I started coming to CLC during my pregnancy because I was having a lot of lower back pain. I wanted to find a chiro that focused on prenatal care to help prepare my body for a natural labor and delivery.

I had been having unmanageable low back pain for a few weeks. It was really frustrating dealing with this pain because I could not get into or out of the car without having back spasms, and when it was at its height it was really debilitating and basically affected everything that I did.

Something that I really appreciated at first, was how different CLC was compared to my prior chiropractic experiences. I don’t think I ever had really known why certain things were being done when I had received chiro care in the past. I think as someone who is in the medical field, I really appreciated how thorough all the tests were that you did and the explanations that went along with them. It allowed me to understand WHY my body is behaving the way it is, and how we are going to not just treat the symptoms but find the underlying root cause. At other chiros I’ve been to in the past, I had zero understanding of how the spine and health of the nervous system was impacting how everything was functioning in my body.

I started noticing changes right away. After the first few adjustments my body was already physically starting to feel so much better in terms of the low back pain I had been experiencing. It was no longer interfering with my life, and I could do what I wanted to do and not worry about going into a debilitating back spasm. I physically am not walking around in pain anymore, but something I wasn’t expecting was how much calmer I was going to feel once I began care. When I started here I always felt like I was stuck in fight/flight mode. I felt like I was always tense, hurried, and anxious. Now that it’s been a few months since I’ve started getting adjusted, I’m starting to experience a lot of emotional changes. Once we started working through a lot of the physical stress my body was experiencing during pregnancy, we were able to start to uncover a lot of areas of stress where my body was holding onto emotional stress. Now that we’ve worked through that, I’m able to respond to stress much more efficiently now. I feel an overall sense of calm compared to before.

Coming to CLC has also helped me gain an understanding of holistic health and wanting to get to the root cause of stress, rather than just fixing symptoms. I feel like I’ve been able to learn how to live more in line with how we were designed.

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