“Zoey was a newborn, delivered via emergency c-section. She had the cord wrapped around her neck, twice. I noticed a few days after birth that her neck was crooked. Her head would get stuck/titled, and I was so worried about her comfort and the fact that she may be in pain and not able to tell me. I wanted a healthy baby, and thought that Chiropractic would get us there and help her neck as well.

Dr. Mike adjusted newborns differently than I had ever seen. He is so gentle and only adjusted her when/where she needed it. I really started to realize Chiropractic was making a difference when Zoey was 6 months old. She was over 100% for weight, height and head size. She was sleeping 10-12 hours a night, plus four hour naps. One day at daycare almost all the kids were gone sick, and Zoey was healthy. I knew then it was because of Chiropractic care at Congruent Life every single week since birth.

I swear by Chiropractic. Zoey has been so healthy. Few illnesses, and when she is sick her body does a good job fighting it. She is growing and learning quickly, has never had an ear infection, and is advanced in her language. She’s also a great sleeper, which may be the best benefit of care because then I can sleep too!!”

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