“I came to Congruent Life because my anxiety was out of control, I was in pain everyday and I was experiencing menstrual problems. I have had anxiety since I was 18 years old and I just wanted to be in control of my anxiety without medication. One of my client’s kiddos came to see you guys and I saw his transformation! He was a totally different child, so I wondered if chiropractic could help me too. After some research and coming to one of your yoga events, I learned how chiropractic impacts the nervous system. That made me wonder, maybe what I was struggling with was related to my nervous system.

After starting care with you guys I really liked that the doctors actually explained what they were doing and why. I loved the scans, being able to track my progress and actually having a plan that was consistent and made real change. Since being under care I’m much happier and less annoyed by the little things. I’m less snappy so all of my relationships are better. My anxiety being lower at work is a huge benefit. I have more energy and motivation at home, so I don’t just crash at the end of each day. I have less cramping during my period and my sleep has improved! I feel like I am actually getting a full nights sleep, instead of waking up and having trouble getting back to sleep. I have experienced so many changes and my experience at CLC is different then any of my other chiropractic experiences. You guys treat everyone like family. Everyone is so kind and friendly! That makes all the difference!”

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