- Kooper

“Kooper is diagnosed with ADHD and several learning challenges. These all really began for him around age 5. He would struggle to stay focused, he would oftentimes not want to try to achieve things at school due to lack of confidence directly related to his challenges. At age 7 we decided to try medication for him at school. The first medication we tried made it impossible for him to sleep and he was an emotional wreck compared to my loving young boy normally. The second medication seemed ok at first but a few weeks in he started to have severe side effects, the worst being hallucinations. My son was terrified at the things happening to him. I felt so helpless. I felt so heartbroken for my son. Medication was not going to be an option.

We went to several specialists and therapists until we found a great psychologist that understood medication was not for us and worked with us on other ways to help him work through struggles. Although this helped, it was not Kooper’s answer. Our family was still not balanced, he was still struggling, homework would take hours with many tears from mom and son, stress was common within our household. That is when Congruent Life was suggested to us. I was skeptical at first, but willing to try it for my son.

When meeting with Dr. Mike for the first time, I felt such relief and finally knew there was hope for some understanding. Dr. Mike seemed to know exactly what we were going through, he was so positive and encouraging. When we had our sit down to discuss Kooper’s treatment plan my eyes were full of tears of relief, someone understood our struggles and was ready to lead us to a path of balance and wellness.

Since starting care at CLC, Kooper has improved his focus, health and overall well being. Whenever there is an illness he bounces back in a very short amount of time, when before he would be down for days. Kooper’s outlook and confidence has grown. And for the very first time, his teacher at school approached me during school fun night extremely excited, grasping my hands explaining—“We must celebrate!” Kooper for the first time all school year had all his language arts done for the whole week by Wednesday, all on his own. Now this may not seem like a huge accomplishment to some but for us it was a milestone. He was completing work, focused work ahead of time and on his own.

Not only has Kooper’s school work and stress improved, he smiles with more confidence than ever before. His overall health has improved, before when he would catch a bug he would be ill for days. Now it passes quickly and with less severity. His focus has improved and has less stress and anxiety as a result of his time at CLC.

He looks forward to and asks when his next appointment with Dr. Mike is. We completely love and appreciate all the staff at Congruent Chiro. Always a warm smile, every child is celebrated and welcomed and we love Mady’s hugs too!! I am always amazed at how Dr. Mike remembers little things from Kooper’s appointments and is so supportive, he even checks in on mom. Congruent Chiro has changed our lives for the better. Congruent has become part of our family. For the first time, I know Kooper will be ok. We have CLC on our team! Thank you!”

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- Tyler

“Tyler started Chiropractic care to help with his ADHD. Tyler’s ADHD was severe, he was actually dismissed from preschool due to behavior. He started medications at age 4, and we added a stimulant at age 6. Tyler was unable to complete school work due to his ADHD symptoms. The medications caused him to have nightmares often and prevented him from gaining weight.

Tyler started care at Congruent Life in April 2017 and in July 2017 we started tapering off his medications. Tyler has started 4th grade and is completely medication free for the first time is 6 years! I received a call from Tyler’s teacher and she stated that he has been doing very well in class. She actually said that she would have never known Tyler had severe ADHD, and he is just a typical 4th grade boy!

The team at Congruent Life has been amazing. They have provided our family so much support , knowledge, and caring. They helped us to not give up on our goal of having Tyler off medications. It is solely due to CLC that Tyler is medication free!”

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- Tyson’s mom

“Tyson has ADHD and before coming to CLC we were frequently increasing his medication over a years time. He had a decreased appetite due to the meds, and wasn’t gaining weight. It was also very difficult to get him to settle for bed, and often took us a couple hours with him getting out of bed 6-8 times before getting him to sleep. Because of his ADHD and dyslexia, he felt isolated socially and just wasn’t sure of himself. He started to become more introverted, and didn’t want to play or socialize at school or extra curricular activities.

It was hard to watch him struggle, and we would question what we did wrong or what we missed as parents. You just want the best for your child, so seeing him take steps back socially was tough.

When we first came to Congruent Life, when the doctors explained that they would be working to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic Nervous System that made so much sense to me. As a nurse, my brain just totally clicked and I felt like this was the last piece of the puzzle! Because we weren’t adding anything like meds, or other things into his body… my husband and I felt like we had nothing to lose!

We first noticed that Tyson’s care was making a difference at night time! Before, bedtime would take hours and was very stressful. After starting care we were able to decrease the melatonin we gave him every night and he would be able to settle down and go to sleep within an hour! It continues to improve, and some nights he’ll be out within 15 minutes! Bedtime is a lot less stressful now! He has also come out of his shell a lot. He is treating his struggles with dyslexia and ADHD as his advantage! Before care when he was stressed or nervous, he would have trouble getting his words out. Now that his nervous system is more calm, he can process and say what he wants to say! Socially he’s doing a lot better, and he’s proven to people that he’s not “naughty” or “out of control”, but actually a really kind kid. He’s able to reel things in, and really pump his breaks on his own. We’ve also been able to decrease his ADHD meds! The decrease happens in stages, and we were able to go one step down after a few months of care! We are hopeful to decrease even more this summer! This was definitely our missing puzzle piece that beautifully compliments everything else we are doing for Tyson!”

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- Beckett

We brought Beckett to CLC seeking to help her be able to regulate her emotions and behaviors better.

She was all over the place in terms of her ability to focus, sit still, or interact with others. We were starting to notice some challenges with school and hyperactivity issues. These challenges started around the age of 2; she would have a hard time calming herself. She was full of high emotions and high energy. She didn’t have a lot of “down time” from an early age. She’s 7 now and we were noticing consistently there just wasn’t a lot of calm here.

CLC takes a whole body approach. You don’t treat people like there is something wrong with them. We didn’t need to “fix” Beckett, we just wanted to help her be able to regulate her nervous system better. It was different than a quick fix approach that we would get if we took her to a medical doctor and would likely just be given a diagnosis and medications. We weren’t interested in diagnosing her with a “disorder”, medicating her, changing her… we just wanted to help her mind feel at ease. I knew through my own research there were other holistic options out there.

At CLC, you aren’t symptom focused. Your goal is to help people’s nervous systems function as optimally as possible, and when you do that things can change and healing starts to happen.

After the initial few months of care, we started to see the benefits Beckett was receiving from adjustments. She was able to regulate her emotions better. We saw a lot more CALM starting to be present. She’s able to have periods of rest when her body is telling her to relax now. She doesn’t have the need anymore to make noises and do other sensory seeking behaviors during times of quiet. Simple things like telling her to go brush her teeth, are no longer resulting in meltdowns. She’s able to wake up in the morning and focus on a routine, rather than being super hectic and crazy. She’s overall in a good mood and is experiencing a decreased number of emotional outbursts. Beckett has a lot less anxious tendencies now. She no longer bites around her nails, picks at her fingers, or does her mouth “tic”. I feel so much relief for her.

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- Cash’s mom

When we started care at CLC our son Cash had recently been diagnosed with mild ADHD. He was consistently interrupting, could not seem to settle himself down and often angry with himself because he knew his behaviors were something that he could not control. We were at the point of daily calls, emails and chats with school about his behaviors. He was getting shipped out of class just as often.

It was a constant struggle with Cash. He’d leave school ‘in trouble’ and come home ‘in trouble’, while at home his was ‘in trouble’. He spent more time being punished because of his behaviors then he did actually getting to be a kid. My husband and I wanted to exhaust every opportunity that we could before even thinking about medicine and we’re thankful we heard about CLC at the time we did. He’s such a fantastic kid (not just saying that as his mom) and has always been ‘that boy with a TON of energy’ and we really didn’t want to lose that about him.

My husband, Nick, goes to the same gym as Dr. Mike, Dr. Nikki and Mady. He sent me a testimonial from another mother whose son was going through the exact same things that Cash was and was receiving care at CLC. It honestly brought tears to my eyes to hear their results. This is what we’d been looking for. The atmosphere at CLC, along with Dr’s Mike & Nikki, Mady, everyone… it’s just such a family feel. They’re rooting for your kids as much as you are.

This journey with Cash is most definitely a process. It’s been a great journey with CLC and Cash is still trying to get exactly where he needs to be. He went through a really good stint at school about a month in. He was getting rave reviews from school and we could also see a change of him being able to not get so angry with himself at home as much. That’s when we knew, hey this is actually making a difference. For Cash – his journey with CLC is still ongoing. For us, as a family, in the end we decided that maybe medicine wasn’t such a bad thing and that we did need to take another look. BUT it’s only one piece of his puzzle. Through that and his regular adjustments with CLC, he is THRIVING at school and at home. There isn’t the same amount of doubt for him and he can now, for the most part (he’s still working on it), control those emotions or situations that would always seem to get him in trouble. We’re hoping that continued adjustments will get him on track to not need the additional assistance of medicine one day!”

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- Cathy (mom)

“I started at Congruent Life approximately 2 years ago, primarily for my daughter who suffers with ADHD and anxiety. Shortly after, I also started care at CLC. I started due to stress and a horrible memory. I couldn’t even remember appointment dates despite having them on my calendar. Fast forward 2 years and I am amazed at the difference. My memory is slowly improving, but the overall improvements in my HEALTH is what surprised me the most. I rarely get sick now. I work at a child care center and used to be sick so often, despite having worked in the field 20+ years.

Before care, I also was experiencing terrible back/hip pain and frequent migraines and headaches. I had tried other chiropractors and doctors who prescribed me medicine to try to help with the pain, but it never seemed to work or last. It was very frustrating.

My daughter and I both get adjusted weekly now. My daughter says after adjustments her body feels more relaxed and less jittery. She looks forward to going and we both feel like the team at CLC is extended family. We love them to pieces! When things were at its worst for us they gave us hope and encouragement. My daughter is in the middle of her teen years, and I can confidently say that I know her anxiety would be WAY worse without the care at CLC. Dr. Mike and Mady have been so gentle and sweet to myself and my daughter as well as provided consistent and excellent care.

The other thing that impresses me about CLC is that we don’t just get adjustments and leave. Dr. Mike takes the time to explain what he’s doing and how it affects our system. Education is the key to understanding how our body works and it’s been interesting to put all the puzzle pieces of anxiety, stress, pain etc. into one big puzzle of understanding. We love this family/chiropractic office and couldn’t feel more blessed to have them in our life. PS…We have loved the added bonus of getting to know their little Greyson. He makes us smile everytime we see him!”

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