I was fresh postpartum when I started care at CLC. I brought my colicky baby in first, and within a few adjustments he was a completely different baby. I was learning about all the ways that chiropractic care can help your whole body function and feel better and after seeing it first hand completely change Bo, I knew I wanted to help my body navigate all the hormonal and emotional changes that occur in this season as best as possible.

Postpartum was such a whirlwind and life felt crazy. I was so overwhelmed, I didn’t know where to start, I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. Bo was so colicky before finding CLC. He wasn’t do well at all, which lead to a lot of stress in my brain and body. I didn’t know what was wrong with my baby, or how to help him. CLC was the only place I found that could help Bo, pretty soon he was a really calm, easy going baby, which in a round about way helped me so much.

When I took Bo into the doctor and said he was crying all the time and I knew something was wrong, they tried to put him on acid reflux meds when the real issue was rooted in the stress his nervous system and neck went through at birth. Same thing for me. With the anxiety, the depression, all they wanted to do was give me meds as opposed to asking what the root cause was. I am loving the more “real” approach that CLC takes as opposed to “here are some meds to cover up your symptoms”.

I had been struggling with anxiety and depression for 6 years, and then postpartum took that to a whole new level. Everything seems so much more intense during that time. I had gone the medication route in the past, I took them for a year but then I stopped because I didn’t want to be on medication and just dealt with the symptoms of anxiety and depression for a long time before finding CLC. Within a few weeks of a care, I already felt so much more calm. I was able to work through every situation in a calmer state, as opposed to just panicking. I felt like motherhood went from being in survival mode all the time, to feeling natural.

I am now pregnant again. It took us over 2 years to get pregnant with our first. That was really hard to go through emotionally and physically. I ultimately had to take meds to start a cycle and get pregnant. We took the meds for months and months and months, and then finally got pregnant with Bo. This time around with regular chiropractic care, I was able to conceive naturally within a few months of trying! My body was a lot more calm and ready for a pregnancy. I’ve learned so much from everyone here on how to nourish my body well, how to regulate my hormones… things they never teach women about… things that everyone needs to know but it seems like no one does because no one is willing to talk about it like you do at CLC.

My body feels great during this pregnancy, and emotionally I feel really good. I’ve learned so much in here about how to prepare my body more optimally for labor and delivery as well. I’ve learned that I have a say in how my labor goes, I’ve learned about the pros and cons of different interventions, I’ve learned about how a woman’s body progresses naturally during labor and the hormones that are involved in that…with my first pregnancy I feel like I didn’t know anything ahead of time. It’s been a lot more empowering experience overall and I feel really good about labor and delivery, rather than fearful. Every woman should have the opportunity to learn these things ahead of time.

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