“We started care at CLC because our baby was fussy at night, gassy after feeding, and spit up whenever we laid her flat after eating. She had trouble with bowel movements going days without one and had trouble sleeping. She cried for 3 hours one night. We felt helpless! She seemed so uncomfortable and in pain. We just felt so badly for her. I wanted to be able to comfort her but nothing seemed to work!

We love our pediatrician, but sometimes you need something in addition to that care. I was very happy to find CLC to care for and calm my baby, aside from just hearing that it is normal and they’ll grow out of it. The first couple weeks of care things were still pretty rough, so I had to keep telling myself that it wasn’t an instant fix. But soon after she started becoming more regular with her bowel movements and wouldn’t spit up after eating! She was HAPPY! She IS happy!! She might fuss for a minute or so while going to sleep but that’s it! She’s a whole new baby!!

Having a baby that loves to smile is so much better than having a baby that won’t stop crying. We can enjoy her now instead of always having to try and console her or try to figure out and fix what was wrong. Since being under care at CLC we’re less stressed, she’s less stressed and her brothers are less stressed!”

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