“Mae is such a sweet person and such a gift to our family. However, due to trauma that she endured before she joined our family through adoption- she has battled emotional dysregulation and physical behaviors for 4 years.

It felt so hopeless trying to give Mae the help she needed. The smallest thing would set her off and sometimes the behaviors would last for hours. It became exhausting and frightening to the point where we removed her from school and pursued care at Congruent.

Congruent is amazing, and different than what we were used to, because of their deep understanding of how trauma affects the nervous system. We didn’t have to explain attachment and trauma or dysregulation. And when you’re in the middle of the mess- that kind of validation and understanding is the greatest gift.

I think the moment that we realized chiropractic care was helping our daughter was when we could see how the Christian counseling we had been pursuing was finally taking root. It was like we had been doing emotional work and we needed that last puzzle piece of caring for her physical body to watch it synergistically bring relief.

When we began care at Congruent, and started homeschooling Mae, she was having severe behaviors and was unable to regulate herself without help from us, every other day. Now, she goes weeks without behaviors and can self regulate more often. It is truly amazing and we thank God for the love and care Dr. Nikki, Dr. Mike and the staff have shown our family.”

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