My daughter talked me into coming to CLC because she saw how much pain I was in just to try and make a dinner for company. I would have to hang onto the counter while I was standing to do the dishes because the pain was so bad. She finally said “That’s it! You’re going! I don’t care if I have to pay for it!”

When I initially came into the office and saw my scans, I just didn’t know what to think because I had been told in the past that I could never be touched by a chiropractor again after my surgeries. I was overwhelmed by emotions to find out that you guys could help me. But I was skeptical!

I had back surgery 4 years before finding Congruent. The doctors were looking at doing surgery again and I couldn’t go through that a second time. The first surgery did help me, I’m able to walk… but I had a lot of nerve damage from the surgery that they said would never go away.

Living with the pain I was in every day was really hard. I had such a hard time sleeping and getting out of bed in the morning because I was always in so much pain. I could not wait for my next dose of gabapentin and baclofen. At the time I was on 900 mg of gabapentin 4x/day, baclofen 3x/day, plus taking piroxicam on top of that. I’d been doing that for 4 years, ever since my back surgery. I felt like my brain was gone, it was effecting my memory terribly, and I know it was because of the stuff I was taking.

I was grasping for anything that could give me relief because I was devastated when they told me my nerve damage would never go away and I’d just have to live with it. I knew I had to start at CLC. It took a little bit for the changes to happen, but 6 months in, I stopped feeling what I would call the “butt burn”. I didn’t have that radiating pain going down through my hips and legs anymore.

After a year of care, my life is drastically different. I can stand a lot longer when I’m cooking dinner without feeling like I need to sit down. I can walk a lot longer and am able to be much more active. I’m able to wrestle around with my grandkids and not have to think, “oh gosh, this is really going to hurt me”. I don’t have to have my husband vacuum the house anymore because I’m able to do it now. The simple things in life like being able to clean the house and not worry about how much pain I will be in that night when I go to bed is life changing.

I’m no longer taking piroxicam anymore. I’m also down to 600 mg of gabapentin 2x/day, compared to 900 mg 4x/day before care. I just thank God for the daughter that I have that is so persistent, because she talked about you guys from the moment she started coming to you. I thank God I have her, and that she encouraged me so much to seek care from Congruent. You guys are all so amazing. I feel pretty fortunate and lucky.

I want to say that when I first came, what I experienced the most was fear. My fear was that it wouldn’t work. And now, I know that IT WORKS! And I’m never going to give it up. You guys have me for life! I’m living such a healthier and HAPPIER life! Joy comes out of me now, and before it didn’t. The pain was too much to bear. I feel like I’m actually living again.

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