- Tara

“I originally came to Congruent Life towards the end of my second pregnancy because I had high blood pressure. I had a lot of anxiety and fear because of the high blood pressure and because of how I felt after my first birth. After my first baby I was all over the place emotionally. I felt like my hormones never really regulated. I like to be active and go out to do things, but after my birth with Liam we just had to sit at home a lot. I just felt like I couldn’t function like I wanted to. If things didn’t change, not only was I worried that I’d be on blood pressure meds the rest of my life, but I was worried I would have to live my life without the adventures I loved!

Things are so different during this postpartum journey! My only regret is that I didn’t come in sooner! Not only has my blood pressure continued to improve, I honestly feel like I did before I had babies. I bounced back so much quicker after birth, and my midwife actually said “you should have 10 more babies!” because of how well I was doing. It was so much different than the first time. After my first pregnancy, I even questioned whether I wanted to have more kids… because I just didn’t want to go through feeling like that again. I felt like I was going to be so limited in the way I could live my life… but now I have hope! After my first pregnancy I felt sluggish and anxious, which made me feel like a failure. Now after having my second baby, I should in theory be more stressed… but because of my care I am doing so much better! I wake up excited to do things with my kids!

I had gone to the chiropractor before, but my experience with you guys was much different. Rather than just going when I had “issues”, you guys put a plan in place for my OPTIMAL health and life! I felt hope immediately because Dr. Mike and Dr. Nikki took the time to listen to me and care for me as a whole person. The care wasn’t fear based like I had experienced in the past, but instead it gave me joy because I didn’t have to be afraid anymore!

Now that myself and my two children are all under care, I feel so confident having this a part of our lifestyle. Our family is on a positive health trajectory now! We don’t have to be limited thinking about the “what if’s” anymore. Instead we can spend our time thinking about what we want to do as a family! We know we are doing the best we can do for our health! We are putting in the time and work now, so we don’t have to worry about our health later!”

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- Britney

“Before care at Congruent, I was in chronic pain and discomfort; it seemed like I was sick all the time. I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 13 yrs old; that’s when my chiropractic journey began, but I continued to deal with chronic back pain and continual health issues for years until I found healing at CLC.

Additionally, the doctors told me at a young age I wouldn’t be able to have children naturally because of the way my ribcage was shifted (spoiler alert: they were wrong!!). I began care at CLC when I was pregnant with my first, and while being under weekly care I was actually able to have 2 natural births, and my 2nd was even at home! It’s crazy to see the results when you allow your body to do exactly what it was designed to do, despite external limitations doctors place on you, it’s opened our eyes so much.

With prenatal chiropractic care, both of my pregnancies were a breeze, which is something I honestly wasn’t expecting, especially because of my scoliosis. I was under the impression that pregnancy was not going to be comfortable, it was going to be very hard, but both of my pregnancies were enjoyable. I had no complications and there was hardly any pain.
In my 15+ years of prior chiropractic care, I NEVER experienced the pain relief and overall health that I’ve experienced since starting at CLC. My prior experience was more like a “band-aid” approach. Every time I went back to get adjusted, it was always the same symptoms over and over again, it was never really getting to the root of the issue.

Every visit here is different. If there is something new that comes up whether it’s allergies, constipation for the kids, going through a big transition in life… the doctors discuss it with us and we are adjusted accordingly. We are also scanned frequently to see how our bodies are functioning internally, which was something we had never experienced before at our previous chiros. It seemed like we were always having the same problems every week because they were never truly getting resolved. When we come here, we come with a problem and leave with a solution. There’s times when we bring the kids in and they are sick, and with chiro care, they are able to breeze through that illness without us having to use other interventions like medicine and additional doctor visits.

It’s been an empowering experience to be able to have an advocate on our side. Before coming here, we didn’t have that. We were just trying to “mask” our symptoms. If we had a headache, we would take ibuprofen… coming here has completely changed the way we view our health, we have the tools now to allow our body’s to heal and function at their very best. It’s allowed us to be advocates for our children and choose a different route of “standard care”. When sicknesses happen, they last a very short period of time. Sicknesses no longer take our household out for 2 weeks, it’s more of a 48 hr window and then we’re back up and running without needing other interventions like the standard meds and antibiotics we were always relying on before.

At CLC, you find the source of the problem rather than masking it. My whole life was essentially masking symptoms. Taking ibuprofen, doing whatever I could do to suppress the pain. Now, we address the source from the inside and use holistic ways to support our bodies run the course of what they need to go through to actually heal.

If we hadn’t started at Congruent before having kids, their lives would have been so much different. Changing our mindset around health is going to allow our kids to have better lives and change how they are going to view health and healing.

We lived 20+ years in the paradigm of taking medications to mask symptoms and nothing ever worked to make us ACTUALLY feel better or restore health. Here we are a couple years into care at CLC and we’re viewing our health through a completely different lens than we did before. Our lives are completely changed, and now we get to pass that down to our children as they grow.”

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- Nicole

“I started coming here when I was 17 weeks pregnant because my ears were blocked with fluid and I was experiencing hearing loss because of it. They tried antibiotics to help clear the fluid, but they weren’t working. They told me the next course of action was to have tubes put in. I was really panicked. I work in surgery, I know the risks that come with being pregnant and under-going surgery and anesthesia. I was really worried about how that could affect my baby and myself. I didn’t want to experience permanent hearing loss either. I was scared.

I wanted to find some relief that didn’t involve surgery. When I came to CLC I felt like my problems and concerns were really listened to. I loved your approach. You did scans of my nervous system to see how I was functioning internally. I like the way you could find the pinpointed spots of the most stress on my system and just correct the areas that were NEEDED rather than a “crack, crack, crack” approach.

I always felt like everyone knew me, you guys made me feel so welcomed and comfortable right away. I started feeling better within the first few weeks of coming here! I came back one day and my hearing was completely restored. I was on the verge of tears, it was so amazing. All the fluid was gone and I didn’t have to put myself and my baby through the risks of a surgery.

I also always heard people talking about how labor was really hard and painful. I was getting adjustments during pregnancy and the stress in my ligaments and spine were being addressed, I feel like it made labor and delivery a lot easier for me. I feel like my body was just ready to give birth. Now with this pregnancy, I’ve been getting adjusted since the very beginning instead of waiting the 17 weeks. I feel all around better. My back doesn’t hurt nearly as much. I am carrying myself better. And I have NO FLUID in my ears this time around.

Chiropractic care has helped us avoid frequent doctor visits for illnesses. If I’m ever feeling run down or under the weather, I always come to the chiropractor first. I’m much more empowered and proactive in my health now.

I’ve also always had chronic lower back pain which is rarely an issue for me anymore. I know if I was struggling with back pain like I was before coming to CLC, I wouldn’t be able to be active with my daughter like I am now. It’s also helped with my daughter’s ear infections. My husband had a history of ear infections and tubes, but we were able to prevent that from happening with my daughter. My husband also comes and has experienced a lot of relief.

Chiropractic has just made life easier for all of us, we look forward to our adjustments every week! We can be active as a family together, we are healthier and happier because of it!”

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- Hannah

“When I began chiropractic care at Congruent Life there were two main things I wanted to address: finding relief from acid reflux and having as healthy of pregnancy as possible. I first began experiencing acid reflux in college and have struggled with it off and on for the past nine years. While I had identified certain foods and stress as triggers for my acid reflux, I could never get off of and stay off of acid blocking medications, like PPI’s. Going into my pregnancy, I wanted to be off of the PPI I was taking, as I knew it had negative side effects for my own body and I did not want to risk any possible side effects it might have on my baby. I am now in my third trimester and have been off of the PPI my entire pregnancy AND (most importantly) have only experienced a few episodes of acid reflux. The big difference with these instances has been that they are better the next day instead of lasting weeks. Despite heartburn being one of those traditional pregnancy “symptoms,” I am pleased to say I seem to have experienced it less frequently than most women, which is a REALLY big deal for me!

My other main reason for choosing chiropractic care is ensuring that I am doing everything I can to proactively prepare my body and mind for pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum. When I first came to Congruent Life, I had just found out that I was pregnant. As a result, it was very important to me to be cared for by a team that places prenatal chiropractic care as a priority. I feel comfortable knowing that the doctors are certified in the Webster Technique, and I trust that my regular visits to Congruent Life are helping to ensure my baby is in a good position for a natural labor and delivery. I also have high hopes that my commitment to weekly chiropractic care will result in a faster labor that progresses smoothly. But probably most importantly, my time interacting with everyone at CLC has helped me establish a positive outlook on labor instead of an outlook centered on fear. They have played a significant role in helping me learn to trust my body and its ability to do big things.

I feel really fortunate to have found a chiropractor and team that genuinely care about me, my health, and the health of my baby. They never fail to put a smile on my face (even during first trimester morning sickness), and I thoroughly enjoy my time spent in their office. I never leave an appointment sore from an adjustment (which I have experienced at other offices in the past) and instead leave looking forward to my next visit. I am excited to continue my care through the remainder of my pregnancy and afterwards, and I trust that they will provide excellent care to my little one once he or she arrives!”

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- Abbi

“I started having migraines during my first pregnancy, and they continued after baby. Every time I went to the doctor I was just given hardcore meds – pain blockers, daily blood pressure meds, ect. with no attempt at helping me pinpoint the cause, since there are “too many” possibilities of what could be causing my migraines. I felt brushed off and like I wasn’t being taken seriously.

I felt like I could cry at my first appointment with Dr. Mike when he affirmed that I didn’t need to suffer that way, and that I didn’t need to just continue to medicate my symptoms – but rather eliminate the root cause.

I actually found out I was pregnant for the second time shortly after starting care at Congruent Life. I expected the migraines to return at full force like they did with my first pregnancy, but they didn’t. I’ve also had hardly any back pain or ligament pain this pregnancy (drastically different from the first) and I’m now entering my 3rd trimester! It feels so amazing to feel good this pregnancy. To not have back pain, to be sleeping well and to have NO MORE MIGRAINES!”

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- Jess H

“The first time I decided to try CLC was when I was around 28 weeks pregnant with my first child. I was having severe pelvic floor pain as my body was stretching and adjusting to prepare for labor (I couldn’t even go on a brisk walk!). The pain was completely gone by the end of my pregnancy and I had an enjoyable, successful vaginal birth. Once I was pregnant a second time, I knew I wanted to continue care at CLC. I started a little earlier this time (around 20 weeks) to be more proactive and I can say with confidence I had MINIMAL aches and pains my entire pregnancy (besides the normal growing that comes with it).

What drew me to CLC was the community and atmosphere. I had only been to one chiropractor in the area, but the moment I walked into CLC’s doors it felt beyond welcoming and warm. Every single employee has treated me with love and always has my best interest in mind. I knew chiropractic care was beneficial for me when I got my first adjustment! After I leave an appointment I tell people I feel like I can go run a marathon (yes, I even said that at 39 weeks pregnant!). But when I really take the time to reflect and ask myself WHY I go to CLC, especially during pregnancy, it’s because I was able to go into both of my labor & delivery experiences feeling physically and mentally confident. My body felt GOOD and I knew it was helping set myself and my children up for success.

Now that I have received chiropractic care for both of my pregnancies and have experienced the way it has made me feel both physically and mentally, I am so grateful for my CLC family. Whether it’s for my next pregnancy or a completely different reason, Congruent Life Chiropractic will be in my future.”

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- Macy

“I began care here when I was about 1/2 way through my pregnancy because I had intense pain going down the back of my leg that was progressively getting worse. The pain was getting bad enough that it was making it hard to work. I had so much stress pulling my hips forward from all the biomechanical changes happening during pregnancy, it was really easy to become “unbalanced” which caused me so much pain.

I own a business that requires me to lift a lot of furniture while I’m at work… some days it’d get bad enough that I would either have to lay down and not be able to finish my work, or I’d have to find someone else to do it for me.

Before pregnancy, I would have really bad issues with sciatica every few months that would come and go, but when I got pregnant it just became constant and got worse and worse. I knew I had to find a more permanent solution. You guys actually found the points of stress on my body with your neurological scans and were able to put a care plan in place to give me long-lasting relief.

After a few weeks it was making my work so much more tolerable. I noticed the longer I was coming, the longer I would experience relief in between adjustments. Coming in every Monday morning and getting rebalanced for the week was crucial for me after having really busy weekends at work. As we got busier during wedding season, I was actually able to keep up without being in intense pain! This last weekend was actually one of the busiest weekend we’ve ever had and I had ZERO pain [at 36 weeks pregnant!]; I was able to actually execute the whole week with my team and not have to “tap out”. At 36 weeks pregnant, I’m feeling better than I did at 20 weeks of pregnancy!”

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- Obermans

“Our family started coming here 5 years ago; both of my children were having terrible digestive issues, they would scream on the toilet every time they tried going to the restroom because they were so constipated. My son Wyatt was very uncoordinated, he was literally running into walls all the time before starting here.

Dr. Mike had explained it to me better than any doctor ever had before. Wyatt’s brain was stuck in concert mode… it was very “noisy” which made it extremely difficult for his neurology to focus on the rest of his body’s needs like balance/coordination, digestion, & immune function.

After starting care, we noticed Wyatt started focusing and sleeping better almost right away. His digestion improved significantly; he was finally able to go to the bathroom without screaming! He also stopped running into walls..I always just thought he was clumsy, it turns out his brain was just really stressed and overwhelmed. It was like a totally new kid emerged. His immune system also improved significantly!

We saw my daughter’s constipation also resolve and were able to address a unique crawl she had developed. We learned how important cross-crawling was for proper brain development and are so thankful we were able to address this issue right away! Amelia was also behind on other developmental milestones until she came here. With consistent adjustments, she began to hit all of the milestones she was lagging behind on very rapidly!

As for me, I had gone through 2 pregnancies without chiropractic care at the time we started; I was having a lot of back issues and was feeling a lot of stress as a mom! My 3rd pregnancy was the first one I was under weekly chiro care, and man was it DIFFERENT! It’s something that I just kick myself for now.

Had I known earlier about your chiropractic approach and that you could get adjusted during pregnancy, that babies can and SHOULD get adjusted right away, it would have drastically changed how well I recovered during my postpartum period, as well as the ease and comfort of my babies. I had a hard time managing my postpartum anxiety after my first 2 pregnancies… I truly believe I was able to navigate all of my emotions so much better after my 3rd because of the chiropractic care I had received both prenatally and postpartum. Through my education here, I’ve been able to understand those changes that happen from a hormonal and emotional standpoint, I’ve been able to get more in-tune with my body and truly listen to its needs. I delivered Josie with so much more ease and comfort than with my first 2 and recovered much more quickly!

We brought Josie in to get checked right after birth because of all the stress babies go through to get earth-side! She was a drastically different baby than my other 2 (who had not received chiro care right away) in terms of her overall comfort, ease, wellness, & development. Josie is hitting her developmental milestones so much more quickly than her siblings; there was a huge difference in the way her brain and body was able to develop. She also hasn’t had any sickness in her first 2 years of life. Both Wyatt and Amelia had ear infections, terrible gas which they needed gas drops for, they were constipated… Josie hasn’t experienced any of that and we contribute it all to chiro care!

My husband’s ability to handle stress and overall health has improved significantly as well. It didn’t take him long to get hooked like the rest of us!!

You guys have helped us understand how to take care of our bodies better outside of the office as well. When we get sick, we come in for extra adjustments and our bodies are able to kick whatever we are fighting so much quicker than we had been able to in the past. Before finding CLC, we’d just deal with whatever we were struggling with or just try to medicate it.. rather than really listening to our bodies and finding the solution it needed to actually heal. We continue to come every week to get our adjustments, it’s become apart of our lifestyle because we know that under chiro care, we just feel our best! As a whole, our family is much more energized and we are much more in tune with our bodies, ultimately we are more empowered about health and are so thankful we found CLC!”

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- Terra

“I started coming to Congruent before I got pregnant with my oldest daughter. We were doing IVF and I wanted to make sure my body was in the best possible state before the transfer. After the transfer was a success, I knew I wanted to continue with chiropractic care to help with common pregnancy ailments and to ensure I was giving our child the best possible environment to grow and develop in.

I was adjusted all throughout my pregnancy which was so incredibly helpful. I carried the pregnancy so well, I wasn’t uncomfortable, I was able to exercise my entire pregnancy, and I didn’t experience the common pregnancy ailments many other mothers experience. My hips and pubic bone were comfortable all throughout my pregnancy and I didn’t have the common round ligament pain.

Chiropractic care helped prepare my body for an optimal labor and delivery and I’m so thankful! I went into labor on my own and was able to experience an easy delivery without complications. In addition, coming here frequently definitely helped my mind and body cope with all the postpartum changes as best as possible.

After learning about the complexities of the nervous system and how it governs growth + development and regulates all the systems of the body, getting our babies adjusted was a no brainer for us. Brinley was adjusted 2 days after she was born and has been adjusted every week since. She hardly ever gets sick, and if she does this is always our first stop. Adjustments help restore balance to the nervous system so her body can HEAL more quickly, and sure enough, she is usually better within a couple of days.

Landon was also adjusted within 2 days of his birth and my husband comes as well. Getting our whole family adjusted is so important to us to keep everyone in check. We call it the “poop button” and the “nap button” every week; everyone in the family sleeps so well after getting adjusted. Oftentimes it’s also our “attitude adjustment”, we all leave the chiro feeling happier!”

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