“Originally, I brought Miles to CLC because of painful breastfeeding. My lactation consultant recommended CLC to help. Along with breastfeeding problems Miles’ neck was getting stuck to the right side and that was causing a flat spot on his head.

I could tell chiropractic was working when feedings started to get less uncomfortable. Miles also started sleeping really well and turning his head a lot more. If he ever had constipation issues, an adjustment would immediately relieve him! I noticed an all-around change in him. I can tell when he needs an adjustment and after, I always leave with a calmer baby. We definitely had to make sure we were following the doctors’ recommendations for care, but the team made that so easy! CLC was not an immediate fix but we are so glad we were recommended it.

With everything going on in the world right now, I want to set Miles up for the healthiest life possible! In general, I want Miles to have the best functioning body! By starting him with chiropractic at a young age, he will have an advantage as he grows and develops!”

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