- Bo

The first 3 weeks of Bo’s life were really hard. He was super colicky and inconsolable; he was crying ALL THE TIME. His neck was stuck to the left and he was starting to get a flat spot on the back side of his head because of it. He also wasn’t nursing great because he was so uncomfortable when he would lay on his right side. He had acid reflux that was causing him to spit up quite a bit. He was very stiff, rigid and would always arch his back; no one besides me could even hold him. You could tell just by looking at him how uncomfortable he felt.

I took him to the pediatrician and they told me he would eventually “grow out of it,” they said colic and acid reflux was “normal.” As a first time mom, I felt very helpless and defeated, my baby was crying all the time and I felt like there was nothing I could do to bring him comfort. “He has colic and he will grow out of it” was not a good enough explanation for me. I had a gut feeling something wasn’t right and I knew we had to try something else.

He was 3 weeks old when we brought him to CLC. Bringing him here gave us ANSWERS as to what was going on in his body as a whole. Our first appointment gave me so much HOPE my baby boy was going to find relief. CLC gave us a more holistic approach and a plan to actually help him feel better. Once we started getting him adjusted, we saw improvements almost immediately. Within 1 week of care, Bo was much more manageable and by about week 3 he was a completely different baby! He’s now turning his head to both sides and the flat spot that was developing on the back side of his head has completely rounded back out; his head is so symmetrical now! The acid reflux is resolved and he has stopped spitting up. He is sleeping and nursing so much better. He also started SMILING. You can tell he overall is feeling so much better and is a lot more comfortable. My husband and other family members are able to hold him now because he has stopped arching his back and is able to move more freely!

Before coming to CLC, I had no idea how much stress babies go through during the birthing process. It has been such a positive learning experience for me. Parents aren’t told any of this before hand in the traditional medical field. His birth was very traumatic, they had to use forceps to get him out, but I still had no idea how much his little spine and nervous system were affected by that until we came here and had the neurological scans done on Bo. It was eye opening. There was SO MUCH stress on his little nervous system, but it gave me hope because we finally found answers and knew there was something we could do to help him now. Over the course of care we have seen SO MUCH improvement not only from a symptom standpoint, but also tremendous progress on the neurological scans that map out FUNCTION. We have learned so much about how to optimize Bo’s growth and development from the doctors at CLC. I know keeping his nervous system in check will help him work through milestones and leaps with ease. We don’t even see sleep regressions when he goes through a leap! Bo is THRIVING now and we couldn’t be happier!

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- Laney’s Mom

The first couple months of Laney’s life were really hard. Just navigating if it was colic or if something else more serious was wrong. She cried a whole lot and it was very frustrating. We couldn’t really find anything that would relieve what was going on and essentially I hit a point of desperation. I knew what ever it was that was going to help, we needed to figure it out.
We had heard great things about babies that had come to CLC and the different support you had to offer for new moms in the thick of it. We wanted to take this approach before we sought out a more medical approach. We just wanted to do what was best, rather than what was easiest.

We could not lay Laney down flat for the first month of her life. We would have to hold her while she was sleeping or let her sleep on her stomach. If she were to lay on her back, even if she was asleep it would last about 45 seconds. It was a lot of crying, discomfort, and just not knowing. I would go through all the things, “you are warm, you are dry, you are fed, now what is the issue?”

The first appointment at CLC, you did the scans on Laney to measure the stress on her nervous system. I felt an immediate sense of relief. There is just a different feeling you get when someone looks at you and says “you’re not crazy” and “we can see the issue and we understand why these things are happening”. I understood it wouldn’t be an immediate fix, but I knew we were in the right place. I wasn’t expecting visible results so quickly. I could see it right there on paper what was wrong with my baby. You laid it out for me in terms that I could understand, it was a lot more in depth than I anticipated and I’m very grateful for that. You had a plan right away on how to help Laney.

We got Laney started under care at CLC, and honestly the first couple weeks were almost discouraging. It was like a waiting game. When you go to the doctor and fix something with medicine, like an antibiotic, it seems like it’s an immediate fix. With chiropractic, Dr. Mike explained that you are going to see results, but it may not be as quick as you want them to happen. We had to be patient. We really had to trust the process and that good things were going to come out of it.

The first few weeks, she would scream in the car the whole way to her appointment, she would scream during her whole adjustment, I had lots of tears as a mom as well. Everyone in the office could feel the stress of this baby. But there was a very distinct time around week 3-4, where all the sudden I would bring her in and she wouldn’t be crying at all. Then she started smiling during her adjustment and Dr. Nikki looked at me and said “who is this baby!?”.

It’s easy to look back now and see when sleeping started to get easier and when she started eating better. She started to get more comfortable and happy. There was a very clear transition from “this baby is really, really hard” to “this is a happy baby”. While it was really hard at first because I was so emotional and she was so uncomfortable, after a few weeks she started smiling and we were starting to see the light! I don’t think it would have been the same had we not started coming here. I think it would’ve been even harder, if that is even possible.

Now she is eating better and sleeping better. She’ll eat and then be awake and be HAPPY, before if she wasn’t eating or sleeping she was crying and honestly I was crying too. She is napping better and even sleeping through the night! She is pooping regularly. Her emotional regulation is so much better now. Before she would cry at absolutely everything, she was inconsolable for a lot of those first couple of months. And now, she is HAPPY and content most of the time! If there are tears, it is pretty easy to figure out why.

I just didn’t think that colic was real before I experienced it. I thought it was a sad explanation for a crying baby. I just thought that was what people said when they had a difficult baby. To actually go through that as a mom is life changing. During those first few months, I had no idea what to do.

I think it’s important that people know the level of care that comes from Congruent. It is very rare that you walk into a place and you find people that want to take care of you and they want to continue to take care of you. It’s rare to find a place where you are cared for and you also feel heard and acknowledged and appreciated. I know that when I come in here, my girls are well taken care of and so am I. There is just a lot of people here with very rare character and I wish more people knew that.

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- Kennedy’s Mom

We sought out care for Kennedy at CLC when she was 3 months old because she was experiencing constipation and was beginning to get really irritable. She started showing symptoms of being colicky. She also was having a hard time with sleeping and nursing. She had started to go on breast feeding strikes where she would just refuse to eat. We knew Congruent Life from a family friend. When we started looking at reviews and testimonials, we decided this is where we needed to come for Kennedy.

From the moments we walked in the doors, you all were so great at educating us about how chiropractic care could help Kennedy. The scans really showed us what was going on internally and how the birthing process affects a new borns system. It was very unique that it could show us as parents where the stressors were in her body. It made sense and helped us make a connection of how the nervous system stress was affecting her digestive system and the calming components of the brain important for sleep and overall comfort. Being educated on that helped us understand there were other answers than just “she’ll grow out of this” or “this is just a stage”.

Kennedy’s struggles began around 1 month old when she was getting out of the “sleepy” new born stage. So in terms of the constipation, sleep, irritability, and eating challenges, she had been struggling for about 2 months when we began care at CLC. She experienced relief from her constipation almost immediately after beginning adjustments. Kennedy was having a bowel movement once every several days before chiropractic, and that was with utilizing gas drops and the windi stick. We definitely wanted to find a more natural approach. I went through one bottle of gas drops and I didn’t want to keep medicating her if we didn’t have to. We wanted a long term solution for her. Within 2 weeks she was having bowel movements every day, sometimes multiple times per day, and they were much easier for her to pass without having to strain.

We also started to see improvements with her eating. Before, she would go on these eating strikes where she would refuse to eat at each feeding session, and sometimes it would last for an entire day before she’d eat again because she was so uncomfortable. Sometimes, the only way I could get her to nurse was if I was bouncing on a ball to keep her content during the feed. I was constantly having to switch positions just to find a way that she would eat. That was a big frustration and we knew we had to address this as soon as possible. Within the first few weeks of care, she was only striking maybe once a day rather than at every feeding session, and by the end of the first month she no longer struggles with nursing challenges and feeding strikes at all.

Kennedy is a wonderful sleeper now. After the first month of care, she was sleeping through the night at 3 months old. She hit a little sleep regression at the 4 month mark that we breezed through and now she’s been in a good pattern of just waking one time per night to feed and going right back to bed. Before we started care she waking every 3 hours, if not more if she was going through a growth spurt.

After that initial phase of care where we were bringing Kennedy in several times per week, she was so much more comfortable and a completely different baby overall. From being so fussy, irritable and uncomfortable all the time, to being a happy, calm and content baby that just goes with the flow, we’ve made it a priority to continue to bring her in for weekly wellness care. We can visibly see how much better she feels after her adjustments and want to continue to support her nervous system as she has so much growth and development ahead of her.

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- Brynlee’s

Before we came to CLC, Brynlee was super colicky and would go 14 days in between bowel movements. Nursing was also becoming an issue; because she was so uncomfortable she would arch her back a lot and had a hard time latching. On top of that, she wouldn’t want to eat towards the end of the 14 day stretch of not pooping. If she wasn’t sleeping, she was crying. She had to be worn all day long, she couldn’t lay on her back comfortably until she was 8 weeks old because she had so much tension in her system.

It was super taxing to have to where her all the time. My other kids always wanted to hold her but every time I would hand her over to them she would start crying immediately because she was in so much pain. We tried eliminating dairy and spicy foods to see if diet was related to her pain and arching, but nothing would change. I was at my wits end of not knowing what else to do to try and comfort my baby.

Seeing the stress on the neurological scans on our first visit was really encouraging because we finally were able to pinpoint the root of all the stress Brynlee was holding in her body and in her nervous system. Brynlee had a really stressful delivery. They actually were trying to push her head back in to slow her down from coming out so quickly. Dr. Mike walked me through how this stress from labor and delivery had a major impact on all the stress we were seeing in Brynlee’s neck, and how that is related to digestion, calm input to the brain, and growth + development.

Within the first 4 weeks of care, we started noticing Brynlee was such a happier baby. We could visibly tell that after getting adjusted she would be more relieved. She was starting to poop more often! After 2 months of care, she is now pooping every single day, sometimes 2-3x/day and having blow outs! A lot of the times I don’t even know she’s pooped because she is no longer straining and crying out in pain. I don’t have to wear her all day long anymore, where as before that would be the ONLY position she would be comfortable in. Before chiropractic, she would wake up, eat, and I would try and get her back to sleep right away because when she was sleeping was the only time she was happy. I was basically just trying to survive until she was sleeping again. Now, she is the HAPPIEST baby! Anyone can look at her and she smiles. My other kids can hold her now, Emmy held her for 15 min this morning and she was happy the whole time. She doesn’t arch anymore when she is nursing and she LOVES being laid on her back now.

I’ve learned how much the stress in her nervous system literally impacts everything from her digestion, to growth and development. It’s been really sweet to see the growth and the changes. We know it is working and everyone else who has met her can tell the difference as well. She is night and day, a completely different baby. It’s so encouraging to know she is receiving relief and her body is starting to work together the way it is supposed to. We are just super grateful for you guys. She is SUCH a happy baby now!

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- Sloan’s mom

Sloan was 6 or 7 months old and she still couldn’t tolerate laying on her belly. Any time we would try tummy time she would just scream bloody murder. I was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to develop those muscles appropriately from not ever wanting to be on her belly and how that could impact crawling in the future. She wasn’t able to develop a lot of her upper trunk stability, so it was impacting her ability to sit. She was also dealing with constipation.

She is my first baby, I had no idea what was really normal and what to expect. It was really hard to see my friends’ kids who are her same age progressing to milestones that Sloan wasn’t able to do yet. It made me very nervous that maybe she wasn’t developmentally on track with those major milestones. I want the best for her so I wanted to address this as soon as we could.

She was only having a bowel movement 1x every 2-3 days. We were having to utilize karo syrup to get her to have a BM, but I knew that wasn’t a long term solution. It bothered me giving her all that sugar just to make her poop. When I talked to the pediatrician about my concerns they kind of wrote me off and said it was fine as long as she was going once every 10 days. That seemed like way too long to me.

When we did the nervous system scans on Sloan’s first visit, the main area of stress were the nerves that controlled the digestive system and growth + development. It made me feel good that all her symptoms lined up with where the stress was at in her nervous system. I had only heard in the past from doctors “she will grow out of it”, but here, you were able to give me a plan to help Sloan to actually start functioning better and get to the root cause of her challenges.

Before coming to CLC, I didn’t realize how much stress babies go through during the birthing process, but it totally makes sense. There was the physical trauma component of Sloan’s stressful delivery, but I also learned about the how emotional stress I experienced during my pregnancy impacted how her nervous system was developing.

Within a couple weeks of starting with adjustments, Sloan’s constipation had resolved. She started having bowel movements every day, and by month 2 that was up to 2-3 bowel movements every day.

After just a few adjustments, Sloan was able to lay on her belly comfortably for the first time! Within the first 4-6 weeks of care, Sloan was able to sit with a lot more stability. She was getting a lot stronger! We started when she was 7 months old, and she was fully crawling between 9 and 10 months. We saw really big changes in her developmentally in a pretty short window of time once we began chiropractic care.

We’ve made it a priority to continue to have Sloan adjusted every week, because I’ve realized how much stress is put on our bodies on a daily basis. I watch her throw herself into things and fall down all the time, and that’s just the physical stress. I know that kids are impacted by emotional stress too! I think it’s important that we set Sloan up to be able to take on all of life’s stressors as best as possible through consistent chiropractic care! She’s such a happy baby since we’ve been coming to CLC!

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- Miles

“Originally, I brought Miles to CLC because of painful breastfeeding. My lactation consultant recommended CLC to help. Along with breastfeeding problems Miles’ neck was getting stuck to the right side and that was causing a flat spot on his head.

I could tell chiropractic was working when feedings started to get less uncomfortable. Miles also started sleeping really well and turning his head a lot more. If he ever had constipation issues, an adjustment would immediately relieve him! I noticed an all-around change in him. I can tell when he needs an adjustment and after, I always leave with a calmer baby. We definitely had to make sure we were following the doctors’ recommendations for care, but the team made that so easy! CLC was not an immediate fix but we are so glad we were recommended it.

With everything going on in the world right now, I want to set Miles up for the healthiest life possible! In general, I want Miles to have the best functioning body! By starting him with chiropractic at a young age, he will have an advantage as he grows and develops!”

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- Kendall

“Colic and acid reflux were huge issues after Kendall was born. Due to both these issues, Kendall had issues with gaining weight. I felt like I was failing as a mom, since I wasn’t able to help her. Feeling helpless and extremely stressed, it started to take a toll on the whole family.

What Congruent Life had to offer was different because they listened to not only the issues Kendall was experiencing, but also how mom and dad were feeling about the whole situation.

I immediately realized that CLC was the answer we were looking for! Kendall slept for 4 hours right after being adjusted… and when she woke up after that she was coping instead of her typical screaming!

Kendall is now thriving! She does not experience colic anymore, and her spit ups are few and far between! The biggest moment for us was when she was weighed & was finally on the charts at her 6 month appointment! She’s growing both in size and developmentally!!”

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- Zoey’s mom

“Zoey was a newborn, delivered via emergency c-section. She had the cord wrapped around her neck, twice. I noticed a few days after birth that her neck was crooked. Her head would get stuck/titled, and I was so worried about her comfort and the fact that she may be in pain and not able to tell me. I wanted a healthy baby, and thought that Chiropractic would get us there and help her neck as well.

Dr. Mike adjusted newborns differently than I had ever seen. He is so gentle and only adjusted her when/where she needed it. I really started to realize Chiropractic was making a difference when Zoey was 6 months old. She was over 100% for weight, height and head size. She was sleeping 10-12 hours a night, plus four hour naps. One day at daycare almost all the kids were gone sick, and Zoey was healthy. I knew then it was because of Chiropractic care at Congruent Life every single week since birth.

I swear by Chiropractic. Zoey has been so healthy. Few illnesses, and when she is sick her body does a good job fighting it. She is growing and learning quickly, has never had an ear infection, and is advanced in her language. She’s also a great sleeper, which may be the best benefit of care because then I can sleep too!!”

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- Brooks’ mom

“We felt like Brooks was always sick prior to coming to CLC. He had been to the doctor 26 times in his 8-month life, not including a 5-day hospitalization for RSV at 4 months and his routine well-child checks. After Brooks’ hospitalization, we felt like he was always fighting illness. It wasn’t until 2 ear infections in 22 days at 8 months that we finally decided we needed to advocate for Brooks and seek out other options.

As his parents and advocates, we were emotionally exhausted from constant visits to doctors’ offices and seeing our baby boy in constant pain/illness. As his mom, I walked out of many doctors’ appointments in tears feeling helpless and knowing that he didn’t feel well.

It wouldn’t be authentic if we didn’t talk about the skepticism we had prior to bringing Brooks to CLC. Neither my husband nor I sought chiropractic care, and the thought of someone messing with my baby’s spine and nervous system was frightening. However, we had a “last-resort” type of attitude. There were a few family and friends who had mentioned chiropractic care to us, and so we asked around and CLC was recommended.

I will never forget our first appointment at CLC. It was an appointment that had been scheduled for the evening after work. However, not abnormal for that time, Brooks had a fever and slept horrible the night before – tugging at his ears. I took the day off work and brought him to the pediatrician that morning. We were told he had some redness and fluid, but no infection, and to watch for progression. This was another time I left the office in tears. I called my husband and he suggested I see if I could get Brooks into CLC sooner. The staff at CLC worked to get Brooks in so we could get “initial testing” done right away. As a mom who had just left the doctor’s office in tears, after holding her baby down on the table so they could drain his ears to get a “better look”, I was a little triggered. I soon learned there was no reason to be concerned.

I remember leaving our first appointment with CLC and telling my husband what a different experience taking Brooks to CLC was in comparison to the doctor’s office. All the staff at CLC treat you like old friends. I truly feel they are on Brooks’ team and will do whatever they can to ensure our baby boy is happy and healthy. They are patient with our now busy 10-month-old, and empathetic when Mom and Dad come with concerns that have nothing to do with the care he’s receiving that day – they truly care about the wellbeing of their patients.

I can’t remember the exact timeline, but it was probably about 2 weeks after our initial visit with CLC that we started to notice Brooks was finally sleeping at daycare for more than 30 minutes at a time. We could take him somewhere out of his normal routine (a visit to grandma and grandpa’s, a ballgame, etc.), and he wouldn’t come home sick. We were starting to step outside of our home without anxiety or guilt of bringing our baby into an environment that was inevitably going to make him sick.

We have now been with CLC a little over 2 months, and as parents, we feel like we’ve finally done something right for our sweet boy. Brooks is an on-the-go 10-month-old who has been to the doctor once in the past 2 months – for a routine well-child check. Our lives are less stressful, and we no longer hold the guilt and desperation we had on the first day walking into CLC.

Joining the CLC Tribe has been a big commitment for our family – the clinic is a 25-minute drive from our home, and we are a family of Daddy who is head coach and Mommy who is a commuter for work. However, we would do it again in a heartbeat, and if we had the chance to do it over, we would visit Dr. Mike & Dr. Nikki sooner. Our son’s health is worth every second we spend traveling back-and-forth, and our extended tribe reminds us how blessed we are every time we walk in CLC’s doors.”

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