“Before beginning care here, Zoie was dealing with anxiety, behavioral issues, defiance, aggression, as well as lots of headaches, stomach aches and car sickness. We had been trying to address these challenges for over 5 years with therapy and different medications but nothing seemed to help. It was really frustrating trying all of these things, things they always said were going to work, but didn’t. It got to a point where something had to give, we had to take a different approach and get to the root cause of her struggles or else it was just going to keep getting worse.

That is when we started at CLC. Everything here has always been communicated so well. Every time she is adjusted, you always explain what areas you worked on, why they were areas that needed to be adjusted, and how that could ultimately affect the way Zoie’s body is functioning. When I first saw the scans, it was mind blowing, I remember feeling so much emotion around finally getting to the root of her challenges. It was an aha moment of “THIS is why she is the way she is, and now we are finally going to do something that’s actually going to be able to help her!”

The craziest thing to me was last week before I even told Dr. Mike what was going on, he started assessing her spine and nervous system and asked if she had any big life stressors going on that day because of what he was finding. I was shocked, there was actually a death in our family that week. I was just so amazed how you guys can really tell what stress the body is working through without us even telling you.

My husband was a little skeptical before starting our journey here, but he was the one who initially pointed out he could tell chiropractic care was making a huge difference for Zoie.
Zoie is in such a better spot emotionally now; she’s able to articulate her emotions better, she’s able to cope so much more efficiently and she is much calmer. When she does get angry or frustrated, she’s able to come down from it much more quickly & express to us why she was angry, which is something that was really hard for her to do before. Overall she is just a much happier kid! Zoie is so much more polite and she’s wanting to engage with us more in conversation, which we didn’t really get much of before! Another huge change we’ve seen is she doesn’t get car sick anymore; before care at CLC she would experience bad car sickness even with medications and now she hardly experiences it at all! Zoie doesn’t get headaches and belly aches nearly as often, and we’ve even noticed a difference in her posture; she’s standing up taller!

Before finding CLC, life was very stressful. We were at a point where something had to change. As a parent, it was tiring and exhausting trying to help Zoie through these challenges, no parent wants to see their child struggle. Now, we don’t have very many issues!

Probably the best part of all of this improvement we’ve seen with Zoie, is how it’s impacted the whole family. She is getting along with her siblings so much better. Zoie isn’t constantly trying to pick arguments with everyone now. This weekend, she spent a lot of time with her brother and they were actually getting along! That doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it was huge! I haven’t seen that in so long and it was just so refreshing to see the entire family dynamic changing because Zoie is in such a better place now.”

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