I started bringing my baby here and I was able to learn how chiropractic care could help my overall health as well. I was interested in seeing what the scans would show about the stress in my body. I’ve always had problems with regulating my blood pressure, bowel movements and my anxiety.

All I ever really knew was being in a state of fight/flight. I was wired to always focus on the risks of everything. Whether it was in a big social gathering or doing an activity we were doing with the kids; rather than finding the joy in it my brain would always just revert to “what are the risks”. While those are still important, I’ve been able to just enjoy my life more now that my nervous system is more balanced and in a calmer state. I didn’t want to continue with that fearful mindset because I was worried how that could potentially impact my kids.

It was so interesting to see the scans, learn where my blood flow was shifting throughout my body, and how that correlated to function. I learned about how my nervous system was stuck in a sympathetic state. Protection mode was all I ever knew because I was operating in fight or flight for so long. It’s really all I ever knew before starting here. It was a vicious cycle.

Having high blood pressure and a high resting heart rate was something that has always been noticed by my primary physician, but they have basically just said “well this is your baseline”, “you’re up here and everyone else is down here but that’s how you’ve always been”. I was just looking for a more wholistic approach rather than trying to take medication to bring my “baseline” down. Being able to see the scans and tracking that initial heart rate compared to what it’s at now has been really cool. We’ve seen big reductions in not only my resting heart rate, but in my blood pressure as well since addressing the imbalance in my nervous system and getting more into that parasympathetic, calm state. Even if I start to feel my blood pressure increasing now when I’m under a state of stress, getting adjusted almost immediately helps lower it again.

After my first adjustment, I remember being able to feel the shift in the blood flowing throughout my body and head, it was a really cool experience. After 2 weeks of getting adjusted, I started having DAILY bowel movements which I’ve never experienced before. I used to go up to 8 days without any movement. It was so exciting to experience this because I always just attributed it to “running in my family”. It was so uncomfortable. My entire body is in a relaxed state now so it’s able to function the way it is supposed to.

Since coming here I can find that calmness so much easier. I’m able to handle things like being alone at night with the kids, or going to a big gathering. I can enjoy these moments with my kids without fear now. It’s not super stressful like it once was. My brain doesn’t automatically revert to “oh what if something happens to me and the kids are too young to call for help” or “what happens if we have to evacuate and we aren’t the first ones out”. It’s hard living like that. Even wearing my glasses out wouldn’t be something I would’ve done in the past because I was always too concerned if I got in a car accident and I couldn’t find my glasses I wouldn’t be able to get to my kids. Now I’m sitting here wearing my glasses because I just don’t think like that anymore since I’m out of that constant state of fight or flight.

You guys do a fantastic job with the education and always giving your patients additional resources to help optimize their health. It’s been so exciting to learn a lot about how the nervous system works and the direct correlation it has on my health. It’s been so cool to see that as the scans have improved, so have things like my energy, digestion, anxiety, resting heart rate, and blood pressure. Chiropractic care has helped me become a better wife, mom and colleague. It’s all been so worth it.

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