- Sloan’s mom

Sloan was 6 or 7 months old and she still couldn’t tolerate laying on her belly. Any time we would try tummy time she would just scream bloody murder. I was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to develop those muscles appropriately from not ever wanting to be on her belly and how that could impact crawling in the future. She wasn’t able to develop a lot of her upper trunk stability, so it was impacting her ability to sit. She was also dealing with constipation.

She is my first baby, I had no idea what was really normal and what to expect. It was really hard to see my friends’ kids who are her same age progressing to milestones that Sloan wasn’t able to do yet. It made me very nervous that maybe she wasn’t developmentally on track with those major milestones. I want the best for her so I wanted to address this as soon as we could.

She was only having a bowel movement 1x every 2-3 days. We were having to utilize karo syrup to get her to have a BM, but I knew that wasn’t a long term solution. It bothered me giving her all that sugar just to make her poop. When I talked to the pediatrician about my concerns they kind of wrote me off and said it was fine as long as she was going once every 10 days. That seemed like way too long to me.

When we did the nervous system scans on Sloan’s first visit, the main area of stress were the nerves that controlled the digestive system and growth + development. It made me feel good that all her symptoms lined up with where the stress was at in her nervous system. I had only heard in the past from doctors “she will grow out of it”, but here, you were able to give me a plan to help Sloan to actually start functioning better and get to the root cause of her challenges.

Before coming to CLC, I didn’t realize how much stress babies go through during the birthing process, but it totally makes sense. There was the physical trauma component of Sloan’s stressful delivery, but I also learned about the how emotional stress I experienced during my pregnancy impacted how her nervous system was developing.

Within a couple weeks of starting with adjustments, Sloan’s constipation had resolved. She started having bowel movements every day, and by month 2 that was up to 2-3 bowel movements every day.

After just a few adjustments, Sloan was able to lay on her belly comfortably for the first time! Within the first 4-6 weeks of care, Sloan was able to sit with a lot more stability. She was getting a lot stronger! We started when she was 7 months old, and she was fully crawling between 9 and 10 months. We saw really big changes in her developmentally in a pretty short window of time once we began chiropractic care.

We’ve made it a priority to continue to have Sloan adjusted every week, because I’ve realized how much stress is put on our bodies on a daily basis. I watch her throw herself into things and fall down all the time, and that’s just the physical stress. I know that kids are impacted by emotional stress too! I think it’s important that we set Sloan up to be able to take on all of life’s stressors as best as possible through consistent chiropractic care! She’s such a happy baby since we’ve been coming to CLC!

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- MacKenzie

I started care at CLC for infertility, anxiety, allergies, and just to improve my overall health and wellbeing. Before I came here, I was super overwhelmed. You were able to help me start this healing journey one step at a time and truly be a guide to me through it.

When I saw the scans, I couldn’t believe that I had allowed the stress in my body to get that bad. It was overwhelming, but then so encouraging to see the positive changes over the next several months once I started healing. Within the first few months when I was coming 3x/wk, I was started to feel so good. I was noticing fewer “symptoms” in between visits that were bothering me. I was feeling better for longer periods of time as we started to move down in frequency.

It’s hard to pinpoint one specific thing, because overall I just feel so much better. Before care, I had chronic pain in my hips and my mid back, and I no longer struggle with that. I always feel so much calmer when I leave after getting adjusted, and I’m able to handle stress a lot better now. I know that getting adjusted is making me healthier to prepare my body to support a pregnancy. You’ve offered so much support to me as I walk through different fertility treatments. You’ve provided me with additional things I can do to nourish my body to help optimize hormone levels. If I would have tried to navigate all of this on my own, it would have been too overwhelming. I love the holistic advice you’re able to provide.

Everyone is just so happy at Congruent. I love walking in the door here. I could be having the most terrible day ever, and I walk in and everyone is just so happy and cheery and lifts me up. I love that! I just thank you guys for everything. You’ve been so wonderful. I definitely couldn’t have done the things I have with my body without your support.

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- Jessie

I started at CLC shortly after I found out I was pregnant. I’ve always dealt with back issues, it got to a point that I couldn’t take it anymore. I was uncomfortable and in a lot of pain. I was 14 weeks along and couldn’t get any relief no matter what I tried. It was preventing me from being active and exercising. I needed something more that was actually going to work.

Seeing how bad the scans were at the beginning was actually a bit shocking. I like how we set up a plan to get me feeling and functioning better, and to specifically address the stress we were seeing on my nervous system. I started feeling better almost right away. I was a lot more comfortable once I started getting adjusted and I just felt healthier overall. I had been dealing with slightly elevated blood pressure before starting that my doctors were keeping an eye on. After 1 month of adjustments, I went in to have my blood pressure checked and it had improved! It’s amazing how all the systems work together.

I am in my 3rd trimester now, and I feel so much better than when I started! I’m able to exercise now that I’m not in so much pain. I can go on walks pain free! I truly don’t think I could’ve gotten through this pregnancy without getting adjusted.

Seeing the results from the scans helped me realized how much chiropractic care could benefit my overall health. When you just go in for pain and stop going, you just go right back to square one. It’s important to me to continue with my adjustments so that I can continue to feel and function my best through the end of my pregnancy and into postpartum.

Coming to CLC, everyone is so welcoming. I don’t feel like just a number, everyone is very personable and I’ve really enjoyed that. I look forward to continuing to come here and towards being as healthy as I can be!

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- Marjorie

My daughter talked me into coming to CLC because she saw how much pain I was in just to try and make a dinner for company. I would have to hang onto the counter while I was standing to do the dishes because the pain was so bad. She finally said “That’s it! You’re going! I don’t care if I have to pay for it!”

When I initially came into the office and saw my scans, I just didn’t know what to think because I had been told in the past that I could never be touched by a chiropractor again after my surgeries. I was overwhelmed by emotions to find out that you guys could help me. But I was skeptical!

I had back surgery 4 years before finding Congruent. The doctors were looking at doing surgery again and I couldn’t go through that a second time. The first surgery did help me, I’m able to walk… but I had a lot of nerve damage from the surgery that they said would never go away.

Living with the pain I was in every day was really hard. I had such a hard time sleeping and getting out of bed in the morning because I was always in so much pain. I could not wait for my next dose of gabapentin and baclofen. At the time I was on 900 mg of gabapentin 4x/day, baclofen 3x/day, plus taking piroxicam on top of that. I’d been doing that for 4 years, ever since my back surgery. I felt like my brain was gone, it was effecting my memory terribly, and I know it was because of the stuff I was taking.

I was grasping for anything that could give me relief because I was devastated when they told me my nerve damage would never go away and I’d just have to live with it. I knew I had to start at CLC. It took a little bit for the changes to happen, but 6 months in, I stopped feeling what I would call the “butt burn”. I didn’t have that radiating pain going down through my hips and legs anymore.

After a year of care, my life is drastically different. I can stand a lot longer when I’m cooking dinner without feeling like I need to sit down. I can walk a lot longer and am able to be much more active. I’m able to wrestle around with my grandkids and not have to think, “oh gosh, this is really going to hurt me”. I don’t have to have my husband vacuum the house anymore because I’m able to do it now. The simple things in life like being able to clean the house and not worry about how much pain I will be in that night when I go to bed is life changing.

I’m no longer taking piroxicam anymore. I’m also down to 600 mg of gabapentin 2x/day, compared to 900 mg 4x/day before care. I just thank God for the daughter that I have that is so persistent, because she talked about you guys from the moment she started coming to you. I thank God I have her, and that she encouraged me so much to seek care from Congruent. You guys are all so amazing. I feel pretty fortunate and lucky.

I want to say that when I first came, what I experienced the most was fear. My fear was that it wouldn’t work. And now, I know that IT WORKS! And I’m never going to give it up. You guys have me for life! I’m living such a healthier and HAPPIER life! Joy comes out of me now, and before it didn’t. The pain was too much to bear. I feel like I’m actually living again.

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- Emily

I started bringing my baby here and I was able to learn how chiropractic care could help my overall health as well. I was interested in seeing what the scans would show about the stress in my body. I’ve always had problems with regulating my blood pressure, bowel movements and my anxiety.

All I ever really knew was being in a state of fight/flight. I was wired to always focus on the risks of everything. Whether it was in a big social gathering or doing an activity we were doing with the kids; rather than finding the joy in it my brain would always just revert to “what are the risks”. While those are still important, I’ve been able to just enjoy my life more now that my nervous system is more balanced and in a calmer state. I didn’t want to continue with that fearful mindset because I was worried how that could potentially impact my kids.

It was so interesting to see the scans, learn where my blood flow was shifting throughout my body, and how that correlated to function. I learned about how my nervous system was stuck in a sympathetic state. Protection mode was all I ever knew because I was operating in fight or flight for so long. It’s really all I ever knew before starting here. It was a vicious cycle.

Having high blood pressure and a high resting heart rate was something that has always been noticed by my primary physician, but they have basically just said “well this is your baseline”, “you’re up here and everyone else is down here but that’s how you’ve always been”. I was just looking for a more wholistic approach rather than trying to take medication to bring my “baseline” down. Being able to see the scans and tracking that initial heart rate compared to what it’s at now has been really cool. We’ve seen big reductions in not only my resting heart rate, but in my blood pressure as well since addressing the imbalance in my nervous system and getting more into that parasympathetic, calm state. Even if I start to feel my blood pressure increasing now when I’m under a state of stress, getting adjusted almost immediately helps lower it again.

After my first adjustment, I remember being able to feel the shift in the blood flowing throughout my body and head, it was a really cool experience. After 2 weeks of getting adjusted, I started having DAILY bowel movements which I’ve never experienced before. I used to go up to 8 days without any movement. It was so exciting to experience this because I always just attributed it to “running in my family”. It was so uncomfortable. My entire body is in a relaxed state now so it’s able to function the way it is supposed to.

Since coming here I can find that calmness so much easier. I’m able to handle things like being alone at night with the kids, or going to a big gathering. I can enjoy these moments with my kids without fear now. It’s not super stressful like it once was. My brain doesn’t automatically revert to “oh what if something happens to me and the kids are too young to call for help” or “what happens if we have to evacuate and we aren’t the first ones out”. It’s hard living like that. Even wearing my glasses out wouldn’t be something I would’ve done in the past because I was always too concerned if I got in a car accident and I couldn’t find my glasses I wouldn’t be able to get to my kids. Now I’m sitting here wearing my glasses because I just don’t think like that anymore since I’m out of that constant state of fight or flight.

You guys do a fantastic job with the education and always giving your patients additional resources to help optimize their health. It’s been so exciting to learn a lot about how the nervous system works and the direct correlation it has on my health. It’s been so cool to see that as the scans have improved, so have things like my energy, digestion, anxiety, resting heart rate, and blood pressure. Chiropractic care has helped me become a better wife, mom and colleague. It’s all been so worth it.

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- Arturo’s mom

We started bringing Arturo to CLC years ago and saw amazing changes in his immune function, his sleep, his digestion, and his comfort. We were preparing to have another baby and Arturo had a hip surgery coming up, life got hectic and we had to stop coming for adjustments for a bit. Within the first month of Arturo not getting his adjustments, we started to notice he was starting to fight sleep again, he was getting really tense, and overall just more uncomfortable. He had his hip surgery and while everything went really well, it was really hard on his body. The week after his surgery, we almost lost him because his pain was so bad. He was on so many pain killers, it was making him so sleepy, he couldn’t eat, and he was getting dehydrated.

He was casted for 6 weeks and then he had to get fitted for a brace. He spent the first 24 hrs crying in pain and we had to go into the ER. The following day we had to get him recasted for another 5 weeks because things were taking longer than expected to heal. He was starting to heal after the 2nd round of casts, but he was still in a constant state of crying. The only time he would not cry was when he was asleep. He was only able to get a couple hours of sleep at a time before the pain would wake him again. From December to April, we dealt with no sleep, constantly waking up through the night crying in pain, immediate crying if you tried to reposition him or touch his hips or back. He was so tight in a frog legged position, we couldn’t get him to extend and release his legs at all. His hands were always clenched in fists because it was just so painful. We couldn’t do anything but just stay at home with him and try to keep him as comfortable as possible. This was our reality for 5-6 months. We knew at that point we needed to get him back under consistent chiropractic care at CLC.

After his first adjustment back, he had this huge sigh of relief, and so did I! After his 2nd adjustment, he slept the entire night from when we got home at 5 pm until 6 am the next day (13 hours!!). That’s the first time he slept for more than a couple hours in over 6 months. After a week of adjustments, Arturo was able to fully extend and relax his legs for the first time. His clenched fists started to open up. He was happier and wasn’t crying out in pain constantly. We were able to re-position him without causing him severe pain. I felt like “we can do this again, we’re living again”. Arturo is no longer on any pain killers!

Even though we’ve seen how well Arturo responds to adjustments in the past, I still almost couldn’t believe it. It’s amazing to see that first initial scan and how much stress he had in his body, to where he’s at now! Before we started bringing Arturo to CLC 5 years ago, he would be in the ER every WEEK with an illness. While under weekly chiropractic care, he went a full year without any illness or hospital stays! Life got busy and we had to take a 3 month break from getting adjusted, and in that 3 months without chiropractic, he had 2 hospital stays for illnesses. When we came back for a long stretch of time and began getting Arturo adjusted weekly again, sure enough he didn’t have any hospital visits while under care for 2+ years!

I feel like we are no longer living life minute to minute, having to worry about what the next few hours is going to look like, we have something to look forward to now! Care at CLC has changed Arturo’s life in such a positive way that it is so hard not to tell everyone about it. I don’t know where we would be if we wouldn’t have come back in April. Coming to CLC for us is like a little kid opening his present on Christmas morning. We love everyone here and all you’ve done for our family. Arturo is flourishing!

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- Jake

My twins and wife started at Congruent, and when I saw incredible changes in them, I knew it was something I wanted for myself too. I was dealing with anxiety and panic attacks that would happen at least once a week. I couldn’t hardly go to work on the days that I was having panic attacks. I would be so down into them I wouldn’t want to do anything but sleep. I also was experiencing pretty severe tingling into my arms that would keep me up at night; I had a terrible time sleeping. Additionally, I used to do a lot of concrete work and would get really bad pain right above my tailbone every morning.

Since beginning care at CLC, I am able to handle stress so much better now. I don’t fly off the wall like I used to. I don’t get very angry anymore, I used to be able to snap so quickly. My anxiety and panic attacks I used to have are slim to none now. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve had one. I truly believe a lot of that has to do from getting my adjustments. Now that I’m not easily tempered, I feel like I am a better husband and dad.

Additionally, I don’t have any tingling in my arms anymore, so that is no longer disrupting my sleep. The pain in my tail bone is gone. If I don’t have my weekly adjustment, my body definitely feels it. My whole body feels so much better after getting adjusted both physically and emotionally. Receiving chiropractic care here has changed my entire family’s life.

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- Hannah L.

Our biggest reason for seeking care at Congruent was our infertility journey and overall just seeking out holistic options for hormone regulation. I was struggling with fibroids, painful periods, heavy bleeding, a lot of emotional stress coming out of covid, and dealing with grief from pregnancy loss.

It felt like nothing we were trying was working, and honestly I didn’t even know where to start. I didn’t know what types of resources there were, what to really look for or to try. Especially when dealing with infertility, you feel boxed into going to the doctor, they check to see if something is wrong, and if they can’t find anything wrong you’re just given the explanation of “unexplained infertility”. We were tired, sad, confused, and without resources. I wanted to do something to help my body, but I didn’t want to do infertility treatments yet.

At our 1st visit at CLC, my husband and I just felt so thankful and like it was an answer to prayer. There was relief in finding this other avenue of helping my body heal holistically. After we did the scans, it was so eye opening to see that my body was chronically stressed. It validated how much my mind had been through, but also my body. I was able to find answers for my body in a way that honored God. We knew after we left that 1st visit that this was the route we needed to take next.

We started in July and within a few weeks I noticed I was clenching my jaw less, I started to have a calmer demeanor when I was driving even! Overall I was feeling a lot more relaxed. I started to become more aware of when I was stressed. I’m a teacher, so in August when the school year started, I noticed it was the calmest, and most relaxed I had been at the start of a year.

After beginning care, I noticed my periods got much more regular and less painful. My fibroid was starting to shrink on ultrasound! By September we were pregnant! At that point we had been trying to conceive for 10 months unsuccessfully. We navigated a loss and an ectopic pregnancy, but in the midst of all of that, it was cool to see continued improvement in my scans and continued healing happening, and we were encouraged by this change after struggling to conceive for so long.

We are now expecting a baby! Sitting here remembering what it was like walking through infertility and feeling like that was never going to be us, or I was going to need so much help makes me emotional. We are so thankful you guys do such an amazing job here of reminding us how our body works and can heal, while simultaneously honoring God’s beautiful creation. Every time I’ve come in here, I’ve been in an encouraging environment, where people just Glorify who God is. It’s felt like a really empowering thing to do for my body in a way that’s not trying to take control because that’s what infertility does to you. It makes you feel like you can try to be your own God and in charge. It’s so powerful to sit here a year later and be in a completely different stage of life from where we started, and pregnant!! You really make such a difference in people’s lives here at CLC.

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- Quincy + Tara

My pregnancy with Quincy was the first time I was under chiropractic care throughout my entire pregnancy. It was the calmest and smoothest pregnancy of all 3. I also had 2 very small children and was a few years older, but yet I felt the best. I really struggled with controlling my blood pressure during my 2nd pregnancy with Ruby. I didn’t have any blood pressure issues what so ever during my 3rd pregnancy!

I even went past my estimated “due date” and was still feeling great all the way up until the end. We were able to have our first un-medicated home birth with Quincy as well! I felt like my recovery was the best one I had of all my pregnancies. It was by far the most enjoyable postpartum experience of all 3 of my kids; chiropractic helped me a lot with the emotional regulation and supporting my hormone fluctuations that come with postpartum. The extremes just weren’t quite as extreme for me this time around. I was able to “weather the storm” of postpartum a lot better.

Another huge benefit for me was the support chiropractic gave me during my breastfeeding journey. He’s coming up on 3 years of age now and I never thought that we would be able to go that long. With my first son, we were only able to make it about 6 weeks and with Ruby I had to pump a lot because she had issues with latching.

Quincy has been adjusted since birth, and at 3 years of age, he’s never been to the doctor for a sickness. He’s never had an earache. He’s been our easiest baby for sure. Our first baby spit up a lot and Quincy hardly ever did that. Being proactive in our health is a big priority for our family now. Our pediatrician mentioned at our last visit how incredible it is that he never has to see my kids because they’re never sick! Dealing with sicknesses in our home just isn’t our reality and I contribute so much of that to the weekly chiropractic care our entire family receives now.

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