Who We Help


We help concerned parents that feel like something is missing in their family's health a different path that allows them to live their best life possible.

Does your family have health challenges that you have been trying to figure out, but still feel like you’re coming up short?


Are you interested in helping your already healthy family reach new levels of health so they can live their best life possible?

You are in the right place!! Many times when families come to us, either healthy or sick, they learn a different side of healthcare that they have never heard of.

Simply put…symptoms are an effect, not a cause. We believe that by the time a symptom has arisen, something underneath the surface has been going on for quite some time. At Congruent Life Chiropractic we do not treat symptoms. We have technology that allows us to see what is going on underneath the surface that may be causing the symptoms to occur.

Is it finally time to figure out WHY you, or your children, have been struggling?

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We have helped hundreds of local families with a variety of health concerns.

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