We started coming to CLC because Brooks’ neck was always rotated to the right, which lead to him developing a flat spot on the back of his head. He was favoring his right side when he was sleeping and in his car seat. Additionally, Brooks was also struggling with constipation. I got on your website and read through a lot of other testimonials of babies with similar challenges as Brooks who benefited from chiropractic care. I was trying to find solutions that would address the root of his problems. The pediatrician had us schedule an appointment with neurosurgery to make sure there wasn’t a problem we had to address there, but that wasn’t for another 3 weeks and I wanted to find something that could help him as quickly as I could.

I had never been to a chiropractor that did neurological scans like CLC does, they allowed us to actually see what was going on in the body. The areas of stress that came up in Brooks’ nervous system on the scans were matching up with the stress we were visibly seeing in him, it was very validating and confirmed to me that we were in the right place to get Brooks the help he needed.

Once we began care at CLC, we started noticing improvements in Brooks fairly quickly. He no longer favors his right side. He is sleeping with his head turned both ways now and has no issue rotating his head in either direction. We have also seen a lot of improvement with his flat spot that was developing. It has rounded out a lot since beginning care.

Within a few adjustments, we were seeing improvements with his constipation as well. It was not uncommon for him to go 2 days without any bowel movements. The pediatrician didn’t really seem concerned with this, but since we’ve been getting him adjusted, he now has a bowel movement at least 1-2 times per day.

I love bringing Brooks here because it not only has helped with the things we initially sought out care for, but I know it is also helping to optimize growth and development as he is navigating new milestones like sitting, crawling and even teething. It is always so interesting to see the things that come up in relation to his nervous system function, line up with what we are seeing in him developmentally. I love that chiropractic care is helping him be as healthy as he can be!

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