- William

“Our Son, William, has been in speech therapy since he was 18 months old. He has been getting speech therapy 3 times a week for the several years. About 3 years ago he was diagnosed with speech apraxia which is a neurological speech disorder. At the age of 5 he was extremely hard to understand and he was not making much progress. All of our speech therapist have been absolutely amazing over the years and they have helped him significantly.

However, this past September, William started at CLC. His private Speech Therapist went out on maternity leave when he started getting chiropractic care. We hoped to see changes in his ability to deal with stress and behavior by seeing Dr. Mike but we had no idea that his ability to speak would dramatically change. The results speak for themselves! The dark line on this picture shows where he was before seeing Dr. Mike to where he is now! The gap in the dark line is the break he had with his private speech therapy, and the “WOW” is where he is now after his care with Dr. Mike. As his Grantwood AEA therapist put it, “This is simply amazing.” His private speech therapist came back from leave and she was shocked to see the progress he had made without having private speech therapy for 3 months!”

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- Kelvin’s dad

“We reached out to CLC for Kelvin because a friend of ours had great things to say, and we had seen so many positive testimonials about apraxia. When we first started on this journey with Kelvin before his diagnosis, we didn’t know anything about apraxia. We just thought he was a late talker, because I was a late talker. We started to realize that he seemed to know exactly what he wanted to say, but it just wasn’t coming out as words. He got so frustrated and angry because he couldn’t communicate with us. We just couldn’t seem to calm him down. He was very emotional and anxious, and all we wanted to do was help him.

Our family had honestly never used a chiropractor for anything, so we had no idea what to expect. We just wanted to maximize what we were doing to help him, and since we had seen so many great reviews about CLC we decided to give it a shot. After the first few weeks of care Kelvin started to become more relaxed. He really started coming out of his shell!

From starting care at CLC at the beginning of summer to now, we can’t even put into words the difference in Kelvin. He’s doing things we never imagined he would do! Before care his Apraxia isolated him, so he didn’t have the opportunity to just be a kid. Now he’s acting just like a regular kid, which has been amazing to see! He is a totally different kid, and we definitely didn’t anticipate that! He’s running around, jumping and just more playful across the board! Between when we started care in June and now (August), he has gone from 12 productions at speech therapy to 65!! That is an amazing jump! He’s making more and more sounds and word attempts! The only thing we added this summer was his care at CLC! Now we just have normal 3 year old moments, rather than the old meltdowns he would have out of frustration from his apraxia. He has space to be himself for the first time! He even started preschool which we were nervous about, but it’s been going smoothly!

If you are skeptical about Chiropractic care, honestly so were we!! We had no idea how or if it would work, but the results speak for themselves! Give CLC the chance to prove you wrong! You can’t argue with results and we have had amazing results!”

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- Lily

“Lily has severe speech apraxia. She was diagnosed year ago. A year ago, the only word she could say was “yeah”. Speech apraxia makes communication very difficult. It affected home, school and really everything! At home there was a lot of frustration and tantrums when we couldn’t understand what she wanted. With school, the apraxia affected interaction with her peers and teachers.

As of recently Lily is putting 2-3 words together, tantrums are no longer and if she gets upset it’s much easier to talk to her about it! She is a different little girl, and her personality has really come through since starting at CLC! She is the little girl she was always meant to be!

Dr. Mike and his team are absolutely amazing. They are such caring and compassionate people. They make you feel like family. We are forever grateful and appreciative of Dr. Mike!”

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- Landon

We started Landon at CLC because he was struggling with seizures and anxiety. His body was always on the go and it seemed like he was never able to fully relax. Sleep was also a HUGE issue. He would go to sleep at 9:30 pm and by 10-10:30 pm he’d be up already having a party and it would be like that pretty much throughout the whole night.

At CLC you are focused on getting to the root cause of his issues with the functional assessments you do of the nervous system. It made so much sense when we saw how “noisy” and stressed his scans were on the first visit, and how that could be impacting Landon’s ability to be calm, sleep and heal from the seizures. You guys are so accommodating to Landon and always make him feel comfortable at his adjustments, which was something we haven’t experienced in the past with other chiros.

This is the first year we have noticed his seizures have not been as intense in September-November, which was always a time of the year where Landon would struggle with a ton of seizures for months on end. This year he only experienced them for a week or 2 here and there. It was nothing like before!

Since beginning care at CLC, Landon’s speech has improved significantly, as well as his vision. He used to be blind in his left eye, and at his last eye appointment we found out that Landon can now see BETTER out of his left eye (20/40) than he can out of his right (20/50)! Landon is a lot more calm now and his sleeping has improved SO MUCH, now that his nervous system is in a calmer state. Most of the time he sleeps til 4:30-5 am, compared to before where he would be up an hour after going to bed and then several times throughout the whole night! His seizures have improved significantly! We’ve also seen an improvement in his immune function, he hardly ever gets sick anymore!

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- Adalyn’s mom

“Before finding CLC, our daughter, Adalyn was being treated for Sensory Processing Disorder, OCD, general anxiety, and speech by some amazing therapists. She continues to get great therapy and she has made huge improvements. However, it was not until we added chiropractic care to Adalyn’s care plan that everything seemed to “click” and make everything easier for her.

While she was making progress each week in speech, PT, OT, and behavior health, it was not until we added chiropractic to the picture that we started seeing huge gains. Before getting chiropractic care, Adalyn could not tell where she was in space, she was extremely anxious and had major balance and coordination issues. Basic gross motor skills were difficult for her such as running, skipping, jump roping, and riding a bike. The bones in her feet were collapsing and her legs were starting to bow inward. Because of her sensory processing disorder it affected her ability to use her legs and this was affecting her muscles and bones. She did not feel the way most people feel things.

I will never forget our PT would put electrodes on the back of her legs to stimulate her muscles to help her brain and body communicate. However, as soon as she would start to move she would tell the therapist that the electrodes had turned off. The therapist would check them and sure enough they were working but Adalyn could not feel them. Our therapist was shocked! This went on for several weeks. After weeks of her not feeling the electrodes we had her start care at CLC. After 3 adjustments, guess what? She felt the electrodes and every time since then she has felt them!

With the combination of great therapists and chiropractic care, Adalyn is reaching her goals on every level! From speech, to PT, OT, and managing her anxiety so much better. She can now do things that a healthy kid can do. She can connect with people easily, make friends, and things don’t bother her like they used to. She has reached fine motor, gross motor, and strength goals by adding care at Congruent Life!

We love the staff and the results that we have seen in our sweet Adalyn.”

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- Calia and Callyr

“Before starting care here, Calia was having a lot of accidents when we were potty training and she was having difficulties with speech and vision. With Callyr, it was mostly mood related things we noticed and also sleeping through the night issues before starting here.

We tried speech therapy for Calia, they said she was progressing as expected then when we started doing chiropractic care, they noticed how much better she was doing and accelerated the process.

It was a couple months in when we saw improvements with speech and vision (eye crossing) for Calia. She also stopped having accidents as much and was more eager to go potty instead of putting up a fight. For Callyr, she was consistently sleeping through the night much more.

Calia is a lot more confident now approaching kids she doesn’t know because her speech is better. She used to never want to talk to anyone but now she does.

We wanted to support their well-being and overall wellness with chiropractic care.”

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- Mason

“Mason was born with severe Acid Reflux and has been on an adult dose of Prilosec since he was 10 months old. This made it very difficult for him to gain weight appropriately his first 2 years of life. Shortly after Mason turned 2 he was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease and has since then struggled with severe constipation, in which he had to take Miralax daily. Mason was also diagnosed with arthritis so he has been dealing with joint pain and stiffness, and had to take medication to help deal with this as well. If that wasn’t enough, Mason also has struggled with Abdominal Migraines and has had to take medications the last 4 years to prevent them. He also struggles with speech, which causes extreme anxiety when he has to read aloud.

Over the summer we have seen some amazing changes in Mason…
– Completely off Reflux & Constipation meds
– No issues with constipation anymore
– Hasn’t had to take meds for arthritis all summer
– No pain & stiffness!!
– No abdominal migraines
– Improvements with speech

We truly feel so blessed to have met everyone at Congruent. The staff is so extremely caring, helpful and sincere. They are all so welcoming and made us all feel right at home. Dr. Mike is so good with Mason. He is always asking him about his dirt bike riding and what track we were at over the weekend. He takes time to explain to Mason what he is doing, therefore Mason has never felt nervous. I will never forget when we were leaving after Mason’s first adjustment, he said “Mom, my head feels so light, my neck has never felt this good before!” My husband and I knew in that moment we had to continue coming and so thankful we did!”

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- Novaks

“I started care at CLC to address my hormone imbalances. I had been walking through the difficult journey of recurrent miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies. We found out that I had a benign tumor on my ovary that was a contributing factor. All the doctors I had seen so far were just taking a “watch and wait” approach. It was really frustrating and devastating as we knew it was contributing to the loss of several pregnancies.

Once I started getting adjusted I was able to get pregnant within 1 month! That was the first time I was able to sustain a pregnancy in a couple of years. We got an ultrasound right away because of my history, and we were shocked to see that the tumor I had on my ovary for over 2 years was gone. The last time we had it evaluated on ultrasound was in January before starting care; the mass was 2 cm big and hadn’t changed in size for 2 years. I started care at CLC in March of that same year and by April my tumor was gone and I was pregnant!

We gave birth to Olivia in December; she was our 1st of 5 children who was adjusted as an infant, literally hours after she was born! Her growth and development journey has been vastly different from our other kids who did not receive chiropractic care until they were older (more on their chiropractic stories below!). Olivia is by far our healthiest child. She has very advanced speech compared to my other kids; at 2 years old she is talking in full sentences and speaks very clearly, whereas some of my other children were non-verbal at the age of two and had major speech challenges. Olivia is also more advanced in her gross-motor skills and is much more emotionally stable than my other kids. She doesn’t have anxiety like her siblings did. She is outgoing and doesn’t let fear intervene with how she interacts with people.

Before beginning care at CLC, my older kids were struggling with anxiety, OCD, behavioral challenges, major sensory issues, and major speech challenges… the difference you had to offer was getting to the root of the problem.

My oldest daughter wasn’t able to feel parts of her body and her bones were collapsing. Once she started getting adjusted, she was able to feel parts of her body that she was never able to before and her bones have been able to start evening out more. I wish we would have known about chiropractic sooner for her.

I’ve seen tremendous improvements with all my older kids in terms of anxiety, OCD, and behavioral issues after beginning care. Some of my kids were non-verbal up until 2 and we had to get other interventions involved. Once we began chiropractic care, their speech and language development rapidly started excelling and they were able to get caught up to the appropriate level. Our only child who has never experienced any of these challenges is Olivia who has been adjusted since literally a few hours old.

Our entire family, my 5 kids, myself and my husband are all under weekly chiropractic care. Our entire household environment is much more calm now; before coming here we were kind of at a loss of what to do for everyone’s health issues. We were seeking care from other holistic health care practitioners at the time, and what we found was that once we started chiropractic care, all those other things we were working on started getting better. It was like chiropractic was the missing link to connect all those other practices we were trying like PT, OT, and different supplements. Our nervous systems were finally calm enough to actually integrate all the other changes and protocols we were doing.

We look at health totally different now, we are seeing it through a new lens. We don’t live in fear about any chronic health issues that may come along, because we have now been equipped with a lot more tools and knowledge because of chiropractic; how our body’s work and how our bodies heal. Rather than suppressing our body from doing what it was designed and created to do, we’ve opened up a whole new world on how to actually support our bodies as it navigates different symptoms and stressors.”

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- Henry’s Dad

“When we started Henry, we were primarily concerned with his ears. He had already had two tubes surgeries, for ear infections. We had heard chiropractic could help and we’ve seen some other testimonials. His ear infections were frequent enough and bad enough to the point that he had a speech delay.

He was probably 6 months old when we caught his first ear infection. We kind of lost faith in modern medicine because every time we’d go in there, they’d say, “just a couple more ear infections and we’ll refer you to get surgery.” It just seemed like they were never actually really going away. Maybe the infection was clearing up but the fluid just wasn’t draining and it was just a matter of a week or two before he had another ear infection then we were back in the doctor another week later.

Every month we were going in for an ear infection and that continued for about 6 months and then he had his first surgery and he was okay for about 6 months, that seemed to help. But then the tubes fell out because he grew and then we were right back to the same cycle. Their solution again was, “he just needs another surgery.” It just seemed like the wrong thing. It was eye opening to me because with those surgeries, I looked at the paperwork, most people don’t, one of the forms you sign for anesthesia, “you understand there’s a risk for death and you can’t hold us liable.” Wait a second – I’m signing so that he can get tubes put in his ears, this just seems bizarre, invasive, unnatural thing.

We were committed to find a solution for him after that point.

When we came here, Dr. Mike willingly shared his story and it was really similar to Henry’s. What was different here, is that your approach is about the whole person and about healthy lifestyle in general and not necessarily about treating the symptom. Because even though the doctor made it seem like they were treating the cause by putting tubes in, it still seemed like a symptom because as soon as that tube was gone we were right back to where we were.

After starting at CLC, we started to notice his posture improving and he seemed to be stronger. The way he carried himself was different. He started to have more confidence. Time went by and we noticed, “Hey! He hasn’t had an ear infection!” I didn’t expect chiropractic care would fix that but I thought it could maybe help. We kept going month after month and here we are, he hasn’t had an ear infection in years! We have even noticed improvements in his speech! Overall his health is better. Kids get colds, it’s a part of life, but when he gets them, he gets over them quicker. After we started our 2 kids at CLC, we went the whole first year without either of them getting sick, and before, it was every other month we were having to stay home from work to take care of a sick kid.”

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