- Kaylie

“I started chiropractic care in June 2016 because I had chronic migraines and hoped it would help lessen them. My migraines started at age 15 and worsened as I got older, with no real reason that a doctor could give me. At its peak, I was seeing a doctor at least 1x/month to get a shot of tylenol/benadryl to help a migraine go away, because it wouldn’t on its own. This was in addition to taking a daily preventative medication and another prescription for when I got a “breakthrough” migraine. I spent a lot of time in bed, in silence, with the lights off. It affected my life by making me miss school/classes, many activities with friends, and work shifts. When I did get out of bed, I was miserable and very irritable. After a few months of chiropractic care, I stopped getting migraines, and now it’s rare that I even get a headache. I never imagined it would improve this much!

Originally I just sought care for migraines, but I then realized there was SO MUCH MORE that CLC could and did help me with. Shortly before I started care, I had also seen a general practitioner for my anxiety, OCD, and nervous ticks. The doctor asked me what I knew about anti-depressants and suggested that it was the best option for me. I proceeded to take anti-depressants for a few months, which made me irritable, dull, everything was hazy, and I seemed to be indifferent or unhappy about everything. I was not in a good place. After 1 month of care, I slowly took myself off the medication and noticed significant improvement.

I also took a daily medication for UTI’s, which I got at least 1x/month. I didn’t think anything of this, since I had been getting them since I was a baby. The doctor simply blamed it on genetics. As the first month of care went by, I realized that I hadn’t gotten a UTI. I haven’t had one since, and I definitely don’t take a prescription for it anymore! I’m excited to say that I’m now off ALL medications.

It’s hard to even remember what my life was like before chiropractic care! Telling my story has made me realize that I can’t even imagine going back to how I was. I asked my fiance how he thinks chiropractic has helped me. He explained that I’m much more outgoing, energetic, and active. He described a time when I was constantly stressed out, had no hope of getting better, and was always pessimistic. I was unable to live life how we wanted to. Now, our relationship has improved because I am able to be the best version of myself!

I can’t thank Dr. Mike and Congruent Life enough! They provide hope and promote overall wellbeing for all of their patients. Dr. Mike not only encourages you to receive regular adjustments, but he encourages you to educate yourself. There’s so many things that chiropractic has done for me that I didn’t even know were possible. Through being a patient at Congruent Life, my ENTIRE life has been CHANGED for the better!”

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- Megan M.

I had chronic headaches for years (stemming all the way back to childhood) before finding Congruent. I had tried a lot of different things over the years. I would go to the doctor and honestly felt like they just never listened to me. All they wanted me to do was to take more pain killers, which never really worked for me. I also didn’t want to be dependent on medications.

After my daughter was born I struggled with a lot of postpartum anxiety and depression. I had a lot of friends who have come to CLC and after hearing their testimonies on how it helped them with their anxiety and depression throughout that postpartum time, I knew I wanted to have that support before going into another pregnancy.

Dealing with headaches for so long was really defeating. I felt like I had to just accept that my life would consist of daily headaches forever. My mom has struggled a lot with chronic headaches too and she had said to me once “we are just headache people” so then my mindset for a while was “oh I guess I’m just a headache person!” but the more I grew up and talked to other people I realized that wasn’t normal.

Before starting here, I had a headache EVERY SINGLE DAY. Seeing the neurological scans on the first visit was very validating. I saw that there was a lot of stress in the areas of the nervous system that can result in headaches; we were able to pinpoint the problem and the root cause. I realized there was something we could do about this, and maybe I wouldn’t have to live with daily headaches forever.

Within a 2-4 weeks of beginning care, I was already starting to see big changes. In addition to the daily headaches, before care I was also having severe migraines about 1x/month. After the first month of care, I can say I have been migraine FREE for 6 months! My headaches are so much better now. Instead of DAILY headaches, I only get a headache about 1x every 2 weeks! If I get a headache, I can usually pinpoint it back to not drinking enough water that day.

The intensity of my headaches have also improved so much since coming to CLC. My headaches used to shut me down a lot, I couldn’t work, I’d be in bed vomiting with black out curtains. Even on a normal headache day it would distract me a lot from my work and my family and I would have to lay down. If I get a headache now, they are so much less intense and they don’t alter my days like they used to. If anything it’s like a dull annoyance. I’ve also been able to manage my anxiety a lot better since beginning care. My life is completely different now!

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- Tori

“I initially came to Congruent because I was having migraines beyond belief; they paralyzed me to the point I couldn’t get up and do daily functions. They were so bad ibuprofen wouldn’t touch them. I also had very shakey hands and my weight fluctuated a lot. I was experiencing extreme fatigue and had a lot of brain fog. My menstrual cramps were unbearable and I had a very sluggish digestive system.

I didn’t want to feel like this forever. I just wanted a day to wake up and not wonder if I’m gonna feel like crude; not wonder if I’m going to get a migraine; not be hesitant to show someone a picture on my phone because my hands are shaking so bad. I had been struggling with all of this stuff for about a year and I just wanted to feel GOOD again.

I don’t love going to the doctor, for my whole life it’s never been my first resort. I hated the idea of going on any type of migraine medication. I was at a loss of what to do. I knew I had to try CLC first. I finally pulled the trigger and started care here; it’s helped me with every single symptom that I came in with.

CLC got to the root cause. You found out what the real problem was, where as other places would have just masked the issues with medications and prescriptions. When I saw all the stress on my neurological scans at my first appointment, I was actually relieved that everything I was experiencing wasn’t just in my head, I could see it right there on paper.

You can tell you guys genuinely care about your patients; I feel so comfortable here. I have never felt comfortable at a doctor’s office until I came here. You want to know that you are being taken care of, that YOU matter, and that’s what I feel here.

I started feeling better immediately. The first time I got adjusted, I came in with a headache and left without a headache; I haven’t had a migraine since! Before, I couldn’t even get my pain during my cycle to a manageable amount WITH ibuprofen, now my cramps are very minimal or not there at all! My digestion has also improved significantly!

After the first month of care, my hands stopped shaking! I was feeling so much more energized. My brain fog was gone! I wasn’t able to focus on anything or be present before…now, it’s just so different! My anxiety and depression have improved so much; because so many of my other symptoms that were draining me have improved significantly, I am now better able to focus my energy on healthy ways to manage my anxiety and depression. It’s very apparent to people I am around on a daily basis that my health has improved by a landslide. I was shocked how quickly I started feeling better in literally every aspect of my health.

My life is just way better now. I am HEALING. You guys have helped me more than you know. I can’t even believe I let myself go so long feeling the way I was. I am so incredibly thankful I found CLC.

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- Abbi

“I started having migraines during my first pregnancy, and they continued after baby. Every time I went to the doctor I was just given hardcore meds – pain blockers, daily blood pressure meds, ect. with no attempt at helping me pinpoint the cause, since there are “too many” possibilities of what could be causing my migraines. I felt brushed off and like I wasn’t being taken seriously.

I felt like I could cry at my first appointment with Dr. Mike when he affirmed that I didn’t need to suffer that way, and that I didn’t need to just continue to medicate my symptoms – but rather eliminate the root cause.

I actually found out I was pregnant for the second time shortly after starting care at Congruent Life. I expected the migraines to return at full force like they did with my first pregnancy, but they didn’t. I’ve also had hardly any back pain or ligament pain this pregnancy (drastically different from the first) and I’m now entering my 3rd trimester! It feels so amazing to feel good this pregnancy. To not have back pain, to be sleeping well and to have NO MORE MIGRAINES!”

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- Lisa M.

“I had recently moved to Iowa from California and the Lord brought me straight here. I had been receiving chiropractic care for fibromyalgia for 4 yrs and I wanted to continue with that treatment. I had also been struggling with chronic headaches and migraines for years. To my surprise, the type of chiropractic care I had been receiving had barely even touched the surface of the kind of care and healing I was about to receive at CLC. Starting here has been the best decision I have ever made for myself and my son.

I had been dealing with chronic pain for a really long time. The worst part about it all is it was preventing me from being able to do simple things with my son like going for a walk, going to the park, taking him on trips and even going to the grocery store. If it involved walking or riding on things, I just physically couldn’t keep up because as soon as my feet touched the ground it felt like a stabbing, electrical jolts throughout my entire body. I would have to bring a “chaperone” with me to help with Noah, or I would have to just send him with others. It was heartbreaking and isolating. I was at a point in my life where I had just accepted I was going to be in extreme pain forever.

At my first appointment, I thought what you guys were saying was honestly a little crazy. The treatment I was getting before was nothing like what you provide at CLC. My old chiropractor basically was like “this is all that I can do for you, you’re gonna have to seek out a medical doctor to further manage your pain”. There were no neurological scans that you do at CLC involved, there was no talk about how your nervous system actually correlates to your overall health/wellness and how your body is functioning, there wasn’t even a care plan involved with consistent adjustments. When I thought of chiropractic before, it was just something I thought I needed to do to get a LITTLE bit of relief, I had no intentions of it ending up like it has. I had no idea it was about to change the rest of my life.

The care I have received here has way surpassed what I thought it was going to be in every single way. I would have never thought to explore health in this way if it weren’t for you guys. You truly opened my eyes.

My first thought when I saw the neurological scans was honestly just being mind blown. You were connecting all the dots for me as to WHY my body had been feeling this way for so many years. It pinpointed all the areas I was feeling physical pain and emotional stress… it laid out the stress in my body like a road map. I couldn’t believe it.

Some of the frustration before was the idea I was never going to actually get full relief and be able to live “pain free”. I truly thought that was nowhere in my future. Honestly my intention when starting was simply just to be able to “tolerate” another day. And it’s completely surpassed that in every way.

Before starting at CLC, I was taking 800 mg of ibuprofen daily and gabapentin (which had horrible side effects). I was also getting B12 shots. There were several other pain medications they wanted me to take, but when I went to the pharmacy to fill them, they would say “it does help with this, but remember if you have side effects of suicidal thoughts, etc. etc…stop taking them.” I quickly decided I did not want to take something like that.

After the 1st week of adjustments, coming 3x/wk, my mobility increased by more than 50%, by week 2 it was about 80% better. In terms of my ability to just move around, it was a night and day difference after the 2nd week of care. Before starting care, even the sensation of someone just touching me lightly was enough to make me cry because of the pain it would cause. After 3 weeks of care, it didn’t hurt to put pressure on my body anymore.

You told me that was going to happen, but I honestly didn’t believe you until I experienced it.
After about 8 months of consistent, weekly adjustments, my life is completely different. I occasionally have to take ONE ibuprofen if I fall down or something extreme happens, but other than that, I’m completely off of all my medications. The biggest difference is my ability to do things with my son. Now, I can go to baseball games, the park, go on long walks and on trails with my son… I can keep up with him so much better. There were times before we’d be on a walk and I’d have to call someone to pick me up 1/2 way through because I couldn’t endure the pain any longer. Even grocery shopping was something that was extremely difficult for me before. I couldn’t even walk in a store from start to finish. There were times that I actually had to leave my cart full of groceries at the store and I wasn’t able to finish buying them because I could not endure the pain of standing up any longer. It felt like someone was taking a sharp knife and stabbing it through my back and feet. I started to get all my groceries delivered because it was just easier. That took away from me being able to get out of the house and have social interactions, I began feeling more and more isolated. Any type of movement would send me into extreme pain, it was just easier to stay home… BUT… this is NO LONGER my reality. I just don’t have those struggles anymore. I can now do something as simple as grocery shopping and playing with my son. I’m even able to finally use the stairs in my house!

Before CLC, taking trips was something I just hadn’t seen in Noah and I’s future because of how hard it was for me to get around. This is NO LONGER our reality, we’ve recently went on TWO trips to Chicago and California; it’s a gift to know I’m going to be able to explore the world with my son now.

My life has completely changed since coming here. It has opened so many doors for me not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. Being here is not just about fixing or healing the physical pain that I’ve had. What you guys do here is more than just provide medical care for people. It’s a community where people take care of each other, and love each other, and support each other. I’ve never gotten that from a medical provider EVER. This is what health care SHOULD look like. It’s gotten so far away from that.

You guys bring back the true intent of loving people through what your gift is, which is way more than just physically providing adjustments and “fixing” our bodies, it’s just way deeper than that here. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else after experiencing the love, care and support I get when I walk through the doors at CLC.

I no longer have the chronic headaches or migraines, or the generalized chronic and throbbing pain throughout my whole body. Before, the second my feet touched the ground, I would get pains that felt like electrical shocks shooting throughout my entire body. Trying to physically move through that made life almost unbearable. I have NONE of that anymore. My physical body is no longer preventing me from LIVING. It truly is a miracle.

It’s incredible how God places people in your life. I was destined to be here to be healed.”

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- Kelsey

“I came to Congruent Life because of my terrible back/hip pain and all the migraines and headaches I was getting each month. I had tried other chiropractors and doctors who prescribed me medicine to try to help with the pain, but it never seemed to work or last. It was very frustrating.

CLC looked at the cause of my problems and wanted to make me better as a whole person and not just put a bandaid on my problems. I really started to realize that my care at CLC was making a difference when I was at Walmart with my 13 year old daughter… We were in a hurry so her ice cream didn’t melt in the car. I was being an embarrassing mom and running through Walmart and having a blast. The reason this really hit me was because before CLC there is NO way I could have run through the store… I would have been in too much pain.

I feel great now! My headaches and migraines have improved so much, I am more active with my kids, I’m sleeping through the night, and I’m not as tired. I am also now off my antidepressant medication!”

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- Lisa G.

“Before starting care at CLC I was suffering with back/leg pain, headaches, depression, anxiety, poor sleep and STRESS. I was either sleeping all the time, or not sleeping at all. I was taking 4-5 medications daily for my depression, anxiety and ADD. I had even been hospitalized twice for depression. I felt like a total mess! I felt like I had hit rock bottom. I had a hard time enjoying my grandkids. I couldn’t get on the floor to play, and I couldn’t go to the park with them or go for walks. I was not enjoying my life.

The moment I realized that my care at Congruent Life was making a difference was in my first week of care when I went in with a headache (didn’t tell Dr. Mike) and when I left it was gone! Since starting care at CLC I can now enjoy playing with my grandkids and taking walks! I’m in so much less pain and it’s even motivated me to watch what I eat! I actually get out of bed before my alarm goes off, rather then sleeping all the time like before. For the first time in my LIFE I’m not on any medications! I finally enjoyed the holiday season for the first time in 10 years! I’m enjoying life and my grandkids!”

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- Mason

“Mason was born with severe Acid Reflux and has been on an adult dose of Prilosec since he was 10 months old. This made it very difficult for him to gain weight appropriately his first 2 years of life. Shortly after Mason turned 2 he was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease and has since then struggled with severe constipation, in which he had to take Miralax daily. Mason was also diagnosed with arthritis so he has been dealing with joint pain and stiffness, and had to take medication to help deal with this as well. If that wasn’t enough, Mason also has struggled with Abdominal Migraines and has had to take medications the last 4 years to prevent them. He also struggles with speech, which causes extreme anxiety when he has to read aloud.

Over the summer we have seen some amazing changes in Mason…
– Completely off Reflux & Constipation meds
– No issues with constipation anymore
– Hasn’t had to take meds for arthritis all summer
– No pain & stiffness!!
– No abdominal migraines
– Improvements with speech

We truly feel so blessed to have met everyone at Congruent. The staff is so extremely caring, helpful and sincere. They are all so welcoming and made us all feel right at home. Dr. Mike is so good with Mason. He is always asking him about his dirt bike riding and what track we were at over the weekend. He takes time to explain to Mason what he is doing, therefore Mason has never felt nervous. I will never forget when we were leaving after Mason’s first adjustment, he said “Mom, my head feels so light, my neck has never felt this good before!” My husband and I knew in that moment we had to continue coming and so thankful we did!”

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- Kaylee K

“Before starting care, I had a bunch of problems with energy, stress, tension in upper neck and shoulders, back pain and migraines. I used to see a chiropractor up until my senior year of high school and once I came to college 4 years ago, it was too much of a hassle to drive home all the time. Freshman year I made it work but sophomore and junior year I really struggled with pain. I tried a bunch of different treatments. The last 3.5 years have been a real struggle before I came here.

My pain affected me mentally. I had to adjust my entire life. I could not stand for long periods of time. As a college student, I wanted to go to all the football games and I knew that I could not stand there. I made it through the first quarter and I was in so much pain that I was in tears every single game. It hurt to walk home because I was in pain after that. I couldn’t sit for long periods of time, so when we had our hour and a half to three hour class, I would be that student to get up in the middle to go for walks because my back hurt so bad. It really affected a bunch of different things, I knew I couldn’t sit for long periods of time but I also couldn’t stand for long periods of time. It really affected a lot of things; I am 20 and couldn’t even sit in a chair like a normal person.

I went to 8 different doctors trying to find out what was wrong, I had been tested for rheumatoid arthritis; all sorts of different tests done, everything came back negative. Basically they told me I had arthritis and that it was just something I had to deal with or I could be on chronic pain management for the rest of my life. I didn’t want to do that. I tried steroid injections, cortisone shots, physical therapy, it was just absolutely unbearable. I completely limited all my activities so that I wouldn’t hurt. But now here I am.

I didn’t think I would be able to run again because of all my pain. But a month ago I ran 2.5 miles and it wasn’t unbearable pain afterwards! I did it and I was so proud of myself. Some days I was so frustrated I couldn’t run, now I have that if I want to do it!

I honestly was kind of skeptical at the beginning of chiropractic care, I thought, “These people say they are going to fix everything, they’re just like everyone else.” But then around week 3 my body finally started feeling better and I have not had a migraine all week, I feel so relaxed. I finally have hope again after years of chronic pain! I’ve even noticed my energy levels have improved; I’m not always exhausted the way I used to be! Despite my skepticism, this actually was helping me so much!!!

What was different here is that you guys listened to me. To all the other doctors, I was just another patient. I’d walk in, tell them my pain and they’d be like, “You can take pain medicine.” I came here and you’re like, “That’s unacceptable, that’s not going to happen, we’re going to work through this.” You guys didn’t only care about just my pain, but you also helped me with my diet, my mental health and making me feel better about myself, and just completely changing everything; I can be a normal college student now that I’m not in constant pain and I have CLC to thank for that!”

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