Last November I was getting super nauseous in the morning. I was a huge breakfast eater and the overnight, I felt like my life changed. I was nauseous and sick all morning, at first I felt like I had an illness. I’m a teacher and I was having to leave work because I just couldn’t function. But then this started to happen every morning, I knew something bigger was going on than just having a sickness. I felt like the nausea I was experiencing was rooted in anxiety. It was something I couldn’t ignore anymore because it was disrupting my life.

I started looking into how chiropractic could help and had heard great things about Congruent from my coworkers. I came to Congruent in December. Right away, I felt so heard. It was a whole different experience than what I was expecting. I felt like I was getting help that day. The background knowledge I gained on how nervous system stress can impact your body and how it’s functioning was something I had never heard before. You were able to connect everything that was going on in my body from the scans you did. The words were taken right out of my mouth, the stress on the scans were able to explain exactly how I was feeling. It was very validating.

I had been to a chiropractor before, and this was nothing like what I’ve experienced in the past. On the first day I didn’t just come in, get adjusted, and get pushed out the door. You did neurological scans and sat down with me for an hour going over my history, and then educating me on how chiropractic could help with my specific concerns. You connected everything that was going on in my body. That never happens when you go to a doctor. I was finding answers finally.

The scan that you did measuring the energy in my muscles was stressed in all the same areas I was feeling pain in constantly (which I no longer experience since being under care!). I’d never seen anything like it.

The relief almost felt instant. Within a few weeks, I was finally starting to feel hungry in the morning again, rather than nauseous. I hadn’t felt that way in so long! I wasn’t having to leave work in the mornings anymore. Being nauseous had just become my new “normal”. It felt so reassuring to finally feel good again. My body was able to handle the stress at the end of the school year so much better than how I had ever been able to handle stress in the past. Even with the stress I still have in my life, my body is able to tolerate it well.

With getting adjusted regularly, I feel like I’m able to read my body better than I ever have before. I don’t think I’ve ever been in tune with what my body was trying to tell me before, which you don’t even realize until you start to establish that connection. When I do have times of increase stress now, I’m able to recognize that right away and support my body to work through that stress more optimally. I was so scared coming in last November because I truly didn’t know what was happening to my body. I’ve learned so much from Congruent on ways to help myself and support my body during times of stress. I don’t feel helpless anymore. I feel way less anxious, my nausea is gone, I can eat breakfast again, I just feel so great now!

Additionally, you were able to help me with my PCOS diagnosis and I was able to restore my cycle naturally!

Bottom line, I’ve felt more heard here than any other doctor I’ve ever been too. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have Congruent.

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