“Before starting at Congruent, I would let stress take over my body and it began to affect my overall health immensely. Stress and tension continued to build up over the years; I was trying to deal with my stress through different medications and “band-aids”, which never really seemed to help.

Finding an alternative approach to managing my stress has helped me so much. After starting here, I really started to see the benefits of adjustments, and how it was helping me manage my stress in a more efficient and effective way.

My wife and I had actually been going to a different chiropractor before finding CLC, but we always just felt like a number, and not a person. It was a very rigid routine there and it would be the same adjustments every time. At CLC the care we receive each visit is individualized to our experiences and the stress our body is holding onto on that particular day. It’s never the same.

Before care, my stress levels were so high they would interfere with my sleep quality which became a vicious cycle of getting bad sleep and being in a bad mood…it would affect my entire day. Once I started at CLC I was finally able to sleep through the night! Along with my sleep quality, my over all mood has improved dramatically, and I’m in much less pain; how I feel and function has been a complete 180.

For years, I was just masking my symptoms with ibuprofen and other meds. You guys have opened my eyes to where health truly comes from and there’s been a huge shift in my lifestyle; if I do feel under the weather, my first thought is now to come in and get adjusted rather than running for the medicine cabinet. We now use holistic tools to support our bodies through illnesses, rather than suppressing the symptoms. It feels better to not have to deal with the side effects of medicine all the time.

I recently got a letter in the mail from my doctor that they haven’t seen me in over a year; this opened my eyes so much to how much our lives have changed since CLC. Before, the doctor’s office is a place I would have to frequent often; it feels so good to know I’ve been able to take control of my health. You’ve opened my eyes to thinking differently, asking questions, getting to the root cause rather than suppressing symptoms all the time, and it’s definitely paid off in the end.”

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