“Landon has struggled with major attention, behavior and impulsiveness issues. We struggled with daily outbursts, focusing and safety concerns.

We had overwhelming frustration. We have tried what feels like hundreds of things over the years with nothing working. Some things that were suggested to try actually made things worse. As parents and the advocates for our children, we felt like failures. We know this isn’t true, but it’s so hard when you can’t help your child.

We know that knowledge is power! When we found CLC, they gave us the tools and knowledge to begin to help our son. We finally have a deeper understanding of our son.

The moment we realized that what we were doing was working was when we noticed that the outbursts are farther in between, and when he does have one, he can calm himself down quicker. He is more focused at home, he looks us and others in the eye when speaking to us. We’ve gotten a lot of comments from others, noticing that he’s different! One big plus is that he’s been sick ZERO times since October. Not even a minor cold. That’s unheard of for us in this season!

Life is different for us now. We’re happier in the home. We have hope for the first time. We have a sense of peace that we are finally making progress after being stuck for so long. We are blessed and so thankful to have been led to CLC. We are excited to see our son continue towards his goals!”

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