- Emily M

I started coming to CLC when I was in the last few months of my pregnancy and had horrible pain in my hips and low back. I work at a school and even just walking up and down the halls was getting to be unbearable. Trying to care for my daughter at home was getting difficult to navigate with all the pain I was in. I love being active and exercising for the sake of having a way to release emotional stress, but I wasn’t able to do that anymore either.

When I initially came I thought it was going to just be a “quick fix” for pain because that’s all I’ve ever been used to when I’ve gone to other chiros, but then I learned about ALL the other benefits of getting adjusted consistently. I was so excited to get started after my initial appointment. I learned about how chiropractic can help provide a better birthing experience in general, promoting a more optimal position for baby, and by helping to prepare my body and nervous system for birth. My dream was always to deliver naturally and my first baby was born via C-section. I knew that this would help prepare my body naturally for the VBAC I was shooting for. I also learned how chiropractic can help prepare my body better for that postpartum healing journey. I didn’t realize before how beneficial chiropractic care was for regulating your hormones and your thyroid.

CLC was so different than every other chiropractor I’d ever been to. There was never any follow up with my other chiropractic experiences, it was all based on pain and then they’d just tell you to come back when it hurt again. I started to realize that was all just a band-aid for an underlying issue. It was never enough to truly get to the root of the problem. In contrast, I came to CLC and you did neurological scans to help pinpoint where the stress was in my nervous system, and the organ systems that could be effecting. You gave me a plan to get to the root of that stress so we could help better prepare my body for birth, postpartum, and proper hormone regulation.

I shared my history with you and you were able to give me an explanation behind why I may have thyroid issues. You could literally see it on paper when we did the scans that that region of my nervous system that controls my thyroid was really stressed! I was close to having postpartum depression with my first, and I wanted to do all that I could to help prevent that this time, going on medications was something that I wanted to avoid if possible. I learned the nervous system and chiropractic plays such a huge role in regulating all those postpartum hormone fluctuations.

The way you explain every adjustment and how that could be impacting my body is so helpful and again, unlike any other chiropractic experience I have had. I don’t just get “cracked” and sent on my way, it’s so much more than that here. I feel like I know so much more about how my body functions in general now, you certainly don’t get that when you go to the doctor. You’re just given a medication that will “fix” the problem, but in all reality, that isn’t really addressing the root of the issue.

After the first adjustment, I got in my car and started to tear up because I felt intense relief in my neck and my head felt like it got completely clear. I remember thinking “wow, I haven’t been able to just sit and be relaxed like this in so long”. The pain I felt in my pelvis was causing me to be in tears every night and I finally felt like I found someone who could help me. I felt so much relief in knowing that there was an option to help my thyroid function better more naturally.

I’ve gained so much knowledge on how to support and nourish my body properly as well, during both pregnancy and the postpartum time to help with that improved hormone regulation. I learned there is such a big drop in so many hormones after delivery, I feel like I was able to support my body so much better this time around with adjustments and some of your supplement recommendations so I didn’t feel such a massive dip and that postpartum depression that can come with it. With this postpartum period, I never had those days where I felt like I couldn’t function that I experienced with my 1st. I also had a successful VBAC which was one of my biggest goals!

I was super skeptical about new borns getting adjusted, I was imagining baby adjustments being the same as how I got adjusted, but they are SO GENTLE! Through my pregnancy I saw so many babies in here getting adjusted and would hear conversations about how much chiropractic could benefit infants after the baby experiences so much stress to their neck during the birthing process.

My son was 1 month old when we brought him in to get scanned because he was developing a flat spot, he was so stiff and rigid, he couldn’t move his head both directions, and it was really hard to comfort him. We could’ve either gone down the road of getting a helmet for him for the flat spot, or we could try and prevent it all together with chiropractic. Sure enough, once we started getting Gavin adjusted, he became so much more relaxed, he could move his head both ways, and his flat spot completely rounded out. I know that the health benefits of getting Gavin adjusted long term are so much better than that “quick fix”. We can be so much more preventative and proactive, and avoid things that that stress in his neurological system could have developed into in the future. He is SUCH a happy baby now!

After my son and I’s experience at Congruent Life, we cannot stop talking about you guys. Everyone is so kind at CLC and I feel like the doctors are almost like my life coaches! I tell everyone to come here!

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- Courtney

“I first came to CLC because I was struggling with anxiety, depression, severe menstrual cramps, lack of energy/motivation and panic attacks. I would either have to bathe myself in peace & calming or valor essential oils or suffer side effects of medication.

The doctors at Congruent Life were different because they wanted to get to the root causes & help my brain send the appropriate signals! I realized Chiropractic care was working when my suicidal ideation + irritability diminished and I had increased energy + joy!

Since being under care at CLC I am more motivated to workout, I love being a mama even more and I am getting my passion & zeal for life back! The cramping I used to experience during my periods has improved drastically. Postpartum depression and anxiety sucked that away from me -but with functional medicine, aromatherapy & Congruent Life Chiropractic I am learning to thrive again! Thank you!”

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- MacKenzie

I started care at CLC for infertility, anxiety, allergies, and just to improve my overall health and wellbeing. Before I came here, I was super overwhelmed. You were able to help me start this healing journey one step at a time and truly be a guide to me through it.

When I saw the scans, I couldn’t believe that I had allowed the stress in my body to get that bad. It was overwhelming, but then so encouraging to see the positive changes over the next several months once I started healing. Within the first few months when I was coming 3x/wk, I was started to feel so good. I was noticing fewer “symptoms” in between visits that were bothering me. I was feeling better for longer periods of time as we started to move down in frequency.

It’s hard to pinpoint one specific thing, because overall I just feel so much better. Before care, I had chronic pain in my hips and my mid back, and I no longer struggle with that. I always feel so much calmer when I leave after getting adjusted, and I’m able to handle stress a lot better now. I know that getting adjusted is making me healthier to prepare my body to support a pregnancy. You’ve offered so much support to me as I walk through different fertility treatments. You’ve provided me with additional things I can do to nourish my body to help optimize hormone levels. If I would have tried to navigate all of this on my own, it would have been too overwhelming. I love the holistic advice you’re able to provide.

Everyone is just so happy at Congruent. I love walking in the door here. I could be having the most terrible day ever, and I walk in and everyone is just so happy and cheery and lifts me up. I love that! I just thank you guys for everything. You’ve been so wonderful. I definitely couldn’t have done the things I have with my body without your support.

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- Sarah

“I initially started coming to CLC because of my terrible headaches/migraines and also dizziness. I was getting them weekly, which impacted work and my daily life. I felt like I was constantly dizzy which would often make me nauseous. I blacked out OFTEN when standing up and would have to stop until my vision came back. I have been to other Doctors multiple times and they would just put me on meds which made me very ill. I also had very irregular bowel movements which I was taking medication for from time to time.

Since starting care at Congruent Life, my blackouts/dizziness have COMPLETELY stopped. I have fewer migraines and headaches as well.

A couple things that completely surprised me have also changed since starting care. I’m back to regular/daily bowel movements, I’m sleeping better and I’m MUCH less anxious. My menstrual cycle has also improved greatly!! I used to have horrible cramping/bleeding and now it’s completely bearable compared to the past!

I had heard all great things about Congruent Life which is why I started care here – in hopes for answers and change! I have been nothing but impressed with Dr. Mike’s knowledge and desire to help. He explains everything in detail and terms you can understand. Dr. Mike and Mady have a GREAT team! Very impressed all around!”

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- Amanda

Before beginning care at CLC, I was struggling with anxiety, vision issues, and extreme hot flashes and night sweats that significantly interfered with my ability to sleep. My whole family was already coming here when I decided to start. I was seeing so many improvements in my twins and husband once they began care at CLC, I finally decided it was my turn.

The vision issues I was dealing with made me feel like I had been drinking all the time— which I hadn’t. Turning my head too quickly would make me dizzy. We had done all kinds of medical testing- MRIs & CTs- and found nothing. I was dealing with this for 6 months before beginning care. It made me feel “off” all the time.

I didn’t know where to turn. I couldn’t see straight, glasses weren’t working, the eye doctor and medical doctors couldn’t find anything wrong, but I knew SOMETHING was going on. It was super frustrating not knowing what was wrong with me. I had also been on antidepressants before to help manage my anxiety and depression and didn’t want to have to go down that road again because of the side effects, they were affecting the relationship I had with my husband. I just didn’t want to go through my life medicated anymore. (We were at the point with our kids that medication was going to be our next step to help control their anxiety and behaviors, and when we were able to get to the root of their stress at CLC and ultimately did NOT have to resort to meds, I knew I wanted the same for myself).

You approach health and healing so differently at CLC. You look at what is going on internally to find the root cause of stress and dysfunction in the brain and body, rather than a “band-aid” approach I have experienced in the past. The neurological scans you do at CLC on the 1st visit to assess internal stress were very validating. You finally were able to pinpoint areas of stress that could be contributing to all the symptoms I had been struggling with for so long with no answers.

It didn’t take long to start feeling the benefits of chiro care. The vision and dizziness issues I was dealing with before have all improved since beginning care. I don’t have the brain fog like I used to. My hot flashes at night have improved significantly, which is allowing me to sleep so much better at night. I go to sleep faster and stay asleep; I don’t wake up in the middle of the night having to change my clothes because of night sweats anymore.

My temperament has also improved, I don’t snap like I used to. I’m managing my anxiety a lot better now, I don’t feel like it weighs on my shoulders like it used to. I’m able to process things that stress me out better, I can step away and take a breather and calm down rather than just flying off the handle. I’m not always on edge anymore, life is just easier now!

Coming to CLC has changed my perspective on life and health. I’m able to recognize stressors so much easier now and have been able to implement more effective coping mechanisms to manage my stress better.

When my kids are sick or showing signs of stress, my 1st inclination is to bring them in to get adjusted to allow their nervous system to ADAPT to this new stress more efficiently, and most of the time we are able to avoid trips to the pediatrician and medications because of it! Our whole family is processing and handling life stress so much better now that CLC is a part of our wellness journey.

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- Kaylie

“I started chiropractic care in June 2016 because I had chronic migraines and hoped it would help lessen them. My migraines started at age 15 and worsened as I got older, with no real reason that a doctor could give me. At its peak, I was seeing a doctor at least 1x/month to get a shot of tylenol/benadryl to help a migraine go away, because it wouldn’t on its own. This was in addition to taking a daily preventative medication and another prescription for when I got a “breakthrough” migraine. I spent a lot of time in bed, in silence, with the lights off. It affected my life by making me miss school/classes, many activities with friends, and work shifts. When I did get out of bed, I was miserable and very irritable. After a few months of chiropractic care, I stopped getting migraines, and now it’s rare that I even get a headache. I never imagined it would improve this much!

Originally I just sought care for migraines, but I then realized there was SO MUCH MORE that CLC could and did help me with. Shortly before I started care, I had also seen a general practitioner for my anxiety, OCD, and nervous ticks. The doctor asked me what I knew about anti-depressants and suggested that it was the best option for me. I proceeded to take anti-depressants for a few months, which made me irritable, dull, everything was hazy, and I seemed to be indifferent or unhappy about everything. I was not in a good place. After 1 month of care, I slowly took myself off the medication and noticed significant improvement.

I also took a daily medication for UTI’s, which I got at least 1x/month. I didn’t think anything of this, since I had been getting them since I was a baby. The doctor simply blamed it on genetics. As the first month of care went by, I realized that I hadn’t gotten a UTI. I haven’t had one since, and I definitely don’t take a prescription for it anymore! I’m excited to say that I’m now off ALL medications.

It’s hard to even remember what my life was like before chiropractic care! Telling my story has made me realize that I can’t even imagine going back to how I was. I asked my fiance how he thinks chiropractic has helped me. He explained that I’m much more outgoing, energetic, and active. He described a time when I was constantly stressed out, had no hope of getting better, and was always pessimistic. I was unable to live life how we wanted to. Now, our relationship has improved because I am able to be the best version of myself!

I can’t thank Dr. Mike and Congruent Life enough! They provide hope and promote overall wellbeing for all of their patients. Dr. Mike not only encourages you to receive regular adjustments, but he encourages you to educate yourself. There’s so many things that chiropractic has done for me that I didn’t even know were possible. Through being a patient at Congruent Life, my ENTIRE life has been CHANGED for the better!”

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- Britta

“I came to Congruent Life because my anxiety was out of control, I was in pain everyday and I was experiencing menstrual problems. I have had anxiety since I was 18 years old and I just wanted to be in control of my anxiety without medication. One of my client’s kiddos came to see you guys and I saw his transformation! He was a totally different child, so I wondered if chiropractic could help me too. After some research and coming to one of your yoga events, I learned how chiropractic impacts the nervous system. That made me wonder, maybe what I was struggling with was related to my nervous system.

After starting care with you guys I really liked that the doctors actually explained what they were doing and why. I loved the scans, being able to track my progress and actually having a plan that was consistent and made real change. Since being under care I’m much happier and less annoyed by the little things. I’m less snappy so all of my relationships are better. My anxiety being lower at work is a huge benefit. I have more energy and motivation at home, so I don’t just crash at the end of each day. I have less cramping during my period and my sleep has improved! I feel like I am actually getting a full nights sleep, instead of waking up and having trouble getting back to sleep. I have experienced so many changes and my experience at CLC is different then any of my other chiropractic experiences. You guys treat everyone like family. Everyone is so kind and friendly! That makes all the difference!”

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- Jenny

“One day I had woke up with the worst back pain!! It was so painful to move/walk.

Obviously I called Congruent Life Chiropractic since I was already taking two of my kids there! They were amazing right from the start!

After seeing my scans and seeing all of the areas where I had so much stress it was so eye opening! Sometimes we just live with the pain and ignore what our body is trying to tell us. The scan showed what I hadn’t spoke with my mouth. Areas that I had been struggling with because of my postpartum hormones. I definitely felt like I was struggling with mild PPD for probably the first 6 months of Eric’s life. My hormones made me feel all over the place, super irritable and not enjoying my kids/life at all.

It was the worst feeling and I know I was miserable to live with as a wife and a mother! I couldn’t believe the difference I felt within a couple months of being regularly adjusted. It wasn’t an overnight change but I’m here to tell you there did come a day that I wasn’t feeling those PPD feelings any longer and able to handle stress much easier.

Focusing on what I was putting into my body, trying to become healthier and of course getting regular adjustments (so my nervous system can function properly) has been such a great change in my life!!

I’m a huge advocate for Chiropractic and believe that it can help in SO many areas!! I hope that if you or your kiddo is struggling in any way that you’ll give CLC a shot!!”

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