- Brooks’ mom

“We felt like Brooks was always sick prior to coming to CLC. He had been to the doctor 26 times in his 8-month life, not including a 5-day hospitalization for RSV at 4 months and his routine well-child checks. After Brooks’ hospitalization, we felt like he was always fighting illness. It wasn’t until 2 ear infections in 22 days at 8 months that we finally decided we needed to advocate for Brooks and seek out other options.

As his parents and advocates, we were emotionally exhausted from constant visits to doctors’ offices and seeing our baby boy in constant pain/illness. As his mom, I walked out of many doctors’ appointments in tears feeling helpless and knowing that he didn’t feel well.

It wouldn’t be authentic if we didn’t talk about the skepticism we had prior to bringing Brooks to CLC. Neither my husband nor I sought chiropractic care, and the thought of someone messing with my baby’s spine and nervous system was frightening. However, we had a “last-resort” type of attitude. There were a few family and friends who had mentioned chiropractic care to us, and so we asked around and CLC was recommended.

I will never forget our first appointment at CLC. It was an appointment that had been scheduled for the evening after work. However, not abnormal for that time, Brooks had a fever and slept horrible the night before – tugging at his ears. I took the day off work and brought him to the pediatrician that morning. We were told he had some redness and fluid, but no infection, and to watch for progression. This was another time I left the office in tears. I called my husband and he suggested I see if I could get Brooks into CLC sooner. The staff at CLC worked to get Brooks in so we could get “initial testing” done right away. As a mom who had just left the doctor’s office in tears, after holding her baby down on the table so they could drain his ears to get a “better look”, I was a little triggered. I soon learned there was no reason to be concerned.

I remember leaving our first appointment with CLC and telling my husband what a different experience taking Brooks to CLC was in comparison to the doctor’s office. All the staff at CLC treat you like old friends. I truly feel they are on Brooks’ team and will do whatever they can to ensure our baby boy is happy and healthy. They are patient with our now busy 10-month-old, and empathetic when Mom and Dad come with concerns that have nothing to do with the care he’s receiving that day – they truly care about the wellbeing of their patients.

I can’t remember the exact timeline, but it was probably about 2 weeks after our initial visit with CLC that we started to notice Brooks was finally sleeping at daycare for more than 30 minutes at a time. We could take him somewhere out of his normal routine (a visit to grandma and grandpa’s, a ballgame, etc.), and he wouldn’t come home sick. We were starting to step outside of our home without anxiety or guilt of bringing our baby into an environment that was inevitably going to make him sick.

We have now been with CLC a little over 2 months, and as parents, we feel like we’ve finally done something right for our sweet boy. Brooks is an on-the-go 10-month-old who has been to the doctor once in the past 2 months – for a routine well-child check. Our lives are less stressful, and we no longer hold the guilt and desperation we had on the first day walking into CLC.

Joining the CLC Tribe has been a big commitment for our family – the clinic is a 25-minute drive from our home, and we are a family of Daddy who is head coach and Mommy who is a commuter for work. However, we would do it again in a heartbeat, and if we had the chance to do it over, we would visit Dr. Mike & Dr. Nikki sooner. Our son’s health is worth every second we spend traveling back-and-forth, and our extended tribe reminds us how blessed we are every time we walk in CLC’s doors.”

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- Ella

“My baby daughter was just 6 months old when she got her first ear infection following a cold she caught at daycare. We visited her primary care doctor and she was given antibiotics to kill the infection. As fall turned into winter and colds continued at daycare, my baby was continually sick and on antibiotics for ear infections; five in total. The ear infections caused her pain and misery, and I hated the never ending cycle of antibiotics. When the doctor said she wanted to discuss surgery for tubes to be inserted, I was worried and concerned as she was only 10 months old.

Because of my concerns, I decided to reach out to Congruent Life Chiropractic to see if they could help. Dr. Mike listened to my concerns and discussed his own childhood history of ear infections, so I knew he understood what was happening. When my daughter had her first cold after starting the chiropractic treatment plan it was a heavy one, producing lots of mucus which would have previously caused infection. This time the chiropractic adjustments prevented an infection and my daughter was able to recover from the cold/virus without pain, infection or antibiotics. Starting care for my daughter at CLC means we have no surgery scheduled for ear tubes and no risk of general anesthesia for such a young child!”

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- Cal

“Before CLC, Cal was constantly getting sick. We had him in day care and it was one thing after another; it seemed like he was home sick with us every 2 weeks. Constant colds and ear infections, he would get over one and a week later he’d get another; he was miserable and I was miserable seeing him miserable. 

I personally follow a more natural health approach so when we were on Cal’s 4th round of antibiotics, I was like “What am I doing? How did I get here?” That’s when I decided I needed to make a change for him and seek out other options. 

Cal was always sick and it was starting to have a huge effect on our lifestyle. We were having to keep him home from daycare all the time, while still trying to work from home. It was getting to a point where it was becoming unmanageable. We ultimately ended up pulling him out of day care to try and keep him healthy, and we even had to cancel a family trip to Arizona because he kept getting ear infections. 

Antibiotics were just a band-aid for Cal’s underlying health issues. If we wouldn’t have found CLC, we probably would have continued down that cycle of constant sickness and antibiotic use followed by a week of diarrhea and diaper rash, and then repeated a few weeks later. I came here wanting more of a root cause fix, and that’s what we got.

We started Cal at CLC in March (the week we had to cancel our trip to Arizona) when he was 11 months old and we haven’t looked back! It’s been about 5 months since we started getting Cal adjusted, and he hasn’t had a cold or ear infection since!! He has since started at an in-home daycare and we haven’t had to pull him out once. Our daycare provider just told us there was strep throat going around, but Cal didn’t get it! He’s a completely new, healthy and happy boy! 

Now that we have a happy baby, there’s no more stress over him constantly being sick, we aren’t having to juggle working from home while simultaneously tending to a sick baby, we haven’t had to miss out on any activities; we’ve just had a great spring and summer with him, it’s completely changed our lives.”

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- Henry’s Dad

“When we started Henry, we were primarily concerned with his ears. He had already had two tubes surgeries, for ear infections. We had heard chiropractic could help and we’ve seen some other testimonials. His ear infections were frequent enough and bad enough to the point that he had a speech delay.

He was probably 6 months old when we caught his first ear infection. We kind of lost faith in modern medicine because every time we’d go in there, they’d say, “just a couple more ear infections and we’ll refer you to get surgery.” It just seemed like they were never actually really going away. Maybe the infection was clearing up but the fluid just wasn’t draining and it was just a matter of a week or two before he had another ear infection then we were back in the doctor another week later.

Every month we were going in for an ear infection and that continued for about 6 months and then he had his first surgery and he was okay for about 6 months, that seemed to help. But then the tubes fell out because he grew and then we were right back to the same cycle. Their solution again was, “he just needs another surgery.” It just seemed like the wrong thing. It was eye opening to me because with those surgeries, I looked at the paperwork, most people don’t, one of the forms you sign for anesthesia, “you understand there’s a risk for death and you can’t hold us liable.” Wait a second – I’m signing so that he can get tubes put in his ears, this just seems bizarre, invasive, unnatural thing.

We were committed to find a solution for him after that point.

When we came here, Dr. Mike willingly shared his story and it was really similar to Henry’s. What was different here, is that your approach is about the whole person and about healthy lifestyle in general and not necessarily about treating the symptom. Because even though the doctor made it seem like they were treating the cause by putting tubes in, it still seemed like a symptom because as soon as that tube was gone we were right back to where we were.

After starting at CLC, we started to notice his posture improving and he seemed to be stronger. The way he carried himself was different. He started to have more confidence. Time went by and we noticed, “Hey! He hasn’t had an ear infection!” I didn’t expect chiropractic care would fix that but I thought it could maybe help. We kept going month after month and here we are, he hasn’t had an ear infection in years! We have even noticed improvements in his speech! Overall his health is better. Kids get colds, it’s a part of life, but when he gets them, he gets over them quicker. After we started our 2 kids at CLC, we went the whole first year without either of them getting sick, and before, it was every other month we were having to stay home from work to take care of a sick kid.”

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- Nicole

“I started coming here when I was 17 weeks pregnant because my ears were blocked with fluid and I was experiencing hearing loss because of it. They tried antibiotics to help clear the fluid, but they weren’t working. They told me the next course of action was to have tubes put in. I was really panicked. I work in surgery, I know the risks that come with being pregnant and under-going surgery and anesthesia. I was really worried about how that could affect my baby and myself. I didn’t want to experience permanent hearing loss either. I was scared.

I wanted to find some relief that didn’t involve surgery. When I came to CLC I felt like my problems and concerns were really listened to. I loved your approach. You did scans of my nervous system to see how I was functioning internally. I like the way you could find the pinpointed spots of the most stress on my system and just correct the areas that were NEEDED rather than a “crack, crack, crack” approach.

I always felt like everyone knew me, you guys made me feel so welcomed and comfortable right away. I started feeling better within the first few weeks of coming here! I came back one day and my hearing was completely restored. I was on the verge of tears, it was so amazing. All the fluid was gone and I didn’t have to put myself and my baby through the risks of a surgery.

I also always heard people talking about how labor was really hard and painful. I was getting adjustments during pregnancy and the stress in my ligaments and spine were being addressed, I feel like it made labor and delivery a lot easier for me. I feel like my body was just ready to give birth. Now with this pregnancy, I’ve been getting adjusted since the very beginning instead of waiting the 17 weeks. I feel all around better. My back doesn’t hurt nearly as much. I am carrying myself better. And I have NO FLUID in my ears this time around.

Chiropractic care has helped us avoid frequent doctor visits for illnesses. If I’m ever feeling run down or under the weather, I always come to the chiropractor first. I’m much more empowered and proactive in my health now.

I’ve also always had chronic lower back pain which is rarely an issue for me anymore. I know if I was struggling with back pain like I was before coming to CLC, I wouldn’t be able to be active with my daughter like I am now. It’s also helped with my daughter’s ear infections. My husband had a history of ear infections and tubes, but we were able to prevent that from happening with my daughter. My husband also comes and has experienced a lot of relief.

Chiropractic has just made life easier for all of us, we look forward to our adjustments every week! We can be active as a family together, we are healthier and happier because of it!”

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- Liam

“Liam was diagnosed at 5 years old with an IGA deficiency which is an immunity condition. He battled chronic ear infections for which he has had two sets of tubes for. When he was 3 years old he had walking pneumonia 3 times over the course of the winter. The year before we started Chiropractic care he had strep throat 4-5 times in the span of 6 months. When he would get strep he would be down and out. Not just the typical “mom I have a sore throat” and fever, he would just physically get sick and be very fatigued, not want to eat and just out of it for a day or two before his antibiotics would kick in.

We felt so frustrated that we couldn’t keep him healthy. If anyone was sick around him, he would catch it right away. We felt helpless watching him suffer through illness after illness as well as two surgeries for tubes.

We had heard about CLC from some friends and how they really focus on correcting the root cause vs putting a bandaid on it. They aren’t your typical adjust the area that is hurting, they make sure your body as a whole is in alignment which helps in so many more ways than just relieving pain. We really love what CLC stands for and how they work with their patients.

Liam started kindergarten this year right around the time we started him at CLC. We thought for sure he would be sick all winter long going to school with a lot more kids. This winter has been the best winter he has had sickness wise! He got strep throat earlier this year and we had no idea. He was running around, eating just fine, but happened to mention his throat was hurting a few times. His tonsils didn’t look as bad as they would have usually gotten, but we decided to take him in just to be sure given his history. Sure enough he had strep but the way his body handled it was a complete 180 from what we had experienced in the past! He didn’t get physically sick, he was happy, had energy and was bouncing around like nothing was wrong!

We are so thankful for everyone at CLC. Not only is our 5 year old seeing some awesome benefits but so are my husband and I! All of us have been healthy and we feel great! We look forward to our weekly adjustments, and know they are a great addition to our health and well being!”

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- Arturo

Like many of the kiddos we see, this little guy has been through so much! When Arturo was just 9 months old they started going to doctor appointments all the time. They were hardly ever home, and the doctor’s office and ER was their “second home”. They went to neurology, genetics and visited the ER 4-5x a month and every test came back negative. He was constipated since birth, taking Miralax daily. Arturo would go 2-3 weeks constipated, and he would cry when it came time to go to the bathroom because it was so painful. He experienced frequent ear infections, RSV and dehydration. Arturo was never sick-free for more than two weeks. Their family was afraid to go out, because even a simple walk when it was breezy would turn into a fever spike and a cold! After all of those hospital stays and doctors visits, they still didn’t know what was wrong or how they could help him! They felt like they had exhausted all of their resources, and didn’t know what else there was.

One day Arturo’s mom received a Facebook message from a friend saying “I’ve been bringing my daughter to a great chiropractor, and I really think it could help him!” Since her friend had nothing to gain from sharing their experience, her interest was sparked! She checked out our Facebook page and website, and saw that we specialize in helping kiddos with special needs. Everyone seemed to be afraid to try and help special needs kiddos, so it really drew her in that we were experienced in helping these kiddos!

On their initial visits when Dr. Mike went over the scans and said that he had found something and could help, she took a sigh of relief. They FINALLY found something! Never in the last 3 years did they have any test come back with results that they could actually do something with to help Arturo! Mom says that “this was our missing puzzle piece!”

They have seen so many amazing changes in the last couple months being under care. Arturo hasn’t been to the doctor AT ALL since starting care. Before, they couldn’t go anywhere without him getting sick. Now they can take walks, he can play with his sisters, he can go to school and he doesn’t get sick every time like he did before. He can be a KID! He’s gone from waking up every night between 12-3 am, to sleeping through the night! After his first 3 weeks of care, Arturo started pooping daily with no Miralax! His constipation is now few and far between! He has more energy, and mom says he just acts more alive!!

This family drives 30 minutes each way to get to our office! Mom says “it’s SO worth it!!” When asked what she likes about our office she said, “You guys are AMAZING! The doctors are so loving, and it feels like home. It doesn’t feel like a doctor’s office, you all want to get to know us and care about our days! You don’t find other doctors like that! What you do for families, the encouragement and inspiration both in person and on Facebook makes our days better! We wanted something different, and that’s what we got!”

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- Jess A

“We started care at Congruent Life because I was experiencing chronic neck pain and my son was experiencing chronic ear infections and sickness. He had had 5 ear infections and over 30 sick visits to his primary doctor in less than 2 years! I had tried other chiropractors and hadn’t felt any progress in my pain. We had also tried chiropractic care and western medicine for my son with little relief for him.

What Congruent Life had to offer was so different. When we got scanned, we were able to see WHY we were struggling. Dr. Mike prepared a care plan to show us exactly what it would take to get to the root of our issues. We had never been that consistent with our chiropractic care before, and that made all the difference for us. Dr. Mike is also very focused on helping with the whole body/life wellness.

In February of 2017 we welcomed our 2nd child who has been adjusted by Dr. Mike since birth. On his 1st birthday I was reflecting on his first year and how we had visited his primary doctor ZERO times for sick visits. I then went back and counted my older son’s sick visits and was astonished to see he had 30 sick visits and a 4 day hospital stay in the two years before we started care at Congruent Life.

Now, almost 3 years later I am feeling so much better and I am now much more active doing CrossFit 4x a week without pain! My kids have not been to see their primary doctor outside of their yearly well visits and we have put $0 towards our deductible! Our family is so much healthier now! Wellness and preventative care has changed our lives!”

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- Preslee

“Preslee had many many ear infections. She had burst ear drums, tubes in her ears… and her body just wasn’t fighting infection well. She was also complaining of back pain, which was really concerning. I just didn’t want my 2 year old to be in pain anymore. I felt like I was failing, and it was so frustrating. What was I missing?

When thinking of who to call, you guys were the clear choice. I had been seeing you guys on social media, and the fact that you were so focused on helping children made me wonder if you might be the missing link for Press. So I finally just bit the bullet, and called to start care for both of us.

Since being under care she hasn’t had any more back pain, and she is much more calm over all. Transitions are better, and it’s easier to calm her down. She’s better able to cope with her emotions, which means we can go do more without worrying about big meltdowns. She hasn’t had ANY ear infections and she’s only had ONE cold this winter that her body easily fought; she’s just not sick anymore like she was before!!”

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