When we started care at CLC our son Cash had recently been diagnosed with mild ADHD. He was consistently interrupting, could not seem to settle himself down and often angry with himself because he knew his behaviors were something that he could not control. We were at the point of daily calls, emails and chats with school about his behaviors. He was getting shipped out of class just as often.

It was a constant struggle with Cash. He’d leave school ‘in trouble’ and come home ‘in trouble’, while at home his was ‘in trouble’. He spent more time being punished because of his behaviors then he did actually getting to be a kid. My husband and I wanted to exhaust every opportunity that we could before even thinking about medicine and we’re thankful we heard about CLC at the time we did. He’s such a fantastic kid (not just saying that as his mom) and has always been ‘that boy with a TON of energy’ and we really didn’t want to lose that about him.

My husband, Nick, goes to the same gym as Dr. Mike, Dr. Nikki and Mady. He sent me a testimonial from another mother whose son was going through the exact same things that Cash was and was receiving care at CLC. It honestly brought tears to my eyes to hear their results. This is what we’d been looking for. The atmosphere at CLC, along with Dr’s Mike & Nikki, Mady, everyone… it’s just such a family feel. They’re rooting for your kids as much as you are.

This journey with Cash is most definitely a process. It’s been a great journey with CLC and Cash is still trying to get exactly where he needs to be. He went through a really good stint at school about a month in. He was getting rave reviews from school and we could also see a change of him being able to not get so angry with himself at home as much. That’s when we knew, hey this is actually making a difference. For Cash – his journey with CLC is still ongoing. For us, as a family, in the end we decided that maybe medicine wasn’t such a bad thing and that we did need to take another look. BUT it’s only one piece of his puzzle. Through that and his regular adjustments with CLC, he is THRIVING at school and at home. There isn’t the same amount of doubt for him and he can now, for the most part (he’s still working on it), control those emotions or situations that would always seem to get him in trouble. We’re hoping that continued adjustments will get him on track to not need the additional assistance of medicine one day!”

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