Jess is the Office Manager at Congruent Life Chiropractic. She resides in Riverside with her husband, Frank, and three children, Liam, Theo and Halle.

She has been familiar with chiropractic since she started getting adjusted as a child, but became passionate about it during pregnancy and as a new mom. She struggled with hip pain in pregnancy and her oldest struggled with ear infections and consistent adjustments were the missing piece to their wellness. Her other two children have been adjusted consistently at CLC since birth and are both thriving kiddos!

Jess met the Sedlaceks at church 6 months before CLC opened, and then attended the Friends and Family open house and was a practice member for 5 years before joining the team to share her passion for chiropractic and all things holistic wellness with other families like hers.

Jennifer Stumpff

Jenny is a Chiropractic Assistant at Congruent Life Chiropractic! She resides in Ely with her husband, Nick and sons Zayden and Zavier.

Jenny’s journey with Congruent Life began with her son, Zayden, who started care in Feb ‘17. Zayden came to the office with many health concerns including seizures, failure to grow and gain weight, and chronic illness including reoccurring ear infections. Like many families we see, Jenny and her family were searching for a different path and restored hope, and they found just that! Through care at Congruent Life Chiropractic, Jenny’s family is living their best life possible!

Jenny is very passionate about helping families of all backgrounds on their journey to better health, for both their kiddos and themselves! As a CA in the office, Jenny’s main focus is patient care! She can be found greeting patients, answering phones, and being a knowledgeable resource to answer any questions that may arise during the journey!



Julie is a Chiropractic Assistant at Congruent Life Chiropractic. Julie, her husband, Zach, and dog, Mardi, live outside of Amana.

Before working at CLC, Julie was receiving consistent chiropractic care for overall health + wellness. Julie is passionate about empowering people to take control of their health. That sparked her to become certified in fertility education. Nervous system health + hormonal health is so intertwined. Julie assists women + couples in their fertility journey, whether that be trying to conceive, pregnancy prevention, identifying hormone imbalances and/or increasing body literacy.

On any given day you’ll see Julie in the office answering phones, making mamas feel loved + seen, playing with kiddos while their parents get adjusted, or scanning patients with our advanced technology.


Selena is a Chiropractic Assistant at Congruent Life Chiropractic! She originally moved to the area to go to school at the University of Iowa. She was originally studying pre-med but changed her major to Global Health Studies so she could focus more on preventative care and health maintenance. She now lives in Coralville with her husband and her dog.

Selena grew up going to a chiropractor that was focused on pain management rather than long term wellness care. When she found Congruent Life Chiropractic, she knew immediately that CLC was different. Selena was drawn to CLCs focus on identifying the cause of stress rather than just treating the symptoms. Each patient is seen as a unique individual and receives personalized care designed to help them achieve lasting wellness and a healthy life! Selena loves getting to welcome people into the CLC community and walk along side them through their health journey. She loves the reward of seeing peoples lives be transformed, inside and out!


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