We began bringing Cooper to CLC because he was having emotional outbursts/episodes. He had been struggling with this for about 6 months prior to seeking care. It was really frustrating for Cooper navigating this; while he was having an “episode” it was really hard for him to express what was happening.

Chiropractic was our first step. Our biggest concern was that Cooper seemed to be holding everything in. I have received chiropractic care since I was a child and experienced having that nervous system support every week was really able to help me navigate my emotions and feelings so I wanted to be proactive and try it with Cooper to see if it would help him regulate better.

Shortly after beginning care, Cooper was having less and less emotional outbursts. It was a lot easier for him to express how he was feeling. There was a period of time when we weren’t able to come in for a couple of weeks for an adjustment and we definitely noticed those old patterns creeping back in, and he did to! He told us that he really felt like he needed to get adjusted to help him feel better again.

The biggest difference we’ve seen in Cooper since beginning at CLC is that when he does get worked up, he knows ways to cope with that. He’s able to calm himself down and then he’s able to talk to us about his feelings calmly, rather than not being able to control his emotions.

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