- Ashley G.

I started coming to CLC because I’ve always dealt with lower back pain, anxiety and depression. My low back pain was pretty severe, I would try to work through the pain but sometimes it was so severe I just couldn’t. It would get so bad sometimes it would take me to my knees. Every night my back pain would just kill me and it would interfere with my sleep, now I rarely have back pain! It’s so much better now!

I had also been dealing with anxiety and depression since my postpartum time with my daughter 7 years ago and it was really hard on our family as a whole. Looking at my life before chiropractic care compared to now… I’ve come a really long way. Before I was always so mean and it seemed like the smallest thing would irritate me, like if the bed was made wrong or something was put in the wrong spot. Now I am so much more “go with the flow”, we can go to bed and the entire house will be a mess and I don’t even care! It is such a relief! I had to take medication for a little bit for my anxiety and depression, and it helped but it also made me feel like I didn’t have any emotions at all. Chiropractic has helped me more than medication ever did and I haven’t had to take it for years.

My only chiropractic experience in the past would be to just come once a month. It was never really pinpointing where I actually needed adjusted, it was the same thing every single time I went. It was eye opening coming to CLC, seeing the neurological scans you do here, and just how much stress my nervous system was under. It made sense I was feeling the way I was for so long!

It wasn’t a quick fix. It took a little while of consistent care to start to the see the really big changes, but my life is completely different now!

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- Reagan

I started coming to CLC because I was having really severe back pain, almost where I could not get in and out of my car without wincing in pain. I knew I had to get that figured out. I also wanted to support my body in the postpartum season and all the changes that come with that physically and hormonally.

I was nursing so I didn’t want to take much medication for the pain because I was worried about how that could impact my son and my milk supply. I wanted to find a solution that was as natural as possible.

I had been to one other chiropractor before and my experience was I just went in, told them where my pain was, they adjusted me and I never went back. Your approach is so much different here. Seeing the neurological scans and where the internal stress was at in my body correlated with how I was feeling. It was very validating. I was able to see how the stress of everyday life really does have an impact on how my nervous system is able to function. After the first month of care I got a follow-up scan and it was so cool to be able to see how much better my brain and body were functioning.

The consistency of the adjustments in the beginning was key for me. Within the first month of care, my pain was already a lot better. I love the way you explain where you are adjusting each time and how that can impact the function of the body. It makes me feel like I have more knowledge of my body, which I never felt before. I’ve learned how to support my nervous system during times of stress and feel more empowered about health.

Since starting at CLC, my back pain is no where near what it was. Now that I’ve dealt with my main problem I came here for, it’s important to me to continue getting adjusted so I can stay proactive with my health to keep that pain away while also helping other parts of my body function the best they can. Now that I am getting adjusted consistently, I am able to deal with my stress and anxiety a lot better, which was a benefit I didn’t even realize I could get from chiropractic care before coming here! I had never truly been able to get over that “hump” of anxiety. I really felt like I was “stuck” and I’m feeling so much better both mentally and physically now.

I just want to thank you for allowing me to learn more about my body in a respectful and yet understanding way for the average person who has never inquired anything about their body before. This has been such an eye opening experience and I just feel more “connected” now than I ever have before.

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- Megan M.

I had chronic headaches for years (stemming all the way back to childhood) before finding Congruent. I had tried a lot of different things over the years. I would go to the doctor and honestly felt like they just never listened to me. All they wanted me to do was to take more pain killers, which never really worked for me. I also didn’t want to be dependent on medications.

After my daughter was born I struggled with a lot of postpartum anxiety and depression. I had a lot of friends who have come to CLC and after hearing their testimonies on how it helped them with their anxiety and depression throughout that postpartum time, I knew I wanted to have that support before going into another pregnancy.

Dealing with headaches for so long was really defeating. I felt like I had to just accept that my life would consist of daily headaches forever. My mom has struggled a lot with chronic headaches too and she had said to me once “we are just headache people” so then my mindset for a while was “oh I guess I’m just a headache person!” but the more I grew up and talked to other people I realized that wasn’t normal.

Before starting here, I had a headache EVERY SINGLE DAY. Seeing the neurological scans on the first visit was very validating. I saw that there was a lot of stress in the areas of the nervous system that can result in headaches; we were able to pinpoint the problem and the root cause. I realized there was something we could do about this, and maybe I wouldn’t have to live with daily headaches forever.

Within a 2-4 weeks of beginning care, I was already starting to see big changes. In addition to the daily headaches, before care I was also having severe migraines about 1x/month. After the first month of care, I can say I have been migraine FREE for 6 months! My headaches are so much better now. Instead of DAILY headaches, I only get a headache about 1x every 2 weeks! If I get a headache, I can usually pinpoint it back to not drinking enough water that day.

The intensity of my headaches have also improved so much since coming to CLC. My headaches used to shut me down a lot, I couldn’t work, I’d be in bed vomiting with black out curtains. Even on a normal headache day it would distract me a lot from my work and my family and I would have to lay down. If I get a headache now, they are so much less intense and they don’t alter my days like they used to. If anything it’s like a dull annoyance. I’ve also been able to manage my anxiety a lot better since beginning care. My life is completely different now!

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- Laney’s Mom

The first couple months of Laney’s life were really hard. Just navigating if it was colic or if something else more serious was wrong. She cried a whole lot and it was very frustrating. We couldn’t really find anything that would relieve what was going on and essentially I hit a point of desperation. I knew what ever it was that was going to help, we needed to figure it out.
We had heard great things about babies that had come to CLC and the different support you had to offer for new moms in the thick of it. We wanted to take this approach before we sought out a more medical approach. We just wanted to do what was best, rather than what was easiest.

We could not lay Laney down flat for the first month of her life. We would have to hold her while she was sleeping or let her sleep on her stomach. If she were to lay on her back, even if she was asleep it would last about 45 seconds. It was a lot of crying, discomfort, and just not knowing. I would go through all the things, “you are warm, you are dry, you are fed, now what is the issue?”

The first appointment at CLC, you did the scans on Laney to measure the stress on her nervous system. I felt an immediate sense of relief. There is just a different feeling you get when someone looks at you and says “you’re not crazy” and “we can see the issue and we understand why these things are happening”. I understood it wouldn’t be an immediate fix, but I knew we were in the right place. I wasn’t expecting visible results so quickly. I could see it right there on paper what was wrong with my baby. You laid it out for me in terms that I could understand, it was a lot more in depth than I anticipated and I’m very grateful for that. You had a plan right away on how to help Laney.

We got Laney started under care at CLC, and honestly the first couple weeks were almost discouraging. It was like a waiting game. When you go to the doctor and fix something with medicine, like an antibiotic, it seems like it’s an immediate fix. With chiropractic, Dr. Mike explained that you are going to see results, but it may not be as quick as you want them to happen. We had to be patient. We really had to trust the process and that good things were going to come out of it.

The first few weeks, she would scream in the car the whole way to her appointment, she would scream during her whole adjustment, I had lots of tears as a mom as well. Everyone in the office could feel the stress of this baby. But there was a very distinct time around week 3-4, where all the sudden I would bring her in and she wouldn’t be crying at all. Then she started smiling during her adjustment and Dr. Nikki looked at me and said “who is this baby!?”.

It’s easy to look back now and see when sleeping started to get easier and when she started eating better. She started to get more comfortable and happy. There was a very clear transition from “this baby is really, really hard” to “this is a happy baby”. While it was really hard at first because I was so emotional and she was so uncomfortable, after a few weeks she started smiling and we were starting to see the light! I don’t think it would have been the same had we not started coming here. I think it would’ve been even harder, if that is even possible.

Now she is eating better and sleeping better. She’ll eat and then be awake and be HAPPY, before if she wasn’t eating or sleeping she was crying and honestly I was crying too. She is napping better and even sleeping through the night! She is pooping regularly. Her emotional regulation is so much better now. Before she would cry at absolutely everything, she was inconsolable for a lot of those first couple of months. And now, she is HAPPY and content most of the time! If there are tears, it is pretty easy to figure out why.

I just didn’t think that colic was real before I experienced it. I thought it was a sad explanation for a crying baby. I just thought that was what people said when they had a difficult baby. To actually go through that as a mom is life changing. During those first few months, I had no idea what to do.

I think it’s important that people know the level of care that comes from Congruent. It is very rare that you walk into a place and you find people that want to take care of you and they want to continue to take care of you. It’s rare to find a place where you are cared for and you also feel heard and acknowledged and appreciated. I know that when I come in here, my girls are well taken care of and so am I. There is just a lot of people here with very rare character and I wish more people knew that.

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- Ari

I started at Congruent to get my hormones in check, to help restore my cycle that had been missing for 3+ years, and just to feel better in my body overall. I didn’t feel like myself for the longest time with all the stress, sleeping problems, anxiety, and bloating. I feel so much better overall after coming to Congruent!

When I found Congruent, I had been struggling with all of these things for years. It was really stressful and frustrating because I didn’t understand why I was experiencing all these problems. All these symptoms led to so much more stress because I was worrying “would I would ever have a normal cycle again?”, “how is this going to affect my fertility in the long run?”, “am I always going to feel like this?”.

For the longest time I felt so unheard. I tried going to my normal physician and then he recommended just getting back on birth control after hearing that was not what I wanted. Then I went to an OB and they recommended the same thing, birth control, as well as another medication to induce a fake period. I felt like no one was understanding why this was important to me or understanding what I was going through.

Then I came to Congruent and I was given so many more options to help heal my body and restore my cycle rather than just being put on another pill. You let me go at my own pace. It felt good to finally be heard. I liked how you did a lot of new testing, and with everything you did you explained what you were doing and why you were doing it. After every adjustment, you talk about what you did and how it will help heal my body in different areas that are showing signs of stress. I felt way more educated about what was going on with my body. I think the understanding helped me feel more in tune with myself. I’m a lot more aware of when my body is stressed, and ways I can do to help navigate that stress more optimally.

After coming to Congruent, I overall feel more at home in my body. After the first couple of adjustments, I was already starting to notice my mood was improving. I wasn’t as irritable and moody. My boyfriend has even mentioned how I’m a completely different person now. I felt so hopeful that he was even noticing the changes that were happening in me. Before, certain things would really stress me out, I wouldn’t have energy at night… that all started to improve almost right away. I started to experience a lot better sleep, my energy levels improved, I can handle stress so much better… because of that I have so much more time to do things I enjoy because I’m not so stressed about my to-do list every day. My digestion and bloating improved as well. After a couple months of care, I had my first period in over 3 years! It makes me really hopeful for the future!

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- Becca

I was fresh postpartum when I started care at CLC. I brought my colicky baby in first, and within a few adjustments he was a completely different baby. I was learning about all the ways that chiropractic care can help your whole body function and feel better and after seeing it first hand completely change Bo, I knew I wanted to help my body navigate all the hormonal and emotional changes that occur in this season as best as possible.

Postpartum was such a whirlwind and life felt crazy. I was so overwhelmed, I didn’t know where to start, I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. Bo was so colicky before finding CLC. He wasn’t do well at all, which lead to a lot of stress in my brain and body. I didn’t know what was wrong with my baby, or how to help him. CLC was the only place I found that could help Bo, pretty soon he was a really calm, easy going baby, which in a round about way helped me so much.

When I took Bo into the doctor and said he was crying all the time and I knew something was wrong, they tried to put him on acid reflux meds when the real issue was rooted in the stress his nervous system and neck went through at birth. Same thing for me. With the anxiety, the depression, all they wanted to do was give me meds as opposed to asking what the root cause was. I am loving the more “real” approach that CLC takes as opposed to “here are some meds to cover up your symptoms”.

I had been struggling with anxiety and depression for 6 years, and then postpartum took that to a whole new level. Everything seems so much more intense during that time. I had gone the medication route in the past, I took them for a year but then I stopped because I didn’t want to be on medication and just dealt with the symptoms of anxiety and depression for a long time before finding CLC. Within a few weeks of a care, I already felt so much more calm. I was able to work through every situation in a calmer state, as opposed to just panicking. I felt like motherhood went from being in survival mode all the time, to feeling natural.

I am now pregnant again. It took us over 2 years to get pregnant with our first. That was really hard to go through emotionally and physically. I ultimately had to take meds to start a cycle and get pregnant. We took the meds for months and months and months, and then finally got pregnant with Bo. This time around with regular chiropractic care, I was able to conceive naturally within a few months of trying! My body was a lot more calm and ready for a pregnancy. I’ve learned so much from everyone here on how to nourish my body well, how to regulate my hormones… things they never teach women about… things that everyone needs to know but it seems like no one does because no one is willing to talk about it like you do at CLC.

My body feels great during this pregnancy, and emotionally I feel really good. I’ve learned so much in here about how to prepare my body more optimally for labor and delivery as well. I’ve learned that I have a say in how my labor goes, I’ve learned about the pros and cons of different interventions, I’ve learned about how a woman’s body progresses naturally during labor and the hormones that are involved in that…with my first pregnancy I feel like I didn’t know anything ahead of time. It’s been a lot more empowering experience overall and I feel really good about labor and delivery, rather than fearful. Every woman should have the opportunity to learn these things ahead of time.

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- Lexi

Last November I was getting super nauseous in the morning. I was a huge breakfast eater and the overnight, I felt like my life changed. I was nauseous and sick all morning, at first I felt like I had an illness. I’m a teacher and I was having to leave work because I just couldn’t function. But then this started to happen every morning, I knew something bigger was going on than just having a sickness. I felt like the nausea I was experiencing was rooted in anxiety. It was something I couldn’t ignore anymore because it was disrupting my life.

I started looking into how chiropractic could help and had heard great things about Congruent from my coworkers. I came to Congruent in December. Right away, I felt so heard. It was a whole different experience than what I was expecting. I felt like I was getting help that day. The background knowledge I gained on how nervous system stress can impact your body and how it’s functioning was something I had never heard before. You were able to connect everything that was going on in my body from the scans you did. The words were taken right out of my mouth, the stress on the scans were able to explain exactly how I was feeling. It was very validating.

I had been to a chiropractor before, and this was nothing like what I’ve experienced in the past. On the first day I didn’t just come in, get adjusted, and get pushed out the door. You did neurological scans and sat down with me for an hour going over my history, and then educating me on how chiropractic could help with my specific concerns. You connected everything that was going on in my body. That never happens when you go to a doctor. I was finding answers finally.

The scan that you did measuring the energy in my muscles was stressed in all the same areas I was feeling pain in constantly (which I no longer experience since being under care!). I’d never seen anything like it.

The relief almost felt instant. Within a few weeks, I was finally starting to feel hungry in the morning again, rather than nauseous. I hadn’t felt that way in so long! I wasn’t having to leave work in the mornings anymore. Being nauseous had just become my new “normal”. It felt so reassuring to finally feel good again. My body was able to handle the stress at the end of the school year so much better than how I had ever been able to handle stress in the past. Even with the stress I still have in my life, my body is able to tolerate it well.

With getting adjusted regularly, I feel like I’m able to read my body better than I ever have before. I don’t think I’ve ever been in tune with what my body was trying to tell me before, which you don’t even realize until you start to establish that connection. When I do have times of increase stress now, I’m able to recognize that right away and support my body to work through that stress more optimally. I was so scared coming in last November because I truly didn’t know what was happening to my body. I’ve learned so much from Congruent on ways to help myself and support my body during times of stress. I don’t feel helpless anymore. I feel way less anxious, my nausea is gone, I can eat breakfast again, I just feel so great now!

Additionally, you were able to help me with my PCOS diagnosis and I was able to restore my cycle naturally!

Bottom line, I’ve felt more heard here than any other doctor I’ve ever been too. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have Congruent.

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- Sloan’s mom

Sloan was 6 or 7 months old and she still couldn’t tolerate laying on her belly. Any time we would try tummy time she would just scream bloody murder. I was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to develop those muscles appropriately from not ever wanting to be on her belly and how that could impact crawling in the future. She wasn’t able to develop a lot of her upper trunk stability, so it was impacting her ability to sit. She was also dealing with constipation.

She is my first baby, I had no idea what was really normal and what to expect. It was really hard to see my friends’ kids who are her same age progressing to milestones that Sloan wasn’t able to do yet. It made me very nervous that maybe she wasn’t developmentally on track with those major milestones. I want the best for her so I wanted to address this as soon as we could.

She was only having a bowel movement 1x every 2-3 days. We were having to utilize karo syrup to get her to have a BM, but I knew that wasn’t a long term solution. It bothered me giving her all that sugar just to make her poop. When I talked to the pediatrician about my concerns they kind of wrote me off and said it was fine as long as she was going once every 10 days. That seemed like way too long to me.

When we did the nervous system scans on Sloan’s first visit, the main area of stress were the nerves that controlled the digestive system and growth + development. It made me feel good that all her symptoms lined up with where the stress was at in her nervous system. I had only heard in the past from doctors “she will grow out of it”, but here, you were able to give me a plan to help Sloan to actually start functioning better and get to the root cause of her challenges.

Before coming to CLC, I didn’t realize how much stress babies go through during the birthing process, but it totally makes sense. There was the physical trauma component of Sloan’s stressful delivery, but I also learned about the how emotional stress I experienced during my pregnancy impacted how her nervous system was developing.

Within a couple weeks of starting with adjustments, Sloan’s constipation had resolved. She started having bowel movements every day, and by month 2 that was up to 2-3 bowel movements every day.

After just a few adjustments, Sloan was able to lay on her belly comfortably for the first time! Within the first 4-6 weeks of care, Sloan was able to sit with a lot more stability. She was getting a lot stronger! We started when she was 7 months old, and she was fully crawling between 9 and 10 months. We saw really big changes in her developmentally in a pretty short window of time once we began chiropractic care.

We’ve made it a priority to continue to have Sloan adjusted every week, because I’ve realized how much stress is put on our bodies on a daily basis. I watch her throw herself into things and fall down all the time, and that’s just the physical stress. I know that kids are impacted by emotional stress too! I think it’s important that we set Sloan up to be able to take on all of life’s stressors as best as possible through consistent chiropractic care! She’s such a happy baby since we’ve been coming to CLC!

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- MacKenzie

I started care at CLC for infertility, anxiety, allergies, and just to improve my overall health and wellbeing. Before I came here, I was super overwhelmed. You were able to help me start this healing journey one step at a time and truly be a guide to me through it.

When I saw the scans, I couldn’t believe that I had allowed the stress in my body to get that bad. It was overwhelming, but then so encouraging to see the positive changes over the next several months once I started healing. Within the first few months when I was coming 3x/wk, I was started to feel so good. I was noticing fewer “symptoms” in between visits that were bothering me. I was feeling better for longer periods of time as we started to move down in frequency.

It’s hard to pinpoint one specific thing, because overall I just feel so much better. Before care, I had chronic pain in my hips and my mid back, and I no longer struggle with that. I always feel so much calmer when I leave after getting adjusted, and I’m able to handle stress a lot better now. I know that getting adjusted is making me healthier to prepare my body to support a pregnancy. You’ve offered so much support to me as I walk through different fertility treatments. You’ve provided me with additional things I can do to nourish my body to help optimize hormone levels. If I would have tried to navigate all of this on my own, it would have been too overwhelming. I love the holistic advice you’re able to provide.

Everyone is just so happy at Congruent. I love walking in the door here. I could be having the most terrible day ever, and I walk in and everyone is just so happy and cheery and lifts me up. I love that! I just thank you guys for everything. You’ve been so wonderful. I definitely couldn’t have done the things I have with my body without your support.

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