I started here once I found out we were pregnant with our second baby. I had started bringing my son Cal here for chronic immune challenges and saw such an amazing improvement in how his little body was able to function, I knew that’s what I wanted for our 2nd baby right from the start.

I am now 26 weeks pregnant and I’m feeling great! I don’t have all the anxious feelings with this pregnancy like I did with my first, and my pain has been minimal. I feel such a good sense of community and support at CLC.

I saw a different chiropractor when I felt soreness or stiffness with my first pregnancy. It almost felt like the other chiro didn’t even know I was pregnant. He’d come in and adjust me the same exact way every time. What you had to offer here at CLC was much different than my other chiropractic experience. The scans you did here were so helpful in making me more aware of the stress that my body and nervous system were holding. Even though I felt pretty good when I started, my scans were showing signs of a lot of stress related to motherhood. Caring for a toddler during pregnancy is hard on your body! You adjust me differently each time depending on what my body needs during that visit, and depending on the changes happening in my body during each stage of pregnancy.

I’m hoping to have a natural birth this time around! My husband and I attended the pregnancy workshop that you held here. Having the support from the doctors and the staff at CLC when it comes to having a natural birth is so helpful. All the research that was presented validated all the decisions I was making for our birth plan, and it was good for my husband to hear it from someone else. My husband was able to come and see a whole community of people who supported the decisions I wanted for our second baby and birthing experience. After that workshop, he has been so supportive of everything I want for our labor and delivery and we’ve even hired a doula this time around!

I went into Cal’s delivery unprepared; I was relying on the doctors to just tell me what was best, even though they didn’t really know me and what I wanted for my baby and birth. They don’t know what I can handle, they were so quick to tell me to just get an epidural. It’s going to be nice being armored with the confidence I have now, and the resources, to do it my own way this time around. I just feel a lot more empowered, and feel so much support from the community at CLC.

I’m also so excited to get my baby adjusted right away after birth. I didn’t come in here with Cal until he was a year old. He was colicky as a baby and was struggling with a lot of immune challenges and ear infections by the time I found CLC. I’ve learned so much about how much stress babies go through during the birthing process and how that can impact their comfort, sleep, digestion and immune system. Now I feel like I am going to be able to be a lot more proactive when it comes to my baby’s health and am looking forward to an easier postpartum period.

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