I had been getting chiropractic care in the Des Moines area when I got a job in Iowa City, and they pointed me to CLC. I had been working for 28 years in public safety which was contributing to my back issues. I was having back spasms that could put me in bed for a week or more.

It was frustrating because I would be making strides and then would fall backwards again. The inconsistency of this was hard, which made it more stressful. After receiving care at CLC, my back feels better and I am not worried it will “give out” again, like it did several years ago. I feel better lifting my handicap daughter from and into her wheelchair. I also travel a lot for work. Before, those trips in the car would cause the back spasms and subsequent issues, but now when I travel I’m just a little stiff. It doesn’t cause the back pain like it used to.

Overall, I am satisfied that the staff at CLC cares, welcomes you, and the doctors have your best interest at heart.

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