What To Expect


In the 2-Day Process It Takes To Become a Patient You Will:

  • Discover answers as to WHY you have been struggling with certain health issues, and how many of your symptoms are actually related.
  • Feel supported, valued & heard.
  • Receive a plan that is specific to your health needs so you can be confident you are living YOUR best life possible.

Day One

Prior to your first visit to the office we ask that you fill out intake paperwork online 48 hours before your scheduled visit. This will allow our doctors to thoroughly review your history so they can have an in depth discussion about the struggles your family is facing. Our doctors will then discuss with you why various symptoms may be occurring, as well as how many of your symptoms may actually be related. After all your questions have been answered, it will be time to get the state-of-the-art scans done. These scans let us know EXACTLY where stress is hiding in your body, and they conclude your first visit. After you leave, our doctors will thoroughly review everything so they can build a plan that is specific to your health needs.

Please plan for 30-45 minutes for your first appointment.

Day Two

Your second visit will begin with a review of findings, where our doctors will review the state-of-the-art scans and will explain in detail how and why they may be related to your family’s health struggles. With your goals, history, and scans in mind our doctors will go over EXACTLY the plan of action that you need. Once all your questions are answered, we will begin care and you will get your first adjustment!

Please plan for 30-45 minutes for your second appointment.

Regular Visit

It is of utmost importance for our staff to respect your time, as it is the one thing we cannot get back. Therefore, we will not give you any more or any less time than you deserve. We always want to ensure your questions are being answered, and that you FEEL HEARD.

Please plan for 5-10 minutes for your adjusting appointments.

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