I started at CLC 4 years ago when we were struggling to get pregnant with our first. We had been trying to get pregnant for 9 months before beginning care; we were starting to explore different infertility options. I knew you guys specialized in pediatrics and fertility so I decided to come here!

After 3 months of care at CLC, I went to my OB for an exam to see what the next steps would be in our fertility journey and to our pleasant surprise, we found out we were pregnant and did not have to explore other options!! We have since had 2 boys!

Walking through infertility was defeating and frustrating, the doctors were telling us we were a healthy couple and nothing was wrong, but we still weren’t able to get pregnant, I knew something was missing and that missing piece for me was neurologically based chiropractic care. The neurological scans I had done on my first visit were able to pinpoint the stress on my nervous system that was contributing to my hormone imbalances and fertility challenges. When I saw the scans, I knew I was in the right place.

After beginning care, not only did we get pregnant, but I also experienced many other benefits. I didn’t have the re-occurring pain or discomfort that I used to. After having children, I learned about “the mom spot” between the shoulder blades you talk about, and it has been very manageable with our families consistent weekly care.

I had been going to another chiropractor before coming to CLC, but the adjustments were the exact same every time and I wasn’t seeing the changes I wanted to, I wasn’t getting relief and would often times even feel worse. The care I receive here is so different, it’s specific to what was going on with MY body, the adjustments are different each time. You base your care recommendations off of neurological scans that show how your system is functioning internally, rather than a X-ray that was taken 2 years ago.

My entire family gets weekly adjustments now. It makes me feel great and I know it is helping my kids be as healthy as they can be. When my second was born, he had a very abnormal head shape. He started a week after he was born and within a few adjustments his head shape was completely different, when we take him to the doctor they always comment on how symmetrical and perfect his head is! I didn’t even know that chiropractic could help with the shape of babies’ heads until I started coming here and saw the results first hand! If they ever get constipated, adjustments help almost immediately to get their bowel movements going again.

We love the family atmosphere here and all the health and healing being apart of CLC has brought to our family.

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