“We started to bring our boys to CLC mainly for behavioral and temperament issues. Cael (age 5) was very sassy, stubborn and hard to talk to. He would get very upset once you could finally get through the discipline and then would be very hard to calm down. There was lots of yelling and strong moods. Kellen (age 3) would go from 0-100 so fast and get so upset. Screaming, throwing things, ect. Very hard to calm down, and being told “no” was always bad no matter what.

We just wanted to be able to talk through things to explain situations, teach why things are right or wrong and offer suggestions. Cael didn’t want any part of it, and it was very emotionally draining for us. With Kellen being so young, we didn’t even know where to begin to help him and calm his emotions.

We were told that “this is a phase”, or this is just how kids are. I felt that we should be able to do something to help them & after talking to CLC I felt a lot of hope. Instead of hearing this is a phase” or “kids will be kids”, we were given hope that we could actually help our boys.

The beginning of care for Cael was a little bit rough through the detox phase, but about 6 weeks after starting care we started noticing him wanting to talk to us about things vs. just yelling, crying and being super upset when he would get disciplined. He of course still acts like a kid, but can be talked to and tries to understand with us! He’s much more receptive to parenting! For Kellen, he has always been quick with his comebacks & reactions, but about 6 weeks after starting care for him, we noticed that he wasn’t flying off the handle as easily. We could talk through things with him without him getting SO upset and angry.

Cael is still a crazy, wild boy and Kellen is definitely a feisty 3 year old… but we can talk through things now! We can re-direct, work through problems together and it’s much more effective! It’s helped us all be closer, rather then them losing their cool and getting upset consistently. We don’t feel like we are always working against each other! There are still improvements happening from both boys and ourselves, but it’s much more positive and fun then before care at CLC!”

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