I started at Congruent to get my hormones in check, to help restore my cycle that had been missing for 3+ years, and just to feel better in my body overall. I didn’t feel like myself for the longest time with all the stress, sleeping problems, anxiety, and bloating. I feel so much better overall after coming to Congruent!

When I found Congruent, I had been struggling with all of these things for years. It was really stressful and frustrating because I didn’t understand why I was experiencing all these problems. All these symptoms led to so much more stress because I was worrying “would I would ever have a normal cycle again?”, “how is this going to affect my fertility in the long run?”, “am I always going to feel like this?”.

For the longest time I felt so unheard. I tried going to my normal physician and then he recommended just getting back on birth control after hearing that was not what I wanted. Then I went to an OB and they recommended the same thing, birth control, as well as another medication to induce a fake period. I felt like no one was understanding why this was important to me or understanding what I was going through.

Then I came to Congruent and I was given so many more options to help heal my body and restore my cycle rather than just being put on another pill. You let me go at my own pace. It felt good to finally be heard. I liked how you did a lot of new testing, and with everything you did you explained what you were doing and why you were doing it. After every adjustment, you talk about what you did and how it will help heal my body in different areas that are showing signs of stress. I felt way more educated about what was going on with my body. I think the understanding helped me feel more in tune with myself. I’m a lot more aware of when my body is stressed, and ways I can do to help navigate that stress more optimally.

After coming to Congruent, I overall feel more at home in my body. After the first couple of adjustments, I was already starting to notice my mood was improving. I wasn’t as irritable and moody. My boyfriend has even mentioned how I’m a completely different person now. I felt so hopeful that he was even noticing the changes that were happening in me. Before, certain things would really stress me out, I wouldn’t have energy at night… that all started to improve almost right away. I started to experience a lot better sleep, my energy levels improved, I can handle stress so much better… because of that I have so much more time to do things I enjoy because I’m not so stressed about my to-do list every day. My digestion and bloating improved as well. After a couple months of care, I had my first period in over 3 years! It makes me really hopeful for the future!

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