I started care at CLC for infertility, anxiety, allergies, and just to improve my overall health and wellbeing. Before I came here, I was super overwhelmed. You were able to help me start this healing journey one step at a time and truly be a guide to me through it.

When I saw the scans, I couldn’t believe that I had allowed the stress in my body to get that bad. It was overwhelming, but then so encouraging to see the positive changes over the next several months once I started healing. Within the first few months when I was coming 3x/wk, I was started to feel so good. I was noticing fewer “symptoms” in between visits that were bothering me. I was feeling better for longer periods of time as we started to move down in frequency.

It’s hard to pinpoint one specific thing, because overall I just feel so much better. Before care, I had chronic pain in my hips and my mid back, and I no longer struggle with that. I always feel so much calmer when I leave after getting adjusted, and I’m able to handle stress a lot better now. I know that getting adjusted is making me healthier to prepare my body to support a pregnancy. You’ve offered so much support to me as I walk through different fertility treatments. You’ve provided me with additional things I can do to nourish my body to help optimize hormone levels. If I would have tried to navigate all of this on my own, it would have been too overwhelming. I love the holistic advice you’re able to provide.

Everyone is just so happy at Congruent. I love walking in the door here. I could be having the most terrible day ever, and I walk in and everyone is just so happy and cheery and lifts me up. I love that! I just thank you guys for everything. You’ve been so wonderful. I definitely couldn’t have done the things I have with my body without your support.

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