My baby and I have been seeing Dr Mike since I was 26 weeks pregnant and we both continue to see him for weekly adjustments. I have a happy, well adjusted baby and I have had a wonderful postpartum experience. Both Dr. Mike and Mady are so warm and welcoming and always happy to answer any questions I have about our care. So glad we found them!!

3 Physical Changes You Should Be Aware of During Pregnancy

Becoming a new parent is a lot to take in, especially for the mother. You may be thinking of the financial shifts and attitude changes you as a couple will need to adapt to in order for the new life to have a perfect home. However, among these changes, the woman will also be going […]

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How Can I Pay for My Chiropractic Treatment?

Seeing a chiropractor is a great way to work out tension in your body and adjust any injured joints. It is especially helpful after an injury. However, chiropractic treatment isn’t covered by every plan out there, so it’s important to know different methods of paying for it. Health Insurance It is becoming more common for […]

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Physical Activities You Can Use to Supplement Your Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care can help realign the parts of your body that need help getting back to their normal, healthy, functional positions. There are additional things, however, that can help the healing process continue in between chiropractic visits. Aerobic exercises that get your blood circulating while flexing and stretching those injured areas are highly beneficial to […]

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How to Improve Your Health Holistically

Holistic lifestyles are beneficial for their all-natural methods and materials. Connecting your mind to your body and your body to the earth creates a wholesome and peaceful consciousness of your needs, and can relieve stresses that otherwise would overwhelm. Try implementing different holistic methods of awareness and relaxation into your lifestyle and see how much […]

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You Just Fell Off a Ladder: Can a Chiropractor Help?

Working on a roof for various projects is often critical for homeowners, builders, and many other individuals. However, falling off a ladder while working in this way can be very dangerous and may cause many problems that can be difficult for your health. As a result, you may need to visit a chiropractor in Coralville […]

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