“Tyler started Chiropractic care to help with his ADHD. Tyler’s ADHD was severe, he was actually dismissed from preschool due to behavior. He started medications at age 4, and we added a stimulant at age 6. Tyler was unable to complete school work due to his ADHD symptoms. The medications caused him to have nightmares often and prevented him from gaining weight.

Tyler started care at Congruent Life in April 2017 and in July 2017 we started tapering off his medications. Tyler has started 4th grade and is completely medication free for the first time is 6 years! I received a call from Tyler’s teacher and she stated that he has been doing very well in class. She actually said that she would have never known Tyler had severe ADHD, and he is just a typical 4th grade boy!

The team at Congruent Life has been amazing. They have provided our family so much support , knowledge, and caring. They helped us to not give up on our goal of having Tyler off medications. It is solely due to CLC that Tyler is medication free!”

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