When I started here I had been struggling with lower back pain and pain between my shoulder blades for 6-12 months. I was constantly uncomfortable no matter what I was doing. Stretching wasn’t helping me that much and I used to have to roll out 2-3x/day on a foam roller to try and crack my back to even get a little relief, but I rarely have to do that now that I am getting adjusted. I live an active life style. If I was cutting down trees, working on my car, lifting weights… they would all exacerbate the symptoms, but yet even on days that I was relaxing the pain wouldn’t improve. It was interfering with my sleep and my mood because I was always uncomfortable. I was missing appointments and family get togethers because I wasn’t able to get much sleep.

When my wife told me about CLC I figured I would give it a shot. I was skeptical for sure, I honestly didn’t think it would help but I was willing to give it a try. I had been to other chiros before and it never really helped much. It took a little while to start noticing big improvements, but it was so helpful the way you guys explained why healing takes time and the neurological scans you had to back it up. The scans allowed a way to measure progress and a standard to compare it to. Pretty much everything that you guys do at CLC is different than what I’ve experienced at other chiros and it definitely works. I’m glad I gave it a shot, it has helped out with my back pain immensely!

Around week 2 or 3 of care, we gained enough healing momentum to really start to see the improvements. By week four I was feeling so much better. Now I couldn’t imagine not doing it and going back to how I was feeling before. I’ve been coming for over a year and rarely have back pain anymore. After I work a few days with all my police gear on, my back will start to get a little uncomfortable, but as soon as I get adjusted it helps so much. A lot of other police officers I work with have chronic back pain and I wanted to catch it before it got to that point. Now I feel like I am being preventative and proactive in my health. I am able to sleep way better and I am a lot happier now that I am not always in pain.

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