I starting bringing Gage to CLC at the age of 3 for constipation and anxiety. Looking back, he was definitely sick more often before beginning care. He spent 6 nights in the hospital for RSV when he was 2 and had been on several different antibiotics when he was younger. He doesn’t see his pediatrician anymore except for his annual physical for school because he doesn’t get sick like he used to! His doctor even commented that over the last 3 years he had only been there 3 times for his physicals and how incredible that was.

When we started, he was eating really well and drinking plenty of water but still was struggling with constipation because it would hurt to go. I didn’t want to resort to using long term miralax. Anything I could do to help him be able to listen to his body and allow it to function better was my goal when I was seeking chiropractic care. Shortly after starting, I noticed Gage was having more regular bowel movements without the pain and anxiety associated with it. After chiropractic, he was struggling less in general. His anxiety is nothing like it was when we started. His ability to socialize also started to improve! He is able to do things more independently now and I’ve seen his confidence grow over time. Gage used to complain about neck pain and he doesn’t have that problem any more either. When he started to get relief, it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. As a mom, it makes you feel good when your kids can start to handle some of the day to day things more independently.

The scans that you do here show that as we have continued with care, his nervous system is a lot less stressed than it used to be. Both of my kids love coming to the chiropractor. As soon as I tell them we are coming, they fight over who gets to go first. To me that says they notice a difference too!

Gage is growing great and is doing amazing in school, especially behaviorally which is something we have struggled with in the past. He rarely gets sick and no longer struggles with constipation and anxiety. I truly believe everything we are doing preventatively for Gage with chiropractic care has been a crucial component to that.

As a mom, learning about how I have been in a perpetual state of fight or flight, I wanted to be able to help my kids be able to calm and regulate that. It was important to me to find a chiropractor that approaches the body and healing in a holistic way, and that’s what you do at CLC! I also began care at CLC during my 2nd pregnancy to help prepare my body for a drug free delivery, and it made all the difference!

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