My pregnancy with Quincy was the first time I was under chiropractic care throughout my entire pregnancy. It was the calmest and smoothest pregnancy of all 3. I also had 2 very small children and was a few years older, but yet I felt the best. I really struggled with controlling my blood pressure during my 2nd pregnancy with Ruby. I didn’t have any blood pressure issues what so ever during my 3rd pregnancy!

I even went past my estimated “due date” and was still feeling great all the way up until the end. We were able to have our first un-medicated home birth with Quincy as well! I felt like my recovery was the best one I had of all my pregnancies. It was by far the most enjoyable postpartum experience of all 3 of my kids; chiropractic helped me a lot with the emotional regulation and supporting my hormone fluctuations that come with postpartum. The extremes just weren’t quite as extreme for me this time around. I was able to “weather the storm” of postpartum a lot better.

Another huge benefit for me was the support chiropractic gave me during my breastfeeding journey. He’s coming up on 3 years of age now and I never thought that we would be able to go that long. With my first son, we were only able to make it about 6 weeks and with Ruby I had to pump a lot because she had issues with latching.

Quincy has been adjusted since birth, and at 3 years of age, he’s never been to the doctor for a sickness. He’s never had an earache. He’s been our easiest baby for sure. Our first baby spit up a lot and Quincy hardly ever did that. Being proactive in our health is a big priority for our family now. Our pediatrician mentioned at our last visit how incredible it is that he never has to see my kids because they’re never sick! Dealing with sicknesses in our home just isn’t our reality and I contribute so much of that to the weekly chiropractic care our entire family receives now.

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