- Micah

“We started Micah here ultimately because of all the chronic health issues that I have experienced in my 20’s, I didn’t want her health journey to look the same way mine has. She’s always been pretty healthy, but we wanted to do everything that we could to support her immune system and development, so hopefully she will not struggle with the things I have once she is older.

Since Micah has began at CLC, we’ve been able to see developmental changes through her adjustments and subsequent scans. It’s really reinforced our decision to bring her here. If she’s constipated, we bring her in for an adjustment and it resolves the issue almost immediately! If she’s fighting something, we bring her in for an extra adjustment and she’s able to get over the illness so much more quickly.

Another unexpected change we’ve seen since beginning chiro care is her eyes aren’t crossing nearly as much anymore! Micah got glasses when she was 15 months old. Before starting care, if Micah wasn’t wearing her glasses, her eyes were pretty consistently crossed. The doctors told us it probably wouldn’t be until Micah was 8 years old that her eyes would be normal. We’d only been coming about 2 months when we started noticing her eyes don’t cross nearly as much when her glasses are off! The only thing we’ve changed is incorporating chiropractic care. It’s so cool to see her eyes are pretty much normal now!

I’m excited Micah is going to have this foundation and support for her immune system and development, that she is going to grow up understanding how her body works and honoring that. Chiropractic is helping her stay healthy, vibrant, and just live the best life she can. We are so happy with our decision to start getting her adjusted!”

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- Tristan’s mom

“We originally started care at CLC for my son Tristan. Tristan suffered a traumatic brain injury at 10 weeks of age. He has cerebral palsy, cortical visual impairment (legally blind), seizure disorder, spastic quadriplegia, hip dysplasia, and was experiencing chronic constipation. He was so incredibly tight and only having bowel movements every 3 days. We also decided to start my son Armando who is on the autism spectrum and has a moderate intellectual disability. With the autism diagnosis came increasing behaviors and aggression because of his frustration from his sensory issues. I decided to jump on board too and start care as I’ve had back issues for a long time and was getting ready to begin PT again.

Since starting care we have reached many milestones! Tristian is now having MULTIPLE bowel movements a DAY which is amazing!! He is also vocalizing more and just appears happier! At his last neurology appointment, Tristan was able to detect LIGHT for the FIRST TIME EVER!! Since a month before school let out this year, Armando has not had to use his meds for his aggression!! We have also recently cut one of his other meds in half for the summer. Armando is very excited to come get adjusted regularly and he loves Dr. Mike! You can find him relaxing in room 3 the minute we are told we can go in! SO relaxed that he fell asleep one day! For me, my back pain is less and I’m just feeling pretty good overall! It feels wonderful to be getting adjusted on a regular basis!

The entire team at Congruent Life Chiropractic are amazing. We truly feel like family. Dr. Mike is amazing with the boys and he takes time to talk to them and have conversations with them. The whole team is amazing with the boys and answers Armando’s never ending line of questions! Dr. Mike does give me a little grief about my Lularoe addiction, but I suppose I deserve that. We are blessed to be a part of the Congruent Life family and thank God for connecting me with Jen who told me about this amazing place!”

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- Calia and Callyr

“Before starting care here, Calia was having a lot of accidents when we were potty training and she was having difficulties with speech and vision. With Callyr, it was mostly mood related things we noticed and also sleeping through the night issues before starting here.

We tried speech therapy for Calia, they said she was progressing as expected then when we started doing chiropractic care, they noticed how much better she was doing and accelerated the process.

It was a couple months in when we saw improvements with speech and vision (eye crossing) for Calia. She also stopped having accidents as much and was more eager to go potty instead of putting up a fight. For Callyr, she was consistently sleeping through the night much more.

Calia is a lot more confident now approaching kids she doesn’t know because her speech is better. She used to never want to talk to anyone but now she does.

We wanted to support their well-being and overall wellness with chiropractic care.”

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- Paige

“Before starting care at Congruent Life Chiropractic, my daughter had just completed 1st grade and had struggled through. Kindergarten had been tricky as well. Her struggles were OT (fine motor concerns), toe walking (which includes balance and coordination), and confidence (anxiety).

The frustration was horrible as we tried to solve these struggles. As a parent, but also 1st grade teacher, I felt like a failure. I was not successful in helping her and I felt like a bad mom. There were many sleepless nights, lots of worrying and tears. We had tried and were at that time in PT, OT, vision therapy, and intensive math support.

Congruent Life Chiropractic is an upbeat and happy place to be. The approach is optimistic and not “if” they can help but when. Dr. Mike kept saying, “This is just the beginning” as we started to see amazing progress.

The moment when I realized this was “it” was when I started to see increased fine motor control and a willingness to do reading and crafts (fine motor activities). She was also discharged from vision therapy earlier than predicted. She also began to do much better at OT, PT, and math help!

Now my daughter is thriving in 2nd grade! Her handwriting is legible, she is more social, her balance has increased and there is less time on her toes. Best of all, her confidence is increased. There are few meltdowns and family time is much better. We drove to Florida recently (15 hours) and she was content, relaxed, and happy the whole trip. She enjoyed our time there even though our schedule was so sporadic. Thanks SO much Congruent Life!”

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