In January, I was to a point where I wasn’t able to move. I was having to work from my bed and was in tears from how bad the pain was. I knew there was something wrong. I have a high tolerance for pain so I just let things continue to get worse and worse over the course of the last year until I couldn’t function anymore.

It was so frustrating to feel like I couldn’t be myself, do the things I wanted to do, even just move around because of the pain. I was honestly scared because I knew something had to be seriously wrong. I don’t really like to take pain meds, but at my worst I was having to rely on them just to get through the day.

When I had my first appointment at CLC and we went over the neurological scans, there was A LOT of stress. The scans don’t lie. They really helped to identify and target where all the pain I was having was stemming from. I was able to understand how my body was responding to traumatic things I’ve been through over the last 20 years. It put everything into a nutshell for me and I was able to have this light bulb moment. Things that I didn’t really think were impacting me were actually having a way bigger impact on how my brain and nervous system were functioning than I realized.

I had been in a perpetual fight or flight state over the last few years. After my first adjustment, I just felt this huge release of stress being lifted off my nervous system. I feel like I have a TON of energy now compared to when I first started. The “aches and pains” I was contributing to just getting older are no longer present for me. Chiropractic has helped regulate my moods and has allowed me to handle situations that would normally make me very upset or emotional a lot better. I have a much bigger capacity to really address stressful things in my life, and I’ve made some huge life changes to get me into a much better place. It’s also helped with my sleep.

I recently fell down some stairs after I started care, and I was really nervous that was going to take me a long time to recover from, but after about 2 adjustments I felt completely back to normal! In the past, something like that would’ve been a lot longer recovery for me.

Before care I was in a cycle of pain, and then it was hard to move, and then it would just snowball. It was so hard to break the cycle. Chiropractic was the missing piece. I haven’t had any situations where I’ve been bed ridden from pain since beginning care, and I’ve lost almost 20 lbs! The doctors at CLC have helped educate me that if there is pain happening, there is something going on underneath the surface that needs to be addressed to actually heal.

I continue to get adjusted on a weekly basis to help maintain all the positive changes I’ve seen in my life. Life is stressful! I have to travel often for work and meet a lot of deadlines, I want to do what I can to stay on top of it so I don’t end up back in a place like I was before starting. Every one is so kind, knows me by name, and are genuinely interested in how I am doing. The environment is so great at CLC!

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