- Z

“Zayden was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of six months and our journey has been very long. Over the past 3 years we have tried multiple medications and treatments to try and gain seizure control, with little to no avail. He has failed more than 8 medications that have done way more harm than good, each with horrible side effects. With each and every new drug the seizures prevailed and the milestones diminished one by one. At the age of 14 months, we tried the ketogenic diet, a high fat/low carb diet designed to force the body’s metabolism into ketosis, and he lost almost everything. Our happy little boy cried in pain for 3 months straight and within a week he went from sitting on his own, standing against objects, holding and playing with toys, and taking assisted steps…to not even being able to hold his head up on his own anymore. We’ve traveled to 4 different hospitals, including Boston Children’s (#1 for pediatric Epilepsy in the nation) with little to no answers.

Epilepsy has had a profound impact on every single aspect of our lives. Every day since Aug 2014, we have had a fear of losing our child to any one seizure. We’ve had 100s of hospital visits, doctor appointments, therapies, etc. that have become the norm. With each and every drug that failed to help, we lost a little more hope that we may never find a cure. Even with our current natural medication, we have not gotten to seizure freedom.

Before finding Congruent life chiropractic, we have tried a few other chiropractic offices that while were beneficial to Zayden’s overall health, did little to improve his seizures. By the Grace of God, a friend from Illinois led us to Congruent life and while our journey has been short, it has one of THE BIGGEST BLESSINGS in our life. We started at CLC in early February and we have seen a HUGE difference and we finally have HOPE AGAIN! We have seen huge improvements in Zayden’s communication, strengths, and overall abilities, but most of all, we have seen a dramatic decrease in his seizures.

In February Zayden had 164 seizures, March 106, and In April he only had 40!!!! This is by far our LOWEST seizure monthly count since the onset of his Epilepsy!! Last week, he went an ENTIRE WEEK SEIZURE FREE (our 2nd longest record) and has only had 3 in the last 9 days!! Since the start of our journey, that’s a 86% reduction!!

Being a huge science nerd and naturally a researcher, I have spent countless days and nights scouring the internet for answers, researched the best treatments, hundreds of genetic causes, every known “diagnosis” for Epilepsy trying to determine where Zayden fit and how to best help him with every single option failing him eventually. We’ve searched and searched for answers in every nook and cranny, determined to get to “the cause” of the seizures rather than treating the symptoms and not finding anyone willing to help us get there. We knew if we could get to the cause we might be able to heal him, but we couldn’t find the answer on our own. Even with every ounce of information we gained, we did not have the answers to heal our own child, and we were losing faith that we would ever find an answer.

Then one day in early January a friend tagged me in a video of a fellow colleague in Illinois, I immediately felt moved. Watching a 2 minute video on Facebook made my hair on my arms stand up and made me have hope all over again! Every single word out of his mouth was like gold to my ears, the words I had been longing to hear!! I immediately called their office and was crushed when we found out that their office was 4 hrs away…just not doable with a kiddo with special needs and an already hectic schedule. But he didn’t give up, he helped us find our way to Dr. Mike!! Within a week we had Zayden’s first appointment set up! For the first time in a very long time, WE HAD HOPE!

At our initial appointment, it took every ounce of me not to ball at every word that came out of Dr. Mike’s mouth. Every single word was literally the “the answer I knew existed but couldn’t find” I knew that day, even though we were not promised that we would get to seizure freedom, I KNEW this was our answer!!

While our journey is far from over, the last 3 months have been a HUGE BLESSING and we have seen dramatic improvements! We are so Grateful to have found the Congruent Life Family and it feels so amazing to finally HAVE HOPE AGAIN!!!”

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- Kaylee Z’s mom

“Kaylee was diagnosed with Epilepsy in 2019. She had been having anywhere from 10-20 absence seizures in an hour. It took a while to come across the diagnosis because of the nature of the seizure. It was likely she had been unknowingly having these seizures for years before receiving the diagnosis.

It was so hard for Kaylee. She couldn’t focus in school, she’d be in the middle of a sentence and would have one, when she’d come out she couldn’t remember what she was doing. She was getting “special treatment” from her teachers and peers, and she hated that. She just wanted to be “normal”. Having these seizures meant she’d never be able to participate in sports that she wanted to like cheerleading or basketball, or be able to drive. She was at the point of giving up because she didn’t want to take medications anymore.

It was so frustrating as a parent just cycling through medications and nothing was working. She was taking so many pills. The first med she was on, she was taking 8 different pills/day. But the seizures continued.

When we found you guys at CLC, Kaylee had been on 2 different seizure meds at the maximum dosages, and she was still having seizures. That’s when we added the third. The next step to managing her seizures was going to be an implantation of a vagal nerve stimulator. That’s where I drew the line. I didn’t want to go in that direction, I knew I had to seek out an alternative approach that would allow Kaylee to have a chance at a more “normal” life.

After getting off the initial phone call, I felt a lot of hope. We were at our last resort. It was hard not to be skeptical when doctors are in your ear saying “med, med, med”, but we were desperate and willing to try anything. The scans you guys did to pinpoint the neurological stress on her system… that gave me hope too. Hope that this was maybe what we’ve been missing all along.

Since beginning care at CLC in December, we have had TWO normal EEGs. These were the first normal EEGs we have had in over TWO years! NO SEIZURE ACTIVITY WHATSOEVER!! She has now been weaned off 1 of her medications and it is our hope we can eventually wean her off meds all together.

We finally have hope again. She’s since made the cheerleading squad, and we just learned she has been cleared to get her driver’s permit after receiving a 2nd normal EEG report; something she’s been wanting to get for over a year. In the 6 years she’s been in dance, this is going to be her first dance recital going into it seizure free. She even got a solo part because she’s beat this!

Kaylee is so excited to finally be able to participate in things she’s been wanting to do since she was a kid!

We drive 50 min each way to get to you guys, but I’d do it all over again in a minute.”

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- Landon

We started Landon at CLC because he was struggling with seizures and anxiety. His body was always on the go and it seemed like he was never able to fully relax. Sleep was also a HUGE issue. He would go to sleep at 9:30 pm and by 10-10:30 pm he’d be up already having a party and it would be like that pretty much throughout the whole night.

At CLC you are focused on getting to the root cause of his issues with the functional assessments you do of the nervous system. It made so much sense when we saw how “noisy” and stressed his scans were on the first visit, and how that could be impacting Landon’s ability to be calm, sleep and heal from the seizures. You guys are so accommodating to Landon and always make him feel comfortable at his adjustments, which was something we haven’t experienced in the past with other chiros.

This is the first year we have noticed his seizures have not been as intense in September-November, which was always a time of the year where Landon would struggle with a ton of seizures for months on end. This year he only experienced them for a week or 2 here and there. It was nothing like before!

Since beginning care at CLC, Landon’s speech has improved significantly, as well as his vision. He used to be blind in his left eye, and at his last eye appointment we found out that Landon can now see BETTER out of his left eye (20/40) than he can out of his right (20/50)! Landon is a lot more calm now and his sleeping has improved SO MUCH, now that his nervous system is in a calmer state. Most of the time he sleeps til 4:30-5 am, compared to before where he would be up an hour after going to bed and then several times throughout the whole night! His seizures have improved significantly! We’ve also seen an improvement in his immune function, he hardly ever gets sick anymore!

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- Cody

“Our son Cody, at almost 10 years old, has faced more hurdles than most people do in a lifetime. We thought he was a healthy thriving baby until he seized in my arms for the first time at 8 weeks old. We saw a specialist immediately and he was admitted on continuous EEG monitoring. Our tiny, innocent baby was pumped full of medications to try and halt these episodes. Almost immediately he quit having obvious seizures but his EEG was showing non convulsive status. Meaning his brain was seizing non-stop but we couldn’t clinically see it. He became so sedated that he didn’t wake to eat and was put through a multitude of tests, lumbar punctures and brain scans. He was moved to intensive care and placed in a medically induced coma in hopes of resetting his seizing brain while more meds were added. Each time they tried to wean him from the coma the seizures returned. It was a devastating bleak situation and his future was not guaranteed. Doctors reached out to other doctors across the country to try and find a diagnosis and effective treatment. While still in the coma he was transferred by fixed wing jet to a different children’s hospital out of state to try an epilepsy drug that wasn’t FDA approved. Neurosurgeons there eventually removed the front left lobe of his brain. We were told that even though this area was the main driver, his seizures were multifocal and he would continue to deal with epilepsy. Not only were they right, but he also developed hydrocephalus as a result of the resection surgery causing even more damage to his already struggling young brain.

He has had 4 brain surgeries to date, mostly to treat hydrocephalus. We’ve tried many anti-epileptic drugs, ketogenic diet, CBD oil, he has a vagus nerve stimulator implanted in his chest and he still seizes nearly every day. He was eventually diagnosed with a rare multisystem genetic disease called Tuberous Sclerosis Complex and has many other manifestations of the disease as well. Life has been very much an uphill battle for him. We’ve done therapy at three different children’s therapy centers in addition to AEA services in our home and at school. We’ve taken him to children’s hospitals in four states seeking opinions from some of the best. While we have met amazing people and have gained something valuable from every therapy he has done. Many inch-stones have come and gone and he is still very much dependent on us for everything. Things he was successfully doing in his younger years; potty training, self-feeding and walking in a gait trainer for example have become harder as his brain and body have continued to fight against each other. In addition his spastic muscles have put tension on his bones and joints creating orthopedic problems that leave him facing a very real likely hood of major surgical intervention in his lifetime.

Like many parents of special children we have spent a lot of time and energy searching the web for resources. Finding hope in new treatments and connecting with other families keeps us moving forward. We found Dr. Mike through a video on Facebook that I randomly watched not even realizing it was about to connect us to someone that would be able to provide a very important missing piece in our journey. Cody’s body has been stuck in fight or flight mode literally all his life. He was born by c-section after a pregnancy that included a large subchorionic hematoma at 13 weeks and a head on motor vehicle accident at 32 weeks gestation. His body was likely stressed before his genetic condition even revealed itself. It’s so hard for any of us to function and grow when our brain and bodies aren’t working together and communicating like they need to.

We are only 5 months into his journey with Congruent Life but couldn’t feel happier with our decision to move forward with treatment. Cody is not verbal and is visually impaired but when he hears Dr. Mike’s voice he completely lights up. He trusts Dr. Mike and knows that he is helping him feel better. Just in the past month we have noticed an increase in his desire to communicate. His yes/no gesture is often times clearer and he’s showing more interest in his communication system. Though we still have discomfort issues, his legs and hips tend to be more relaxed than before. His core was so shut down that he was progressively developing scoliosis. The upper right section of his back was becoming humped and his posture was being affected. His scans have been showing that his core is reengaging, the hump is nearly gone and his spine is obviously straighter. Congruent Life has not made any unrealistic guarantees to heal or cure him of anything. However they have offered hope. Hope that balancing his nervous system will bring changes to his life. We trust and have seen that these changes make a difference in his quality of life. Our family feels so blessed to have added a doctor that genuinely wants to help our sweet boy and couldn’t ask for more!”

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- Tristan’s mom

“We originally started care at CLC for my son Tristan. Tristan suffered a traumatic brain injury at 10 weeks of age. He has cerebral palsy, cortical visual impairment (legally blind), seizure disorder, spastic quadriplegia, hip dysplasia, and was experiencing chronic constipation. He was so incredibly tight and only having bowel movements every 3 days. We also decided to start my son Armando who is on the autism spectrum and has a moderate intellectual disability. With the autism diagnosis came increasing behaviors and aggression because of his frustration from his sensory issues. I decided to jump on board too and start care as I’ve had back issues for a long time and was getting ready to begin PT again.

Since starting care we have reached many milestones! Tristian is now having MULTIPLE bowel movements a DAY which is amazing!! He is also vocalizing more and just appears happier! At his last neurology appointment, Tristan was able to detect LIGHT for the FIRST TIME EVER!! Since a month before school let out this year, Armando has not had to use his meds for his aggression!! We have also recently cut one of his other meds in half for the summer. Armando is very excited to come get adjusted regularly and he loves Dr. Mike! You can find him relaxing in room 3 the minute we are told we can go in! SO relaxed that he fell asleep one day! For me, my back pain is less and I’m just feeling pretty good overall! It feels wonderful to be getting adjusted on a regular basis!

The entire team at Congruent Life Chiropractic are amazing. We truly feel like family. Dr. Mike is amazing with the boys and he takes time to talk to them and have conversations with them. The whole team is amazing with the boys and answers Armando’s never ending line of questions! Dr. Mike does give me a little grief about my Lularoe addiction, but I suppose I deserve that. We are blessed to be a part of the Congruent Life family and thank God for connecting me with Jen who told me about this amazing place!”

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