“Zayden was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of six months and our journey has been very long. Over the past 3 years we have tried multiple medications and treatments to try and gain seizure control, with little to no avail. He has failed more than 8 medications that have done way more harm than good, each with horrible side effects. With each and every new drug the seizures prevailed and the milestones diminished one by one. At the age of 14 months, we tried the ketogenic diet, a high fat/low carb diet designed to force the body’s metabolism into ketosis, and he lost almost everything. Our happy little boy cried in pain for 3 months straight and within a week he went from sitting on his own, standing against objects, holding and playing with toys, and taking assisted steps…to not even being able to hold his head up on his own anymore. We’ve traveled to 4 different hospitals, including Boston Children’s (#1 for pediatric Epilepsy in the nation) with little to no answers.

Epilepsy has had a profound impact on every single aspect of our lives. Every day since Aug 2014, we have had a fear of losing our child to any one seizure. We’ve had 100s of hospital visits, doctor appointments, therapies, etc. that have become the norm. With each and every drug that failed to help, we lost a little more hope that we may never find a cure. Even with our current natural medication, we have not gotten to seizure freedom.

Before finding Congruent life chiropractic, we have tried a few other chiropractic offices that while were beneficial to Zayden’s overall health, did little to improve his seizures. By the Grace of God, a friend from Illinois led us to Congruent life and while our journey has been short, it has one of THE BIGGEST BLESSINGS in our life. We started at CLC in early February and we have seen a HUGE difference and we finally have HOPE AGAIN! We have seen huge improvements in Zayden’s communication, strengths, and overall abilities, but most of all, we have seen a dramatic decrease in his seizures.

In February Zayden had 164 seizures, March 106, and In April he only had 40!!!! This is by far our LOWEST seizure monthly count since the onset of his Epilepsy!! Last week, he went an ENTIRE WEEK SEIZURE FREE (our 2nd longest record) and has only had 3 in the last 9 days!! Since the start of our journey, that’s a 86% reduction!!

Being a huge science nerd and naturally a researcher, I have spent countless days and nights scouring the internet for answers, researched the best treatments, hundreds of genetic causes, every known “diagnosis” for Epilepsy trying to determine where Zayden fit and how to best help him with every single option failing him eventually. We’ve searched and searched for answers in every nook and cranny, determined to get to “the cause” of the seizures rather than treating the symptoms and not finding anyone willing to help us get there. We knew if we could get to the cause we might be able to heal him, but we couldn’t find the answer on our own. Even with every ounce of information we gained, we did not have the answers to heal our own child, and we were losing faith that we would ever find an answer.

Then one day in early January a friend tagged me in a video of a fellow colleague in Illinois, I immediately felt moved. Watching a 2 minute video on Facebook made my hair on my arms stand up and made me have hope all over again! Every single word out of his mouth was like gold to my ears, the words I had been longing to hear!! I immediately called their office and was crushed when we found out that their office was 4 hrs away…just not doable with a kiddo with special needs and an already hectic schedule. But he didn’t give up, he helped us find our way to Dr. Mike!! Within a week we had Zayden’s first appointment set up! For the first time in a very long time, WE HAD HOPE!

At our initial appointment, it took every ounce of me not to ball at every word that came out of Dr. Mike’s mouth. Every single word was literally the “the answer I knew existed but couldn’t find” I knew that day, even though we were not promised that we would get to seizure freedom, I KNEW this was our answer!!

While our journey is far from over, the last 3 months have been a HUGE BLESSING and we have seen dramatic improvements! We are so Grateful to have found the Congruent Life Family and it feels so amazing to finally HAVE HOPE AGAIN!!!”

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