“When I began chiropractic care at Congruent Life there were two main things I wanted to address: finding relief from acid reflux and having as healthy of pregnancy as possible. I first began experiencing acid reflux in college and have struggled with it off and on for the past nine years. While I had identified certain foods and stress as triggers for my acid reflux, I could never get off of and stay off of acid blocking medications, like PPI’s. Going into my pregnancy, I wanted to be off of the PPI I was taking, as I knew it had negative side effects for my own body and I did not want to risk any possible side effects it might have on my baby. I am now in my third trimester and have been off of the PPI my entire pregnancy AND (most importantly) have only experienced a few episodes of acid reflux. The big difference with these instances has been that they are better the next day instead of lasting weeks. Despite heartburn being one of those traditional pregnancy “symptoms,” I am pleased to say I seem to have experienced it less frequently than most women, which is a REALLY big deal for me!

My other main reason for choosing chiropractic care is ensuring that I am doing everything I can to proactively prepare my body and mind for pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum. When I first came to Congruent Life, I had just found out that I was pregnant. As a result, it was very important to me to be cared for by a team that places prenatal chiropractic care as a priority. I feel comfortable knowing that the doctors are certified in the Webster Technique, and I trust that my regular visits to Congruent Life are helping to ensure my baby is in a good position for a natural labor and delivery. I also have high hopes that my commitment to weekly chiropractic care will result in a faster labor that progresses smoothly. But probably most importantly, my time interacting with everyone at CLC has helped me establish a positive outlook on labor instead of an outlook centered on fear. They have played a significant role in helping me learn to trust my body and its ability to do big things.

I feel really fortunate to have found a chiropractor and team that genuinely care about me, my health, and the health of my baby. They never fail to put a smile on my face (even during first trimester morning sickness), and I thoroughly enjoy my time spent in their office. I never leave an appointment sore from an adjustment (which I have experienced at other offices in the past) and instead leave looking forward to my next visit. I am excited to continue my care through the remainder of my pregnancy and afterwards, and I trust that they will provide excellent care to my little one once he or she arrives!”

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