recovery was the best one I had of all my pregnancies. It was by far the most enjoyable postpartum experience of all 3 of my kids; chiropractic helped me a lot with the emotional regulation and supporting my hormone fluctuations that come with postpartum. The extremes just weren’t quite as extreme for me this time around. I was able to “weather the storm” of postpartum a lot better.

Another huge benefit for me was the support chiropractic gave me during my breastfeeding journey. He’s coming up on 3 years of age now and I never thought that we would be able to go that long. With my first son, we were only able to make it about 6 weeks and with Ruby I had to pump a lot because she had issues with latching.

Quincy has been adjusted since birth, and at 3 years of age, he’s never been to the doctor for a sickness. He’s never had an earache. He’s been our easiest baby for sure. Our first baby spit up a lot and Quincy hardly ever did that. Being proactive in our health is a big priority for our family now. Our pediatrician mentioned at our last visit how incredible it is that he never has to see my kids because they’re never sick! Dealing with sicknesses in our home just isn’t our reality and I contribute so much of that to the weekly chiropractic care our entire family receives now.

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- Novaks

“I started care at CLC to address my hormone imbalances. I had been walking through the difficult journey of recurrent miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies. We found out that I had a benign tumor on my ovary that was a contributing factor. All the doctors I had seen so far were just taking a “watch and wait” approach. It was really frustrating and devastating as we knew it was contributing to the loss of several pregnancies.

Once I started getting adjusted I was able to get pregnant within 1 month! That was the first time I was able to sustain a pregnancy in a couple of years. We got an ultrasound right away because of my history, and we were shocked to see that the tumor I had on my ovary for over 2 years was gone. The last time we had it evaluated on ultrasound was in January before starting care; the mass was 2 cm big and hadn’t changed in size for 2 years. I started care at CLC in March of that same year and by April my tumor was gone and I was pregnant!

We gave birth to Olivia in December; she was our 1st of 5 children who was adjusted as an infant, literally hours after she was born! Her growth and development journey has been vastly different from our other kids who did not receive chiropractic care until they were older (more on their chiropractic stories below!). Olivia is by far our healthiest child. She has very advanced speech compared to my other kids; at 2 years old she is talking in full sentences and speaks very clearly, whereas some of my other children were non-verbal at the age of two and had major speech challenges. Olivia is also more advanced in her gross-motor skills and is much more emotionally stable than my other kids. She doesn’t have anxiety like her siblings did. She is outgoing and doesn’t let fear intervene with how she interacts with people.

Before beginning care at CLC, my older kids were struggling with anxiety, OCD, behavioral challenges, major sensory issues, and major speech challenges… the difference you had to offer was getting to the root of the problem.

My oldest daughter wasn’t able to feel parts of her body and her bones were collapsing. Once she started getting adjusted, she was able to feel parts of her body that she was never able to before and her bones have been able to start evening out more. I wish we would have known about chiropractic sooner for her.

I’ve seen tremendous improvements with all my older kids in terms of anxiety, OCD, and behavioral issues after beginning care. Some of my kids were non-verbal up until 2 and we had to get other interventions involved. Once we began chiropractic care, their speech and language development rapidly started excelling and they were able to get caught up to the appropriate level. Our only child who has never experienced any of these challenges is Olivia who has been adjusted since literally a few hours old.

Our entire family, my 5 kids, myself and my husband are all under weekly chiropractic care. Our entire household environment is much more calm now; before coming here we were kind of at a loss of what to do for everyone’s health issues. We were seeking care from other holistic health care practitioners at the time, and what we found was that once we started chiropractic care, all those other things we were working on started getting better. It was like chiropractic was the missing link to connect all those other practices we were trying like PT, OT, and different supplements. Our nervous systems were finally calm enough to actually integrate all the other changes and protocols we were doing.

We look at health totally different now, we are seeing it through a new lens. We don’t live in fear about any chronic health issues that may come along, because we have now been equipped with a lot more tools and knowledge because of chiropractic; how our body’s work and how our bodies heal. Rather than suppressing our body from doing what it was designed and created to do, we’ve opened up a whole new world on how to actually support our bodies as it navigates different symptoms and stressors.”

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- MacKenzie

I started care at CLC for infertility, anxiety, allergies, and just to improve my overall health and wellbeing. Before I came here, I was super overwhelmed. You were able to help me start this healing journey one step at a time and truly be a guide to me through it.

When I saw the scans, I couldn’t believe that I had allowed the stress in my body to get that bad. It was overwhelming, but then so encouraging to see the positive changes over the next several months once I started healing. Within the first few months when I was coming 3x/wk, I was started to feel so good. I was noticing fewer “symptoms” in between visits that were bothering me. I was feeling better for longer periods of time as we started to move down in frequency.

It’s hard to pinpoint one specific thing, because overall I just feel so much better. Before care, I had chronic pain in my hips and my mid back, and I no longer struggle with that. I always feel so much calmer when I leave after getting adjusted, and I’m able to handle stress a lot better now. I know that getting adjusted is making me healthier to prepare my body to support a pregnancy. You’ve offered so much support to me as I walk through different fertility treatments. You’ve provided me with additional things I can do to nourish my body to help optimize hormone levels. If I would have tried to navigate all of this on my own, it would have been too overwhelming. I love the holistic advice you’re able to provide.

Everyone is just so happy at Congruent. I love walking in the door here. I could be having the most terrible day ever, and I walk in and everyone is just so happy and cheery and lifts me up. I love that! I just thank you guys for everything. You’ve been so wonderful. I definitely couldn’t have done the things I have with my body without your support.

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- Calia and Callyr

“Before starting care here, Calia was having a lot of accidents when we were potty training and she was having difficulties with speech and vision. With Callyr, it was mostly mood related things we noticed and also sleeping through the night issues before starting here.

We tried speech therapy for Calia, they said she was progressing as expected then when we started doing chiropractic care, they noticed how much better she was doing and accelerated the process.

It was a couple months in when we saw improvements with speech and vision (eye crossing) for Calia. She also stopped having accidents as much and was more eager to go potty instead of putting up a fight. For Callyr, she was consistently sleeping through the night much more.

Calia is a lot more confident now approaching kids she doesn’t know because her speech is better. She used to never want to talk to anyone but now she does.

We wanted to support their well-being and overall wellness with chiropractic care.”

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- Justin

“Before starting at Congruent, I would let stress take over my body and it began to affect my overall health immensely. Stress and tension continued to build up over the years; I was trying to deal with my stress through different medications and “band-aids”, which never really seemed to help.

Finding an alternative approach to managing my stress has helped me so much. After starting here, I really started to see the benefits of adjustments, and how it was helping me manage my stress in a more efficient and effective way.

My wife and I had actually been going to a different chiropractor before finding CLC, but we always just felt like a number, and not a person. It was a very rigid routine there and it would be the same adjustments every time. At CLC the care we receive each visit is individualized to our experiences and the stress our body is holding onto on that particular day. It’s never the same.

Before care, my stress levels were so high they would interfere with my sleep quality which became a vicious cycle of getting bad sleep and being in a bad mood…it would affect my entire day. Once I started at CLC I was finally able to sleep through the night! Along with my sleep quality, my over all mood has improved dramatically, and I’m in much less pain; how I feel and function has been a complete 180.

For years, I was just masking my symptoms with ibuprofen and other meds. You guys have opened my eyes to where health truly comes from and there’s been a huge shift in my lifestyle; if I do feel under the weather, my first thought is now to come in and get adjusted rather than running for the medicine cabinet. We now use holistic tools to support our bodies through illnesses, rather than suppressing the symptoms. It feels better to not have to deal with the side effects of medicine all the time.

I recently got a letter in the mail from my doctor that they haven’t seen me in over a year; this opened my eyes so much to how much our lives have changed since CLC. Before, the doctor’s office is a place I would have to frequent often; it feels so good to know I’ve been able to take control of my health. You’ve opened my eyes to thinking differently, asking questions, getting to the root cause rather than suppressing symptoms all the time, and it’s definitely paid off in the end.”

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- Terra

“I started coming to Congruent before I got pregnant with my oldest daughter. We were doing IVF and I wanted to make sure my body was in the best possible state before the transfer. After the transfer was a success, I knew I wanted to continue with chiropractic care to help with common pregnancy ailments and to ensure I was giving our child the best possible environment to grow and develop in.

I was adjusted all throughout my pregnancy which was so incredibly helpful. I carried the pregnancy so well, I wasn’t uncomfortable, I was able to exercise my entire pregnancy, and I didn’t experience the common pregnancy ailments many other mothers experience. My hips and pubic bone were comfortable all throughout my pregnancy and I didn’t have the common round ligament pain.

Chiropractic care helped prepare my body for an optimal labor and delivery and I’m so thankful! I went into labor on my own and was able to experience an easy delivery without complications. In addition, coming here frequently definitely helped my mind and body cope with all the postpartum changes as best as possible.

After learning about the complexities of the nervous system and how it governs growth + development and regulates all the systems of the body, getting our babies adjusted was a no brainer for us. Brinley was adjusted 2 days after she was born and has been adjusted every week since. She hardly ever gets sick, and if she does this is always our first stop. Adjustments help restore balance to the nervous system so her body can HEAL more quickly, and sure enough, she is usually better within a couple of days.

Landon was also adjusted within 2 days of his birth and my husband comes as well. Getting our whole family adjusted is so important to us to keep everyone in check. We call it the “poop button” and the “nap button” every week; everyone in the family sleeps so well after getting adjusted. Oftentimes it’s also our “attitude adjustment”, we all leave the chiro feeling happier!”

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