- Hannah L.

Our biggest reason for seeking care at Congruent was our infertility journey and overall just seeking out holistic options for hormone regulation. I was struggling with fibroids, painful periods, heavy bleeding, a lot of emotional stress coming out of covid, and dealing with grief from pregnancy loss.

It felt like nothing we were trying was working, and honestly I didn’t even know where to start. I didn’t know what types of resources there were, what to really look for or to try. Especially when dealing with infertility, you feel boxed into going to the doctor, they check to see if something is wrong, and if they can’t find anything wrong you’re just given the explanation of “unexplained infertility”. We were tired, sad, confused, and without resources. I wanted to do something to help my body, but I didn’t want to do infertility treatments yet.

At our 1st visit at CLC, my husband and I just felt so thankful and like it was an answer to prayer. There was relief in finding this other avenue of helping my body heal holistically. After we did the scans, it was so eye opening to see that my body was chronically stressed. It validated how much my mind had been through, but also my body. I was able to find answers for my body in a way that honored God. We knew after we left that 1st visit that this was the route we needed to take next.

We started in July and within a few weeks I noticed I was clenching my jaw less, I started to have a calmer demeanor when I was driving even! Overall I was feeling a lot more relaxed. I started to become more aware of when I was stressed. I’m a teacher, so in August when the school year started, I noticed it was the calmest, and most relaxed I had been at the start of a year.

After beginning care, I noticed my periods got much more regular and less painful. My fibroid was starting to shrink on ultrasound! By September we were pregnant! At that point we had been trying to conceive for 10 months unsuccessfully. We navigated a loss and an ectopic pregnancy, but in the midst of all of that, it was cool to see continued improvement in my scans and continued healing happening, and we were encouraged by this change after struggling to conceive for so long.

We are now expecting a baby! Sitting here remembering what it was like walking through infertility and feeling like that was never going to be us, or I was going to need so much help makes me emotional. We are so thankful you guys do such an amazing job here of reminding us how our body works and can heal, while simultaneously honoring God’s beautiful creation. Every time I’ve come in here, I’ve been in an encouraging environment, where people just Glorify who God is. It’s felt like a really empowering thing to do for my body in a way that’s not trying to take control because that’s what infertility does to you. It makes you feel like you can try to be your own God and in charge. It’s so powerful to sit here a year later and be in a completely different stage of life from where we started, and pregnant!! You really make such a difference in people’s lives here at CLC.

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- Kelly

I started at CLC 4 years ago when we were struggling to get pregnant with our first. We had been trying to get pregnant for 9 months before beginning care; we were starting to explore different infertility options. I knew you guys specialized in pediatrics and fertility so I decided to come here!

After 3 months of care at CLC, I went to my OB for an exam to see what the next steps would be in our fertility journey and to our pleasant surprise, we found out we were pregnant and did not have to explore other options!! We have since had 2 boys!

Walking through infertility was defeating and frustrating, the doctors were telling us we were a healthy couple and nothing was wrong, but we still weren’t able to get pregnant, I knew something was missing and that missing piece for me was neurologically based chiropractic care. The neurological scans I had done on my first visit were able to pinpoint the stress on my nervous system that was contributing to my hormone imbalances and fertility challenges. When I saw the scans, I knew I was in the right place.

After beginning care, not only did we get pregnant, but I also experienced many other benefits. I didn’t have the re-occurring pain or discomfort that I used to. After having children, I learned about “the mom spot” between the shoulder blades you talk about, and it has been very manageable with our families consistent weekly care.

I had been going to another chiropractor before coming to CLC, but the adjustments were the exact same every time and I wasn’t seeing the changes I wanted to, I wasn’t getting relief and would often times even feel worse. The care I receive here is so different, it’s specific to what was going on with MY body, the adjustments are different each time. You base your care recommendations off of neurological scans that show how your system is functioning internally, rather than a X-ray that was taken 2 years ago.

My entire family gets weekly adjustments now. It makes me feel great and I know it is helping my kids be as healthy as they can be. When my second was born, he had a very abnormal head shape. He started a week after he was born and within a few adjustments his head shape was completely different, when we take him to the doctor they always comment on how symmetrical and perfect his head is! I didn’t even know that chiropractic could help with the shape of babies’ heads until I started coming here and saw the results first hand! If they ever get constipated, adjustments help almost immediately to get their bowel movements going again.

We love the family atmosphere here and all the health and healing being apart of CLC has brought to our family.

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- Kelli S

I’ve had PCOS and infertility since I went off of birth control in 2020 to try and get pregnant. We struggled to get pregnant for 2.5 years and had to do fertility treatments to get pregnant with our daughter.

I started looking for a different way to help with my PCOS and fertility challenges because I wasn’t happy with the options I was given before, which were essentially birth control to induce a cycle and then future fertility treatments if I ever wanted to get pregnant again. I also had recently been prescribed metformin to address the insulin resistance component of PCOS. I was hoping to find a more natural way to restore my cycles and ovulation, and that is exactly what I have found at CLC.

It’s hard to be told there is nothing you can do, and the only thing the medical system could offer me was putting me on medications for the rest of my life. The unknown of whether we would ever be able to have a child was so scary. Walking through infertility was so frustrating and emotionally taxing for us…the anxiety… the unknown.

When I came to CLC, I felt very heard. It wasn’t just a generalized explanation of PCOS and the standard “treatment” like I got from my OB, everything was very personalized to me and focused on where the scans where showing stress in my nervous system. My concerns were heard. I wanted to be more proactive. I didn’t want to rely on birth control, metformin, clomid, & letrozole. I knew those were all acting as band-aids for a deeper rooted problem.

My initial report of findings with Dr. Nikki was a very emotional experience. I knew all these things I was feeling and was struggling with; then the neurological scans showed the areas that control my ovaries and hormone regulation were super stressed within my nervous system; my adrenal glands were showing signs of exhaustion. For the first time, I felt like I wasn’t crazy. I felt validated. I knew there was something that was at the root of my hormonal issues and we were finally able to pinpoint it from a holistic and root-cause lens.

My body wasn’t doing what it should be doing because of all the stress bound up in my neurological system. The scans were showing a perpetual fight or flight response occurring in my nervous system, that was leading to exhaustion in my adrenals, and altering how my ovaries were functioning.

It was very different than all my other experiences up until this point where I was being told by my doctors, “You’re 29 yrs old but you’re just going to have to live with this forever.” Even in terms of preventing pregnancy, the only option I’ve ever been given is birth control, and through my time here I have learned there are natural ways to do this. I’ve learned so much about how my body functions, signs of ovulation and fertility… things I’ve never been taught before but absolutely SHOULD know as a woman.

The end of the school year is usually one of the most stressful times of the year, and after about a month of care I started noticing I was able to just let the stress slide off me, then I got my first set of scans back and learned my adaptability had increased so much. I started noticing I had a general sense of being more calm and being able to handle stress better.

I have now been at Congruent Life for 3 months and the changes and healing I have experienced have been incredible. I’ve had TWO unmedicated menstrual cycles; I hadn’t had an unmedicated menstrual cycle since I was 17 years old (12 YEARS AGO)!! I have also noticed signs of ovulation, which I had always had to take a medication to induce in the past.

I have experienced less illnesses and allergies and I also haven’t had any sinus infections this year (I usually I get 2-3 of those per year).I feel happier now, not many things can upset me too much. If something does upset me, it is short lived. I also feel more focused on tasks that I need to get done in a day. I have more energy throughout the day without a mid-afternoon slump; I don’t feel the need to take a nap as often as I used too.

I’ve also found a natural supplement through the guidance of Dr. Nikki to help with my insulin resistance and haven’t had to take metformin since beginning care! I’ve learned so much about how to nourish my body well to support optimal hormone regulation since being here. All the knowledge I’ve gained here has been so eye opening and empowering. My body CAN heal and IS healing! I feel like I have more confidence in advocating for myself at my appointments with my other doctors as well. I’ve gained so much information here on how to build a more natural and nourishing lifestyle for myself, but also my daughter. I’m more equipped to teach my daughter about how her body is supposed to function, about her menstrual cycle, and how to be proactive in health.

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- Novaks

“I started care at CLC to address my hormone imbalances. I had been walking through the difficult journey of recurrent miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies. We found out that I had a benign tumor on my ovary that was a contributing factor. All the doctors I had seen so far were just taking a “watch and wait” approach. It was really frustrating and devastating as we knew it was contributing to the loss of several pregnancies.

Once I started getting adjusted I was able to get pregnant within 1 month! That was the first time I was able to sustain a pregnancy in a couple of years. We got an ultrasound right away because of my history, and we were shocked to see that the tumor I had on my ovary for over 2 years was gone. The last time we had it evaluated on ultrasound was in January before starting care; the mass was 2 cm big and hadn’t changed in size for 2 years. I started care at CLC in March of that same year and by April my tumor was gone and I was pregnant!

We gave birth to Olivia in December; she was our 1st of 5 children who was adjusted as an infant, literally hours after she was born! Her growth and development journey has been vastly different from our other kids who did not receive chiropractic care until they were older (more on their chiropractic stories below!). Olivia is by far our healthiest child. She has very advanced speech compared to my other kids; at 2 years old she is talking in full sentences and speaks very clearly, whereas some of my other children were non-verbal at the age of two and had major speech challenges. Olivia is also more advanced in her gross-motor skills and is much more emotionally stable than my other kids. She doesn’t have anxiety like her siblings did. She is outgoing and doesn’t let fear intervene with how she interacts with people.

Before beginning care at CLC, my older kids were struggling with anxiety, OCD, behavioral challenges, major sensory issues, and major speech challenges… the difference you had to offer was getting to the root of the problem.

My oldest daughter wasn’t able to feel parts of her body and her bones were collapsing. Once she started getting adjusted, she was able to feel parts of her body that she was never able to before and her bones have been able to start evening out more. I wish we would have known about chiropractic sooner for her.

I’ve seen tremendous improvements with all my older kids in terms of anxiety, OCD, and behavioral issues after beginning care. Some of my kids were non-verbal up until 2 and we had to get other interventions involved. Once we began chiropractic care, their speech and language development rapidly started excelling and they were able to get caught up to the appropriate level. Our only child who has never experienced any of these challenges is Olivia who has been adjusted since literally a few hours old.

Our entire family, my 5 kids, myself and my husband are all under weekly chiropractic care. Our entire household environment is much more calm now; before coming here we were kind of at a loss of what to do for everyone’s health issues. We were seeking care from other holistic health care practitioners at the time, and what we found was that once we started chiropractic care, all those other things we were working on started getting better. It was like chiropractic was the missing link to connect all those other practices we were trying like PT, OT, and different supplements. Our nervous systems were finally calm enough to actually integrate all the other changes and protocols we were doing.

We look at health totally different now, we are seeing it through a new lens. We don’t live in fear about any chronic health issues that may come along, because we have now been equipped with a lot more tools and knowledge because of chiropractic; how our body’s work and how our bodies heal. Rather than suppressing our body from doing what it was designed and created to do, we’ve opened up a whole new world on how to actually support our bodies as it navigates different symptoms and stressors.”

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- Becca

I was fresh postpartum when I started care at CLC. I brought my colicky baby in first, and within a few adjustments he was a completely different baby. I was learning about all the ways that chiropractic care can help your whole body function and feel better and after seeing it first hand completely change Bo, I knew I wanted to help my body navigate all the hormonal and emotional changes that occur in this season as best as possible.

Postpartum was such a whirlwind and life felt crazy. I was so overwhelmed, I didn’t know where to start, I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. Bo was so colicky before finding CLC. He wasn’t do well at all, which lead to a lot of stress in my brain and body. I didn’t know what was wrong with my baby, or how to help him. CLC was the only place I found that could help Bo, pretty soon he was a really calm, easy going baby, which in a round about way helped me so much.

When I took Bo into the doctor and said he was crying all the time and I knew something was wrong, they tried to put him on acid reflux meds when the real issue was rooted in the stress his nervous system and neck went through at birth. Same thing for me. With the anxiety, the depression, all they wanted to do was give me meds as opposed to asking what the root cause was. I am loving the more “real” approach that CLC takes as opposed to “here are some meds to cover up your symptoms”.

I had been struggling with anxiety and depression for 6 years, and then postpartum took that to a whole new level. Everything seems so much more intense during that time. I had gone the medication route in the past, I took them for a year but then I stopped because I didn’t want to be on medication and just dealt with the symptoms of anxiety and depression for a long time before finding CLC. Within a few weeks of a care, I already felt so much more calm. I was able to work through every situation in a calmer state, as opposed to just panicking. I felt like motherhood went from being in survival mode all the time, to feeling natural.

I am now pregnant again. It took us over 2 years to get pregnant with our first. That was really hard to go through emotionally and physically. I ultimately had to take meds to start a cycle and get pregnant. We took the meds for months and months and months, and then finally got pregnant with Bo. This time around with regular chiropractic care, I was able to conceive naturally within a few months of trying! My body was a lot more calm and ready for a pregnancy. I’ve learned so much from everyone here on how to nourish my body well, how to regulate my hormones… things they never teach women about… things that everyone needs to know but it seems like no one does because no one is willing to talk about it like you do at CLC.

My body feels great during this pregnancy, and emotionally I feel really good. I’ve learned so much in here about how to prepare my body more optimally for labor and delivery as well. I’ve learned that I have a say in how my labor goes, I’ve learned about the pros and cons of different interventions, I’ve learned about how a woman’s body progresses naturally during labor and the hormones that are involved in that…with my first pregnancy I feel like I didn’t know anything ahead of time. It’s been a lot more empowering experience overall and I feel really good about labor and delivery, rather than fearful. Every woman should have the opportunity to learn these things ahead of time.

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- Ari

I started at Congruent to get my hormones in check, to help restore my cycle that had been missing for 3+ years, and just to feel better in my body overall. I didn’t feel like myself for the longest time with all the stress, sleeping problems, anxiety, and bloating. I feel so much better overall after coming to Congruent!

When I found Congruent, I had been struggling with all of these things for years. It was really stressful and frustrating because I didn’t understand why I was experiencing all these problems. All these symptoms led to so much more stress because I was worrying “would I would ever have a normal cycle again?”, “how is this going to affect my fertility in the long run?”, “am I always going to feel like this?”.

For the longest time I felt so unheard. I tried going to my normal physician and then he recommended just getting back on birth control after hearing that was not what I wanted. Then I went to an OB and they recommended the same thing, birth control, as well as another medication to induce a fake period. I felt like no one was understanding why this was important to me or understanding what I was going through.

Then I came to Congruent and I was given so many more options to help heal my body and restore my cycle rather than just being put on another pill. You let me go at my own pace. It felt good to finally be heard. I liked how you did a lot of new testing, and with everything you did you explained what you were doing and why you were doing it. After every adjustment, you talk about what you did and how it will help heal my body in different areas that are showing signs of stress. I felt way more educated about what was going on with my body. I think the understanding helped me feel more in tune with myself. I’m a lot more aware of when my body is stressed, and ways I can do to help navigate that stress more optimally.

After coming to Congruent, I overall feel more at home in my body. After the first couple of adjustments, I was already starting to notice my mood was improving. I wasn’t as irritable and moody. My boyfriend has even mentioned how I’m a completely different person now. I felt so hopeful that he was even noticing the changes that were happening in me. Before, certain things would really stress me out, I wouldn’t have energy at night… that all started to improve almost right away. I started to experience a lot better sleep, my energy levels improved, I can handle stress so much better… because of that I have so much more time to do things I enjoy because I’m not so stressed about my to-do list every day. My digestion and bloating improved as well. After a couple months of care, I had my first period in over 3 years! It makes me really hopeful for the future!

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- D.K.

“I started chiropractic care due to struggling with fertility issues. It became an issue when I was under a lot of stress, had a drop in my weight, and no longer continued taking my birth control. I went a little over a year without a period. This issue impacted me at a mental and physical level, as I wanted to start a family right after my wedding in January. It also impacted my husband, as my emotions were up and down, which seemed to put a lot of stress and concern on him. It also impacted close family and friends as they knew I was struggling, and would give anything to become a mom. I felt that my work was impacted due to feeling stressed and worried that my dream of becoming a mom was not in my near future.

Before starting care I was very active, and lived to workout, shortly after starting care I had to make adjustments to my daily routine and accept some physical changes that were happening to my body in order to reach my ultimate goal of becoming a mom. With the care from Congruent Life I started realize a whole new meaning of health and wellness. I did not try a lot of other care options, but my husband and I were on the path to start looking at additional options before I started chiropractic care.

I am now near the end of my second trimester! This is a huge milestone for my family since we started care in hope of being able to have a healthy and successful pregnancy. I have also noticed a positive change in my sleep and stress levels.

Dr. Mike and the team at Congruent Life have been nothing, but amazing. Dr. Mike has been extremely helpful, and has always taken the time to make sure I fully understood my treatment and the care that he has provided. The team at Congruent Life was very welcoming when I first started care with them. The team at Congruent Life always show they care and are working to provide each other their patients with the best care possible, and the care that each individual needs.”

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- Tori

“I initially came to Congruent because I was having migraines beyond belief; they paralyzed me to the point I couldn’t get up and do daily functions. They were so bad ibuprofen wouldn’t touch them. I also had very shakey hands and my weight fluctuated a lot. I was experiencing extreme fatigue and had a lot of brain fog. My menstrual cramps were unbearable and I had a very sluggish digestive system.

I didn’t want to feel like this forever. I just wanted a day to wake up and not wonder if I’m gonna feel like crude; not wonder if I’m going to get a migraine; not be hesitant to show someone a picture on my phone because my hands are shaking so bad. I had been struggling with all of this stuff for about a year and I just wanted to feel GOOD again.

I don’t love going to the doctor, for my whole life it’s never been my first resort. I hated the idea of going on any type of migraine medication. I was at a loss of what to do. I knew I had to try CLC first. I finally pulled the trigger and started care here; it’s helped me with every single symptom that I came in with.

CLC got to the root cause. You found out what the real problem was, where as other places would have just masked the issues with medications and prescriptions. When I saw all the stress on my neurological scans at my first appointment, I was actually relieved that everything I was experiencing wasn’t just in my head, I could see it right there on paper.

You can tell you guys genuinely care about your patients; I feel so comfortable here. I have never felt comfortable at a doctor’s office until I came here. You want to know that you are being taken care of, that YOU matter, and that’s what I feel here.

I started feeling better immediately. The first time I got adjusted, I came in with a headache and left without a headache; I haven’t had a migraine since! Before, I couldn’t even get my pain during my cycle to a manageable amount WITH ibuprofen, now my cramps are very minimal or not there at all! My digestion has also improved significantly!

After the first month of care, my hands stopped shaking! I was feeling so much more energized. My brain fog was gone! I wasn’t able to focus on anything or be present before…now, it’s just so different! My anxiety and depression have improved so much; because so many of my other symptoms that were draining me have improved significantly, I am now better able to focus my energy on healthy ways to manage my anxiety and depression. It’s very apparent to people I am around on a daily basis that my health has improved by a landslide. I was shocked how quickly I started feeling better in literally every aspect of my health.

My life is just way better now. I am HEALING. You guys have helped me more than you know. I can’t even believe I let myself go so long feeling the way I was. I am so incredibly thankful I found CLC.

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- Kelsie

“My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 7-8 months and had heard you guys had been successful with helping couples with this. Going through infertility and not knowing or understanding why was a really hard season to walk through. We felt like we were just grasping for answers, but weren’t finding any… until we came here.

I also was having shoulder and neck pain that I had been struggling with since highschool (10+ yrs). I had tried several different types of treatments to help with this, some were successful and some were not, but even the treatments that seemed to help me only gave temporary relief, nothing was ever successful in helping me long term which was really frustrating.

This was at least my 3rd or 4th chiropractic clinic I had been to. No one had ever done the neurological scans to pinpoint or explain where the hidden stress was at in my body and what that was leading to in terms of my health and overall function. I would just come in, get adjusted, and leave. Nothing was ever explained to me. As a client, I wasn’t informed of what was actually going on in my body. Everything about CLC is so different. One of the best things about this place is how much you explain everything, from doing the scans to after each adjustment, I always feel like I’m fully informed about what is going on in my body, how things are functioning, and the changes that are happening throughout care as I began to heal. This is by far the best results I’ve ever received from chiropractic, it’s not even comparative to the care I’ve received through other clinics.

My life has changed so much since beginning care here. As we continued to pursue getting pregnant, we were fully informed every step of the way. We were given so much information on things we could be doing both inside and outside of the office to aid in the process. We now had so many tools in our pockets as we walked through this journey. We were no longer left with unanswered questions, we were heard here, we were empowered here, we were healed here… and now we are pregnant!

My shoulder and neck pain is also gone completely! I was having this neck and back pain on a daily basis for 10+ years and it’s GONE! I’m a teacher so I walk and sit a lot, the pain would sometimes interfere with how much of myself I could fully give to my students; without this constant pain I am able to give my full attention to my students.

I’m at a point in my health journey where I am now proactive. I’m not just constantly reacting to being in pain. My health has been restored and it’s important to me to make chiropractic apart of my weekly lifestyle so my body can continue to feel and function at its best. I feel fully informed about my body. Having nervous system and spine health isn’t just a one and done thing, I’ve learned it needs continuous attention because of the everyday stressors of life that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Long story short, I just feel so much better when I come and am so thankful I began care here!”

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